Episode 06 – Introduction to sidelevers

Sidelever spring-piston guns have been around for decades and represent some of the most popular springers sold today. One reason for the popularity of the sidelever is that it generally requires less effort to cock than a similarly powered breakbarrel. Therefore, sidelevers are often picked by hunters or shooters who plan to shoot a lot but don’t want to wear themselves out with repetitive cocking. Watch this video to see if sidelevers are right for you.

2 thoughts on “Episode 06 – Introduction to sidelevers”

  1. Albert,
    That would not be appropriate in a video about a sidelever spring-piston action.
    Are you referring to the VZ 35 and VZ 48, plus the various Schmeisser-pattern guns? They are so specialized that they don’t belong in this level of education.
    Tom Gaylord

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