by B.B. Pelletier

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Today we’re going to look at the velocity of the TT33 BB pistol. This gun was tested by Mac McDonald, and I’m reading from his notes. Before I get to the velocity, a reminder is due. This is a single-action-only pistol. That means the hammer has to be pulled all the way back before the gun can be fired. The slide will cycle, but the gun does not have blowback. The hammer has 3 positions: all the way forward (or fired), half-cock and full-cock. The gun will fire only when the hammer is on the full-cock position. Then, the trigger needs to be pulled and the hammer will drop forward, firing one shot.

The trigger is creepy, according to Mac, and breaks at around 8 lbs. He DID note that it had improved as he shot the gun. So, it might be a little lighter than that after a break-in.

Mac recorded a velocity of 321 to 383. The average velocity of the test gun was 352 fps. The extreme spread is 62 fps, and the average muzzle energy is 1.40 ft-lbs. Mac used Daisy zinc-plated BBs for his tests.

Because of the deliberate way this BB pistol functions, it’s not for those who want an action pistol. They would be better served by any number of less-expensive and faster-firing BB pistols. The TT33 is an extremely realistic handgun. In fact, the realism is over the top. Order it if you want to own a genuine Russian Tokarev without all the registration nonsense.

Pyramyd Air is the exclusive importer of the TT33. Because of its firearm origins, they ran a sample past BATF&E, who did not seem to have a problem with the gun. But, remember, the government can change its mind in a heartbeat. They withdrew the Junker carbines, which were made from real AK carbines, and they could decide to do the same with this pistol. Therefore, if you want one, and I mean REALLY want one, the time to act is right now.

Next time, I’ll cover accuracy and wrap up this report.