by B.B. Pelletier
Photos by Earl “Mac” McDonald

Before we get to today’s blog, we wanted to show you a picture of the winner of the raffle held at Pyramyd Air’s 3rd Annual Garage Sale. His name is Paul, and here he’s holding the Benjamin Nitro Piston air rifle he picked up on Wednesday.

Okay, everybody, here’s another reason to thank Earl “Mac” McDonald for all the good work he did for me while I was in the hospital. This was the last airgun he tested. And, when he would come to the hospital to visit me each day, I could tell he was extremely impressed. I’m so sorry, but I have to report on another great airgun!

And, the Umarex SA 177 is a BB gun. Sorry, but sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles. I promise that I will have pellet rifles and other guns to report in the near future. But that’s all the apology I’m going to make. Let me show you the gun.

SA 177 above, Edith’s personal carry gun, a Glock 36, below.

The SA 177 is the epitome of a modern rapid-fire BB pistol. It has the design you would expect from a modern synthetic gun and incorporates a light/laser rail at the front of the frame. It’s a mid-size gun that should feel good in the average shooter’s hand.

Speaking of feel, the gun incorporates a two-bladed trigger. Years ago, this might have been unique, but we’ve seen it in Savage, Mendoza and yes, even, Glock. So, this kind of trigger is no longer the novelty it once was. The trigger-pull is beyond the range of my scale. It’s probably 10-12 lbs. That’s because this is a double-action-only pistol. I’ll have more to say about that later.

SA 177 pistol has 2-bladed trigger. The forward blade is retracted even with the larger rear blade, then both go back together to fire the gun. Note the grooves in the front of the triggerguard, which give your second hand some purchase.

The gun’s safety is on the right side of the frame. It requires both pressing in and sliding to achieve either the SAFE or FIRE position. You aren’t going to do this while holding the pistol for shooting. It takes a very strong, deliberate push to unlock the button.

Gun safety must be pressed in and slid in the proper direction to function.

The sights on our test gun are fiber optic front and rear. They’re not adjustable. The current production front sight has a white plastic tube instead of a fiber optic rod. It will appear to the shooter as a front post with white dot.

Fiber optic tube for rear sight gives you 2 bright green dots.

Our test gun came with a fiber optic front sight (left), but the current production is a white plastic tube.

Yes, the SA 177 has blowback. The metal slide comes back with the shot. However, the slide is so light that it does not give as much of an impression of recoil as some other guns, notably the Walther PPK/S and the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. I really enjoy the drop-free magazine. It’s a metal-bodied stick mag with a capacity of 16 BBs. It drops free with a press of the release on the left side of the frame behind the triggerguard, and it installs with a satisfying click.

The metal slide blows back with every shot.

Stick mag is extremely reliable, metal and drops free of the gun with a push of the release.

I have more to tell you about the gun and its features, but I’m going to save that for later reports. However, I will say this now. As much as I said that the TT33 is not a rock ‘n’ roll BB pistol because of its single-action-only operation, the SA 177 IS. This is a gun that can shoot as fast as you want, although the trigger will take some mastering.