I don’t think we should publish this report yet. We don’t even know if these guys are going to produce it. I don’t know how they built even one of these things, because I’m getting quarter-inch 10-shot groups at 50 yards! And the thing is regulated. And it has a decent trigger!

You know if I publish this, people are just going to complain that the hand pumps cost too much. I think we should sit on it until we see the first shipment.

Tom, I know you have misgivings, but I am assured they will deliver on time. They tell me all the parts are manufactured, and it’s now just down to finishing and assembly. We tested the same rifle and I don’t see why they can’t produce as many of them as they want. Just their new barrel, with its screw-machine production method, will be a winner! And they tell me they can produce the barrel for a retail target price of ten dollars. Imagine all the other PCPs that can be upgraded as a result! Let’s run with it.

Okay, you have convinced me. But let’s not tell them today. They’ll never believe it.