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Education / Training Air Venturi Avenger repeating air rifle: Part 1

Air Venturi Avenger repeating air rifle: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Air Venturi Avenger.

This report covers:

  • The Avenger
  • The lowdown
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Description
  • Fill
  • Two gauges
  • Manual
  • Where is it made?
  • Silencer?
  • Summary

You readers know that I select the topics I write about and the guns I test. Pyramyd AIR who owns this blog has given me great latitude to run the show as I see fit. And that arrangement has worked well for 15 years.

However, every once in awhile Pyramyd AIR gets a product they would like me to test. They are taking a risk, because they know that I will test it and report whatever happens — both good and bad. I try not to insult anyone when I write about a product, but I also tell the truth as it unfolds, because I worry about the guy who can only afford that one airgun and may base his decision on what I write. Pyramyd AIR knows that and trusts that I will be as honest as possible.

But I am not the only guy in this town! Pyramyd AIR has some very capable people working for them, and you know them because they comment on this blog. We all appreciate Gene Salvino who tells us things about the inner workings of certain airguns that he sees in his position as a repair technician. And product manager Tyler Patner is a world-class field target competitor who enjoys shooting airguns as much as any of us. You have probably seen several of his interesting Pyramyd Insyder videos on the website. He also comments here from time to time.

The Avenger

So, when Tyler phoned me a couple weeks ago and told me I needed to look at the new Air Venturi Avenger PCP rifle, I jumped at the chance. He sent me a .22 caliber Avenger to test for you (they also come in .177 and .25) and I am starting today!

The lowdown

The Avenger is one more Price-Point PCP (PPP) that is joining one of the hottest segments of the airgun market. But it seems like the manufacturers are putting more and more features into these airguns that used to be considered basic. Let’s look at the list for the Avenger. 


  • Sidelever cocking
  • External adjustable regulator to control power
  • Adjustable hammer spring to control power
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Dual gauges — one for the reservoir and the other for the regulator
  • Male Foster fitting for the fill
  • 10-shot magazine in .177 and .22 — 8 shots in .25
  • Light weight (6 pounds without a scope)
  • Two magazines included
  • A single-shot tray comes with the rifle

There are other features that I’ll cover in the report as we go, but just what I have listed puts the Avenger at the top of the price-point pyramid. Only a year ago we were all dancing in the streets just to get a regulator in a PPP and now we have one we can adjust, not to mention the two-stage adjustable trigger!


This is a powerful PCP! In .177 caliber the website says to expect up to 22 foot pounds. In .22 that jumps up to 34 foot pounds. And in .25 it goes all the way up to 45 foot pounds. Of course that is with the heaviest pellets, as pneumatics always deliver their greatest power with the heaviest projectiles. What I advise is finding an accurate pellet whose energy you can live with. Numbers are meaningless without results.

Build a Custom Airgun


The Avenger I’m testing is a 10-shot .22 caliber sidelever repeater that, according to the website, gets up to 60 shots per fill. In .177 the shot count rises to 70 and in .25 caliber it’s 24 shots.

No, the sidelever cannot be moved to the left side of the receiver. We had better consider the Avenger a right-hand air rifle for now.

Avenger sidelever
The sidelever is on the right side and cannot be switched. It’s a slicker way to work the bolt.

And let’s get something straight. A sidelever operates a bolt, so the Avenger is really a bolt action rifle with a slick mechanism to operate it.


The max. fill is 300 bar, or 4,351 psi. That rules out a hand pump for all but the most rugged guys, but it’s prime territory for the Nomad II compressor. Why not let the electric pump do all the work? The problem with such a high fill level is after you fill the airgun from a carbon fiber tank one time you no longer have 4,351 psi left in your tank. But a Nomad II should fill the 180cc reservoir fast. Naturally I will time it for you.

The rifle comes without open sights. The top of the receiver accepts both 11mm dovetails and Picatinny dovetail mounts. I will use the wider Picatinny base simply because it is more secure and because many of the scopes I have now come with Picatinny mounts. 

Avenger scope base
The Avenger scope base accepts either 11mm or Picatinny dovetail mounts.

There is also a straight Picatinny base under the end of the forearm for a bipod. I have a beautiful UTG Pro TBNR bipod that I have been saving for a test like this. I will do a separate report on the bipod before I get into the accuracy test.

The stock is synthetic and the butt is hollow. That’s the only way you can get a rifle with all these features to weigh just 6 pounds. There are no adjustments on the stock and the length of pull is 14 inches exactly. The pistol grip is flared at the bottom, which I like, and it is very vertical, which I also like. The forearm is thin enough to be handy, but wide enough that you know you have something in your hands.

There are small holes at the front of the forearm and at the bottom rear of the butt for mounting sling swivel studs. That tells me the Avenger is being marketed as a hunting gun, which the potential power certainly supports.

Two gauges

There is a gauge on the left side of the receiver that monitors the air in the reservoir. A second gauge on the right side tells you the pressure to which the regulator is set. I will cover the method of setting the regulator in another report, but for now I will tell you that it sounds very straightforward when I read the instructions in the manual.

Avenger reservoir
The gauge on the left side of the receiver tells how much pressure remains in the reservoir.

Avenger regulator gauge
On the right side of the receiver the gauge tells the pressure to which the regulator is set.


Speaking of the manual, this one was either written by an American or perhaps by someone who understood how Americans speak. The instructions are straightforward and easy for me to understand. I think most Canadians will find them easy, as well, though they might have to write in an occasional “eh?” after some of the sentences.

Where is it made?

Okay kids — it’s time to get out your secret decoder rings because BB has a special message just for you! If you research the Avenger on the internet, and you know you’re going to, you will discover that this air rifle is indeed related to the Nova Liberty PCP. Related to, but not the same as. That means it is made in China, and more specifically in Macau. Macau is to China what Las Vegas is the the United States, except Macau is five times more active.

What is different between the two airguns is the Avenger is offered only with a synthetic stock at this time, where the Liberty does have a wood stock available for more money. But the Liberty does not come in .25 caliber as far as I can determine, and it does not have a user-adjustable regulator.  Also the power levels the Liberty achieves are lower than those of the Avenger in the same caliber. So, for the same money, the Avenger gives you more of the features you say you want.


There is an air chamber in front of the muzzle but I don’t see any baffles in the shroud. The rifle should be quieter than a barrel without a shroud, but not entirely quiet. At this power level its kind of hard to get it much quieter without baffles.


Pyramyd AIR is sold out in all calibers as this blog is published, but they should be restocking soon. If you want one you had better nail it down , because this item will not sit around very long.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

60 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenger repeating air rifle: Part 1”

  1. B.B.,

    It’s a very good looking proposition for dipping into the Dark Side. I wish it arrived in the market sooner. What else would one be looking for except Accuracy! At that price at worst the owner could still afford to change the barrel.


  2. BB,

    Very nice. What is not to like? A lot of features for the money to be sure.

    I use the Shoebox to small CF tank to fill. Depending on the setting on the Shoebox, it fills the tank to 4300-4500 PSI. So like you said,… I would have to reconsider filling and going direct to gun from compressor.

    What? I want nothing else? Well, an adjustable cheek riser is always at the top of my list of features. Shooting left, swappable cocking lever too.

    Other than that,…. wow! A lot of bang for the buck.


  3. BB,

    This proves that at least some of the Chinese manufacturers are listening closely to the target market. The Liberty and the Freedom / Aspen have been major successes. Here they have taken the Liberty to the next level and still managed to control cost. Not only did they lose the pretty much worthless glowy thingy sights, they did not throw in a cheap scope to clutter up the spare parts container. And it looks good also.

    This is the air rifle that has made it hard not to buy “Made In China”.

    • Steady Steady Just take a few slow breaths and it will pass….. until BB’s speed and accuracy tests. Remember the Fortitude. May the Fortitude be with you. I’m trying to think of others but my mind is a blank right now. (Go ahead I can take it)

      • Rk,

        Thanks buddy, I needed that. The truth is that though I like the Fortitude, I would rather have a .22 Maximus. I could tinker with one of these for years and not become bored with it.

        I know, some people are just not into waving the Flag and for those people I just have to say they are welcome to… No, I can’t go there. Nova Vista is listening to their target market and trying give the airgunners what they want.

  4. Hi, I’m Yogi. I’m a springer dude.

    The link of the Nomad !! Compressor sends me to Pyramid’s site for this gun not the compressor.

    If this works out at 25 yards, how about trying some slugs at 50 yards? This should have enough power to push the slugs.


  5. Well if the gun is accurate all those features will be meaningful otherwise kind of pointless. Sure it is priced like an entry level PCP, but as far as i am concerned if you cant hand pump it it is no longer an entry level. That being said with the list of features at that price if it is accurate to call it entry level is kind of selling it short. I may have bought a Gauntlet and hand pump it and even silenced it.

    Hi, I am Mike. I am also a springer dude.

    • Mike,
      I agree, it’s hard for me to call this entry level when it’s not something that will be easily pumped up with a hand pump. I mean $300 for the gun in entry level is great. Then spend at least double that to make it shoot? I’m not saying the gun isn’t good, just not entry level.


        • The reg is adjustable up to 3000 PSI (recommended) but it can go a bit higher than that. I found there’s plenty of room to adjust the reg down and still maintain similar power levels to where it comes set from the factory.

            • I definitely wouldn’t call it inefficient (at least for the .25 I’ve been testing) out of the box, but there are definitely downsides to having the reg set higher than it needs to be. You see it when you chronograph the gun. Easy way to tell, when your reservoir pressure gets down around your reg set point, if you see the velocity creep up that’s an indication of the reg being set too high. Watch the pressure fill pressure when the velocity falls back to where it was before it jumped and that’ll usually tell you about where you want to set the reg at. But bear in mind, this is without making other modifications. Adjusting the hammer spring tension would alter things. It’s about finding a good balance for your intended use. And the fact that you can change these settings to do so, is the big benefit to the Avenger over it’s competition for me.

          • Tyler,

            Of course,… you want to establish a starting point. Like,… if the manual says “X” is tuned at 4 turns in,… then I would want to back the adjustment out in order to verify that I am (in fact) starting 4 turns in.


    • Toddspeed,

      You are correct. I should have addressed that. I was going to bring it up in the next report.

      After my first test shot the needle went back to 3,000, which is as high as the reg is supposed to be set. And I watched it after that. It never climbed higher during this test. But I am watching it to see if it still creeps past 3,000 with a several-day delay. That will be addressed when I tell you how to set the reg in the next part.

      But I just unpacked the Avenger box and looked and the reg needle is still reading 3,000.


  6. B.B.

    That is quite an impressive features list!

    Interesting rifle (glad you got the .22 caliber) – I am curious to see your accuracy reports on this one!

    The “user adjustable” regulator and hammer spring is a potential “problem” I see with this airgun. The relationship of those two settings is critical to the proper (and efficient) functioning of the airgun – I can see them being abused and the rifle being blamed. Hope there is a big sign warning about making adjustments without knowing what you are doing – at the very least, the factory settings should be noted.

    The FX Impact manual has this table in the back of the owners manual to record the settings.

    As Toddspeed noted, the regulator gauge setting looks strange – on my .22 Impact (32 fpe), the regulator is set to 70 bar (1015 psi).


    • Hank,

      Nice thing about the manual, it gives you what typical full power settings are, so if you lose your way, you should have no trouble getting back to a firm starting point.

      Believe we have the manual linked on the product page on the website.


      • Tyler,

        Thanks for the reference to the manual – I checked it out and saw the chart you mentioned. That should help people get back to factory spec when they are done experimenting.

        For custom “fine tuning” a chronograph would be needed.


  7. BB,
    How much does pushing the sale of compressors go into the the design of a gun like this? I have a higher end compressor but still wish the gun filled to 3000 PSI so I could get more fills from a tank. If needed I would rather have a larger on board reservoir than a higher pressure small reservoir. The fill pressure alone puts this gun on a no-buy list for me.

    David Enoch

    • David,

      Consider with the adjustable regulator and hammer spring, you can absolutely set the gun up for 3000-3300 PSI fills and still get a solid shot count. Sure, it wont be the full 60 the gun is rated for in .22, but I’d bet at least a few mags worth of shots on the reg. I found with the .25 that I was able to adjust the reg down to about 23-2400 PSI and still get the full 45 FPE the gun is rated for without touching the hammer spring. The shot count on the .25 was considerably higher than what the gun is rated for (actually double what the gun is rated for), so I believe in .22, you could absolutely set the gun up for good power and efficiency from a lower full pressure.

      Just my two cents


  8. B.B.
    This rifle looks really interesting so far. Very nice of the PA guys to bring this one to market, specially at this price. Let’s hope the barrel is up to expectations, or at least easy to replace. This will be an interesting series.

    If it was my rifle, and it may well be, I would try to go the other way regarding operating pressure. Adjusting the reg at a lower pressure, say 2k psi, and working with the hammer settings to optimize the cycle. Who knows, it could still provide a large enough of shots at a somewhat reduced power while allowing the use of a tank with no fear of falling off the reg.

    Hi, this is Henry and I am a tinkerer.

  9. Off topic here. I just came across two target pistols for sale from someone in my gun club. One is a Morini, the other a Steyr. Both have the electronic trigger which, I have heard is prone to fail. No idea of offered price. Opinons?
    Fred formerly of the DPRoNJ now Happily in GA

  10. B.B.,

    Just when I think I have all the air guns I should have, along comes another one that I want. You are enabling my addiction. If it is accurate I won’t be able to resist.

    With all of those features and the price; can the quality be adequate? You did not say much about the fit and finish. Do you know what the finish is on the metal parts?

    This gun has all the features to take a big chunk of the pppcp market. We will be following this review enthusiastically.


  11. Hey BB: A few off-topic questions: 1) IF you think you might not fire a 17cal BB or pel gun for months or a year, is any sort of preservation/bbl oil suggested? 2) You explored “airgun honey” quite some time ago: do you still think it has any value? 3) Some pellets SNAP into the chamber in loading up: certainly by style/mfr: does this imply possible pellet damage, thus inaccuracy? Should I discount those that DO “snap”, or fire them at a separate target?
    As usual, THANKS for all your guidance!

  12. Barrika,

    As I recall BB kept a rag soaked in Ballistol for gun wipe downs. I have a firearm friend who keeps a an oil-soaked rag in a container on his workbench and wipes his guns before putting them “to bed.” Do NOT keep an oil-soaked rag in an air-tight container. Spontaneous combustion can occur. Not good!


  13. B.B.,

    Hi im shootski a BIG BORE Dark Side devote!

    I’m betting you have a regulator that slowly fails to regulate at the preset. It may only fail at or near a maximum pressure fill. Just to bedevil the new to the Dark Side! Muh, HA, Ha, ha!

    Since most of my PCPs only get a number of shots easily countable with the digits on one hand balanced valves are my Holy Grail. It would seem a “tinkerer” would want to find a velocity or at a minimum a range within which purpose select pellets, or bullets (Slugs) would shoot accurately. Once the MZ is found to balance the valve, TP, and Striker (hammer) spring to perform near perfection delivering that MZ. ONLY then establish the Regulator Set pressure to meter (deliver) the air charge to get best efficiency. I think that is what Tyler@PA was getting in the vicinity of with: “Easy way to tell, when your reservoir pressure gets down around your reg set point, if you see the velocity creep up that’s an indication of the reg being set too high.” It could also mean the gun is not setup optimaly to begin with! It seems to me regulators are being misused by the newest to The Dark Side joiners (and perhaps some of the builders.)
    So is it possible to lower the regulator on the Avenger below the valve balance pressure and make the powerplant tinkerable?

    You MUST pay your dues to understand the DARK SIDE! There is but ONE TRUE Path!!!


  14. OK, BB, enough. You had me with all the bells and whistles, right up to the 300 Bar fill pressure. If this is an entry-level PCP, how is it that you would have to have a compressor to fill it? Couldn’t it be set up properly for a hand pump to operate (like 3000 psi)?
    It started out great and then crashed in flames, as far as my ever getting one.
    I will still be interested in the test, though.


    • Bill,

      It may be possible to set it with a 3000 psi fill, and I hope B.B. will try it out. Just set the regulator for say 1200 to 1500 psi and fill to 3000 psi.

      That would put the feet per second down a lot possibly in the 600 to 700 fps but it may work and still have many shots in that range.


      • I would be interested in seeing that “low-end” performance.

        1…. to see if the hand pump is viable.
        2….. because I have barn swallows that are trying to roost in the barn. I need accuracy and a low velocity (600-700 fps). There’s a thin metal roof behind those birds. Can’t miss and can’t over-penetrate.

        My usual pesting gun (c.2010 Gamo Whisper) is a bit over-powered for the job. Would like an alternate.


        • StarboardRower,

          Of course I could be wrong on that, they want the Avenger regulator set much higher, 2600 psi for .22cal, cutting that in half or more may cause the valve to have issues.

          The only way to know is to try. The manual is not clear on how low the reg can be set.


  15. B.B.,

    In the paragraph or section labeled “Fill”, the hyperlink you inserted for the Nomad II air compressor actually takes you to the page for the Avenger rifle, not the air compressor.

    Jim M.

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