The 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup is upon us!

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Before we begin, I’m on the road to film American Airgunner’s 2017 season today, so I will be away from the computer much of the next several days. I would like the veteran readers to please help any new readers as much as possible. I will still  read all the comments, but I can’t respond to things unless they are important. Thanks.

Today’s report is the first part of a guest blog from Pyramyd Air’s own Tyler Patner. Today Tyler tells us about the 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup.

If you’d like to write a guest post for this blog, please email me. Over to you, Tyler.

The 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup

By Tyler Patner

Many of you are well aware that for the last two years, Pyramyd Air has run a Field Target and Gunslynger competition known as the Pyramyd Air Cup. We have seen amazing growth over the last two years, and are expecting this years installment to be even bigger! As the match director, I just wanted to take a quick second to let you guys know what’s on tap for this years Cup, which will be held on September 9-11. Click on the link at the top of this page for more information.

The General Breakdown

The Cup is split into three competitions. Field Target, the Gunslynger and the Payday Challenge.

Field Target is a test of ALL of your shooting skills. We have two courses that total to 100 shots over the weekend. The targets have kill zones that range from 3/8” to 1.5” and are placed anywhere from 10 to 55 yards away. You’ve got to range them, dope them, and knock them down! This is an AAFTA sanctioned Grand Prix event with prizes awarded to the top shooters in each class. There are many guns that can be used, and many positions and styles you can shoot in. You can read more about the classes and rules here.

The Gunslynger competition is the ultimate test of keeping your cool under pressure! It’s a March Madness style bracket where you are paired up with another shooter and whoever shoots all 16 of the 1/10th scale silhouettes down fastest, advances. You can shoot from the bench, prone, sitting with shooting sticks, whatever makes you happy — .just make sure you can hit those targets! And don’t forget the $1000 grand prize for the Champions in the PCP and Springer brackets! Check out the rules and specifics here.

Last but certainly not least, the Payday Challenge. Competitors take their turns with three guns provided by Pyramyd Air. You’ve got a 1.5” kill zone to hit at 15, 25 and 40 yards. You get two shots at the 15 yard target, three at the 25 yard target and 5 shots at 40 yards. Here’s the catch: the 15 and 25 yard target have to be shot from the standing positions! It’s a little fun on a Friday and the whoever knocks down the most targets goes home with $200 and bragging rights!

Not just bigger, but better too!

Last year, both the Field Target and Gunslynger matches went off without a hitch (outside of the weather). With over 80 competitors, we were very pleased with the smoothness and time spent on each of the events. There were no major target malfunctions and only a few stoppages through the weekend. But because of the weather, things were condensed under Tusco Rifle Club’s covered ranges.

This year we expect even more competitors! I should also mention that I’ve been on the horn with Mother Nature every day discussing her plans for the Cup and I’m hopeful that she will be more kind to us this year. And here’s why: Tusco has been kind enough to allow us use of more land which means we can expand everything!

The Field Target will now also have lanes on Tusco’s Trap range, which has a very nice uphill gradient at the back that we plan to use to test your skills to their entirety. They are also working with us to have a few wooded lanes to give everyone a break from the treacherous winds that last years shooters had to deal with. The course should be just as challenging and a lot more fun!

Tusco’s Trap Range – some of those trees up on the back hill will make nice homes for some Field Targets!

Come on out!

Whether you’re a novice airgunner or a seasoned competitor, come September 9th you should be spending your weekend with us at the Cup! Not only is it a great opportunity to win excellent prizes and shoot with some of the best airgun shooters in the world, but it’s also a chance to spend some time with like-minded airgunners and make some new friends! You get to meet many of the behind the scenes faces from Pyramyd Air, airgun celebrities like Ted Bier and Rossi Morreale and mingle with industry leaders from various manufacturers. Even if you don’t come to shoot all of the competitions, we will have guns on hand for you to try out until your heart is content! It really is a great time, not just for airgunners but for the whole family too!

Thanks for letting me bend your ear.  To find out how to register, click here.  We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup!

2016 Field Target Champ Harold Rushton with the Air Arms FTP 900 he won as grand prize!
2015 Field Target Champ Harold Rushton with the Air Arms FTP 900 he won as grand prize!


14 thoughts on “The 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup is upon us!”

  1. B.B.,

    Safe travels! Tyler, thanks for filling in today. You’re making me wish more than usual that I had a much bigger backyard and a lot more shootin’ time on my hands!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the course changes. I”ll be moving a few targets into the tree’s to practice for that trap range. I hope you’ll be making it to Roz’s for the Tenn. 120. If not I’ll see you in July.

  3. Had some situations going on the last 5 days that was keeping me busy. I think I got everything under control again.

    But it sounds like the event is growing and that’s a good. I could possibly make it this year if everything stays in order.

    I would have to do all 3 events. They all sound like fun to me and challenging at that.

    Will any kind of food or refreshments be available?

    • GF 1,
      About 3 wks. ago you were talking about some trigger mods on a Discovery unit and you mentioned that you reduced the sear spring pressure. I’m wondering how did that. I have already put in lighter trigger spring and 2 extra screws for adjustment. It’s much better than before.
      I can now shoot .50 groups at 30 yds. fairly often(about 65 % of the time). Looking to improve and need advice


      • Bruce
        Glad the screws helped out. And that was Buldawg that had a Discovery trigger that somebody had modded with the two screws.

        The spring for the sear is the one that holds the safty button in place. I bent the spring away from the button when I had the trigger apart.

        If you get it bent to loose when you pull the bolt back to cock the gun it won’t push up hard enough on the sear to catch the striker. Same thing happens if you try to test with the sliding saftey button out. You have to have the button in place so the spring has tension on it so it will push the sear up. In other words the gun won’t cock.

        And remember if you adjust that spring in a way that it’s just on the edge of catching the gun could go off when bumped or sat down. So becareful and do some test fires and point the gun away from you and without a pellet in it to make sure it can’t fire unexpectedly.

        Let me know how it does for you if you do it.

      • Bruce
        I forgot. When you do the testing for accidental firing bump the gun at different places with the gun pointed away from you or anybody of course. And make sure you don’t load a pellet.

  4. It sounds like all three events are in the field target format with rifles knocking down silhouettes. Nothing wrong with that and it speaks to the versatility of the event. That course looks like fun, and the trees are pretty far out for my idea of field target. But it looks like the competition is already at an elite level.

    flintrocker, so you are another fan of Savage! That’s a sign of high discrimination. I cannot understand the U.S. Army’s desire to gold plate everything with its $12,000 Schmidt and Bender scopes and Remington Modular Sniper Rifles when they could get comparable performance from a Savage factory gun. Interesting idea about the plastic anchors for dry-firing, but if they wear out after a few firings, I don’t see a big advantage to them over spent cases. However, I was told that the empty cases needed to rotated after each firing so that the firing pin does not hit the same place, and I wonder if this is also true of the anchors.

    It has seemed to me that .22 rimfire was a niche that has been largely displaced by airguns. I suppose there are differences. But except for hunting the differences between rimfire and airguns get pretty thin.


    • Matt61
      I like to think that airguns are doing a fine job of filling in the gaps for .22 rimfire.

      I like shooting my rimfire guns. But air guns makes shooting a whole lot easier for multiple reasons.

      I just wish that some body would come up with a (affordable) semi-auto pellet gun that makes power like the FX Monsoons and Revolution. Evonix has their models but I just don’t like the battery operated action. And they aren’t very quiet. I had a Evonix Speed. Just didn’t care for it. The FX Monsoon was much nicer. Then I would say that air guns would have multiple roles covered.

  5. Hello I’m kinda new as in I always come here when want info but haven’t been much of a commenter anonymous or otherwise. B B B I’ve seen your mention of bore paste 20 passes through the barrels of the Airguns you test and so forth. But not every time do you say to use so I’ve just thought it a given. My question lol yea I got one… Using said bore paste on the Benjamin Marauder is that recommended? I’m planning to purchase. Also same question applied to the Crosman 2300S.
    Thanx for all your awesome advise as well as your readers they all know bit o this and that the comments after are just as fun as the read.

    • RockDawson,

      Welcome to0 the blog.

      Sure, you can clean the Marauder and 2300S barrels this way. Cleaning the Marauder barrel this way requires you to remove it from the airgun. But only clean it when accuracy falls off. With the right pellets and velocity, that might be only every 10,000 shots.


      • OK great I had thought it had washer/seal unsure terminology. Working on it… in the inside or would I use a different type of brush brass say vs hard nylon

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