by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Brodax revolver
Umarex Brodax revolver.

Part 1

This report covers:

  • Joke on BB
  • Daisy BBs
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Umarex BBs
  • Smart Shot lead BBs
  • Other BBs fell out
  • Shot count
  • Trigger pull
  • Overall evaluation

Today we test the velocity of this Brodax revolver. I installed a fresh CO2 cartridge and got right to the task. Remember, I’m writing this while looking straight down, and everything takes me twice as long, so please excuse my brevity.

Joke on BB

When I had to pierce the cartridge, I looked around my desk for the right Allen wrench. I thought I had misplaced it. Searching for things with one eye isn’t very easy, so I defaulted to a wrench from my tool kit. It was only as I was putting the grip panel back on the gun that I realized the Brodax comes with the wrench built-in! Duh!

Daisy BBs

First up were Daisy Premiun Grade BBs. In single action (cocking the hammer before the shot) they averaged 401 f.p.s. with a 13 f.p.s. spread that went from 393 to 407 f.p.s. Umarex lists the revolver at 375 f.p.s., so right away we know they are being conservative. As always, I am allowing at least 10 seconds between shots.

In double action (just pulling the trigger for each shot) this same BB averaged 395 f.p.s. The spread went from 387 to 401 f.p.s., which is a 14 f.p.s. spread. Double action velocity in the Brodax is very close to single action velocity, which isn’t so common. And, once again, the velocity exceeds the specification.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

Next, I tried some Hornady Black Diamond BBs. They averaged 400 f.p.s. when fired single action. The spread was 15 f.p.s., running from 392 to 407 f.p.s.

In double action Hornadys averaged 391 f.p.s. The spread of 16 f.p.s. went from a low of 383 f.p.s. to a high of 399 f.p.s.

Umarex BBs

Then I tried some Umarex Precision Steel BBs, They make the Brodax, so I figured I should try their BB. In single action these BBs averaged 391 f.p.s. The spread was just 6 f.p.s., from 388 f.p.s. to 394 f.p.s. So this BB went a little slower, but was also more consistent. It’s still above the rated velocity for the gun, though.

In double action Umarex BBs averaged 389 f.p.s. They ranged from a low of 383 f.p.s. to a high of 393 f.p.s. — a spread of 10 f.p.s. So they are a little slower and yet still quite uniform.

Smart Shot lead BBs

Finally I tested some Smart Shot lead BBs. These fell out of the circular clip and it was difficult to load them into the revolver. The clip doesn’t have a magnet (I don’t think), but had held all the steel BBs to this point. For some reason it just didn’t want to hold onto Smart Shot BBs. I chrongraphed one in single action at 314 f.p.s., but then they started falling out of the gun. I gave up at that point.

Other BBs fell out

After trying the Smart Shot BBs, I noticed that steel BBs were now falling out of the clip, too. Perhaps a small magnet to retain them would be nice? I’m going to recommend that you don’t try the Smart Shot BBs in the Brodax.

Shot count

How many shots can you expect from one CO2 cartridge? After the velocity testing was finished I continued to shoot and record the shots. At 66 shots Daisy BBs were leaving the muzzle at 365 f.p.s. They were already dropping in velocity, but not by much. At 88 shots they dropped to 355 f.p.s., which is a sign of pressure loss, but the gun continued to shoot very well. By shot 99 they were going out at 323 f.p.s. That’s slower, but not by that much. I have seen other CO2 guns hold onto their velocity tenaciously this way, but it isn’t common. Shot 111 went out at 251 f.p.s,. and I stopped shooting, but there were more shots available. I would say you can count on a full 11 ten-shot clips per CO2 cartridge from the Brodax.

Trigger pull

The trigger pull is deceptive. I guessed it was 2 lbs. in single action, but my electronic scale put it at between 4 lbs. 7 oz. and 4 lbs. 10 oz. I guess the grip is just so perfect for me that it hides a lot of the effort?

The Brodax is the first revolver on which I have been able to measure the double action pull with my electronic scale. It breaks at 9 lbs. 3 oz. on the test gun, which is many pounds lighter than most double action triggers.

Overall evaluation

If someone made a firearm version of the Brodax, I think I would buy it. This revolver fits my hand perfectly! It reminds me of a Colt Diamondback, which is one of the finest revolvers Colt ever made. The fit and balance of that gun were just right, for me. I sure hope this Brodax can shoot!