Episode 01 – Introduction to breakbarrels

Breakbarrels are probably the most popular type of spring-piston air rifle. They’re easy to use and don’t need a lot of accessories to get started. Just add a tin of pellets and you’re ready to shoot. This introductory video will show you what to expect when shooting a breakbarrel springer.

6 thoughts on “Episode 01 – Introduction to breakbarrels”

  1. Amol,
    Well, there isn’t much to clean on an air rifle. Olympic champions never clean their rifles — or if they do they only clean them out of season.
    I have many air rifles that I never clean. Airguns just don’t get dirty like firearms.
    But we do have a couple of cleaning videos about to go live, so keep watching.

  2. I would like to see a safety / accuracy video on the effects of “dieseling”.
    This is a subject that often comes up in the various air gunning forums. (I am a member of a few different forums). The younger kids seem to think that use of combustible oils in the barrels and air chambers is giving them more power. Sure, it may increase the FPS, but at what cost ?
    I feel that it is bad for accuracy, as well as safety, and will cause damage to the rifle.
    Have you ever produced a video addressing this subject ? and if not,… do you think you could ?

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