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Air Guns IZH MP532 target rifle: Part 9

IZH MP532 target rifle: Part 9

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

IZH MP532 single stroke target rifle.

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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This report covers:

  • Blog will change
  • Bedding problem
  • Channel widened
  • Action now fits
  • Did that change the point of impact?
  • What’s next?
  • What now?
  • How did it do?
  • Sight-in
  • Summary

Blog will change

I have been asked not to schedule a blog for Monday because the blog is about to be updated. So we will be out of touch for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here and I’ll get back just as soon as they give me the go-ahead. Now, let’s get to today’s report.

Today I attempt to correct the sight adjustment problem on my older IZH 32 target rifle. When the rear sight is adjusted as high as it will go the rifle still shoots a couple inches low.

Bedding problem

This rifle wasn’t bedded properly by the factory. The action and barrel stood proud of the stock channel in front.

532 old rifle bedding
The older MP 532 rifle action and barrel stood proud of the forearm. If that was corrected would the rifle shoot to the aim point?

I didn’t want to address this problem myself because I am a wood butcher. So I consulted with my neighbor, Denny and he agreed to look at it. I knew once he did he would take ownership, which he did. He knows my woodworking skills even better than you.

We tried swapping the old action into the new stock, but that solved nothing. So Denny felt the best approach was to rout out the barrel channel. He did it freehand, but made a pair of blocks for the router to ride on.

 532 make blocks
Step one was to cut two 9-inch oak blocks. The sparkles in the picture are sawdust in the air.

We discovered that the sides of the forearm are cut on a 7-degree angle. So the sides of the guide blocks had to be cut the same.

532 find angle
Denny determines the angle of the side of the 532 forearm.

532 set saw
Denny sets the saw blade to shave off 7 degrees from the side of each block.

532 router
The router was freehanded along the blocks Denny made.

Channel widened

I thought the stock channel wasn’t deep enough, but Denny knew that the problem was width. The stock channel was not wide enough for the forward end of the barreled action to fit into. Denny took a tiny bit of depth in his cut, but he mostly widened the channel in the stock. It was too narrow on the right and left side of the barrel channel at different places.

We had to set up the job four times to widen the channel by a few fractions of an inch on both sides. After each router pass we tried the barreled action in the stock. It wasn’t until the final try that the action dropped in the channel like it’s supposed to.

532 channel routed
The end of the forearm has been widened sufficiently to accept the barreled action. The clearance on both sides is now about 0.010-inches, give or take.

Action now fits

After the fourth try the 532 barreled action dropped into the stock with a click and fit like it should. Success!

532 fits
The old 532 now fits in its stock just like the newer one.

Build a Custom Airgun

Did that change the point of impact?

I had fired 5 shots at 10 meters early in the morning before any work was done to the stock. Now that the stock was finished I fired five more shots with the same H&N Finale Match Heavy pellets and no sight changes. The pellets enlarged the hole, but there is still just a single hole at 10 meters. So bedding the action did not change where the rifle shoots. Many readers may now lord it over me!

532 10 shots
The second five shots that were fired after the action was bedded enlarged the hole but went to the same place as the first five shots, before the action was bedded. The aim point was to top bull, so at 10 meters the shots are landing low!

What’s next?

I knew I could shift the clear front aperture a little inside the front globe, so that’s what I did. By moving the aperture down and to the left I moved the POI up and to the right. It didn’t move far enough in either direction, plus I didn’t want to do it this way. It was just an experiment. I shot at the same target as before, so we could see what happened.

532 front aperture moved
Moving the front aperture inside the globe did work, but it wasn’t enough.

What now?

I was surprised at this point. Apparently the Russians, who know how to make guns, made this one with a rear sight that doesn’t adjust into the range needed for target work — on a target rifle. That’s like a car without a starter motor!

The best thing at this point was for me to drill a new hole for the rear aperture at the top of the post and remount the rear aperture. One or more readers had suggested this when I told you about the problem, and it has always been in my mind if bedding the action didn’t work. Clearly it didn’t, so it was time to make the fix.

532 rear sight
I moved the rear aperture as high as it will go in its post.

How did it do?

The big question is, did moving the rear aperture up help? I put up a new target, because the POI may have changed dramatically. As it turns out, it did, and I did the right thing. I aimed at the bottom bullseye and the first shot hit 4-1/2-inches higher. It was almost off the paper and would have missed completely if I’d shot at the previous target. The question now was — could I adjust it down far enough to get on target?

532 first shot
After moving the rear peep as high as it will go I aimed at the bottom bull and the shot hit 4.5-inches above, near the edge of the paper.

I cranked in a LOT of down and a few clicks to the right and shot at the bottom bull a second time. The pellet hit at the edge of the bull I aimed at. So I put in three clicks of right adjustment and shot again. The hole grew no larger. I decided to finish the group without adjusting the sight any more. Five pellets went in to 0.10-inches at 10 meters — the smallest group this rifle has shot to date.

532 best group
This is five H&N Finale Match Heavy pellets in 0.10-inches between centers WITH A SIGHT ADJUSTMENT AFTER THE FIRST SHOT! It’s the best this rifle has ever done in my hands.


It turns out that the rear sight moves the point of impact very little per click. It took me six more shots to center the pellet.

532 sight in
It took six shots to adjust the sights for a center impact.

Following that I shot one last group, just to prove the rifle was on. This one wasn’t as great, with five shots in 0.231-inches at 10 meters. But it had been a long day getting to this point, and I was looking forward to the photography and the writeup.

532 last group
The final group measures 0.321-inches between the centers of the five shots.


Well, we have certainly seen a lot about the IZH 532 target rifle. And today we culminated our look by fixing the sights on one of the two rifles. The other rifle doesn’t need it, so I now own two fine Russian target air rifles. I’m looking to part with one because how many Russian target air rifles does a guy need!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

118 thoughts on “IZH MP532 target rifle: Part 9”

  1. B.B.,

    I vill say nossing! Other than glad the rear sight fix worked, and…nice shooting!

    We, all of us, need good friends like Denny when we are lacking in some skill area!

    “What’s next?”
    (Fourth line down)
    “It didn’t more (move) far enough in either direction,…”


  2. B.B.,

    So the rear sight that tilts forward has no influence on the accuracy?

    PS Section Did that change the point of impact?
    1st paragraph 4th sentence: “So beddingf (bedding) the action did not change where the rifle shoots.”


  3. Very cool, it’s amazing no one picked up on the bedding problem of that one in all the years since it was made.

    Now a couple of questions if you don’t mind.

    Do you still have to warm the cups up by pumping the rifle 30-40 times for each shooting session?

    Replacement seals and cups are only $29.

    I wonder how they would perform with a reseal?

    And the last question.

    Which of the 2 are you going to part with?

    I will throw my hat into the ring…
    And hope I can afford it..


    • Ian,

      I would highly recommend you do your best to get your hands on this air rifle. You will quickly become bored with plinking with it. I did with my FWB 601. I can quickly become bored plinking with my Izzy. As you can see by the groups, if you miss, it is your fault. You will find yourself shooting at smaller and smaller targets at further and further ranges.

      • I have a IZH 46 (pre M model) have owned a FWB150, and owned several Daisy target rifles..

        I know the get bored plinking problem.

        My fix for that is always the same.
        Choose a smaller target, at a longer distance..

        If I ever wanted to get someone into airguns, I would hand them a Daisy 753 or 853 with a red dot and a tin of pellets and tell them to have fun, and try to shoot the smallest thing you can see…


  4. Calinb and Gunfun1,

    I haven’t been able to dig out a parts diagram or even a picture of the Crosman SA Marauder trigger group from the internet. Nobody seems to have gone into it and documented it yet to the level you guys want.


    • Siraniko
      I guess I could take the cover off of mine. But the whole thing is I would like the diagram to look at first before I take it off. That way I can at least have a idea where the springs are at.

      And I’m happy with the SAM trigger as is from the factory. I was just interested with seeing what kind of mod Cal came up with.

  5. BB
    I guess that means we won’t even be able to comment on a older report either.

    I guess we will just have to check every day to see if the blog is back running.

  6. BB,

    Hats off to Denny for offering up his skills and services. Hand routing can be a real trick/squirrely. Glad you got it fixed and hitting where it should. That is odd that it was that way.

    Q: I assume (this, 4/16) blog will still be functional? If so, we can still converse and you can fill us in on any updates/issues/problems/delays?


  7. BB,

    I vill zay zomting! That was a nice stock fix Denny pulled off, even though I knew that was not going to fix your problem. I am glad the problem was solved by moving the rear sight. Otherwise you would have had to bend the barrel.

    It is a shame that RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns’ funding is too low to afford any adoption fees right now. One of these ladies would be a fantastic roommate for Izzy. We are still waiting for large financial contributions so we can offer these old gals the care they so richly deserve and also to increase our adoption and expansion funds. 😉

    • Ask Biden for a PCP – Personal Compensation Package; if asked, just say it is for adoption purposes and you’ll get twice as much. I’m ok with my tax dollars going for that good cause.

      • FM,

        I truly appreciate your sentiment concerning this, however I shall not request anything from that Pervert and his administration. Besides, I am of the wrong skin color or sexual preference to receive any compensation from this administration.

        • RR
          I think you should remove your comment.

          Remember the word hillbilly. How about skin color in relation to being called a hillbilly

          Or at least edit your comment or is it too late.

          • GF1,

            Too late.

            Besides, until recently I could care less what skin color someone has. I have always been concerned with their character.

            I do have the regret of expressing it here as this is not meant to be a forum of religious/social/political expression.

  8. BB,
    That is exactly how I use my router to do my fiddly bits. It’s very easy to take off too much and freehanding a straight line… is super tricky. Excellent! And good shooting! Nice fix on the sight too. and heck this is the kind of target rifle I could really get to grips with. I bet there is not one down here in NZ ! Thank you! Robert.
    I have a question: Is taking it out to 20m doable?

      • BB
        I was wondering how the IZH MP 532 would do at 20m.
        But now that you are asking…. how about the really really old sproingers? I have seen quite a few very old rifles come up in NZ for sale. A couple of break barrel and a few under levers. One day I will get one and take it to the range. That might raise some eyebrows.
        Here is an example. Very nice indeed. But how do they shoot?
        Robert. PS I rang a chap about the range and he said that I am first person in about ten years who has asked for a key. I have to write up a bit about myself, what I want and then that goes to a committee. If the committee are ok then I get to use the range whenever it is free, on my own. No burping or being pelted with semiauto .22 brass. ( If they made them use brass catchers… I almost got one in the eye after it bounced off my rifle…. : 0 ). So I meet with a chap on Monday to shake his hand, look him in the eye and tell him I am not an idiot and that I am safe as houses.

    • RobertA,

      There is an airgun sport called mini-sniping. If you dig around you can find how it all began. Basically, you take a 10 meter air rifle such as this and shoot at 9mm shell casings at various ranges out to 35 yards. that is about 32 meters for you weird measuring folk.

      Some have taken to using small toy soldiers, etc. as their sniper targets.

    • I milled out the stock on one of my wood stock Marauders on the Bridgeport at work in the12 inch vise.

      The reason why was because Lloyd Sikes made me up the first double tube Marauder that was made for me after talking with him about it. I wanted to be able to use the original stock on it. It worked great.

          • GF1, I always wondered what to do with the fence post Crosman put on my G1 Marauder, so
            the R10 may get a ‘Hillbilly’ Marauder stock mod. The double tube mod would have been better for me than the bottle on the Prod, but I can just get a 22cu bottle now.
            Way to go.

            • 1stblue
              I had that gun way back probably right around a year or so after the Marauders came out.

              The reason I wanted the double resivour is I had the gun way turned up for 100+ yard shooting. Had a 13# striker spring turned all the way in on the spring tension adjustment. Had the transferport orafice drilled out bigger and and the feed hole in the valve also as well as the transferport adjustment opened up all the way. The Marauder was a .25 cal. and I was only getting 9 shots per fill with that setup at 980 fps with JSB 33.95’s.

              So I talked with Lloyd Sikes and told him what I was doing and what I wanted to accomplish. Basically more shots per fill. I ended up with about 18 shots per fill after doing his double tube conversion.

              But in the end I didn’t use the milled out wood stock. I ended up putting a Marauder pistol grip trigger assembly on it so I still had that nice 2 stage adjustable trigger the Prod uses and with a 1399 stock. It had that black gun tactical look. Later on I put on one of Dave’s from RAI AR buttstock adapter on it. After that it was way adjustable for ergonomics. I could offset the butt stock in a 360° offset to get line of sight and cheek weld right. And the gun had even a more “tacticool” look. Another gun I should of never got rid of. I have learned. 🙂

              Oh and forgot I have a Maximus that I have setup for a 13 cubic inch regulated HPA bottle.its a great set up. Well I have the valve out of the gun right now. It developed a slow leak out of the barrel. Its about due though I guess. Its one of the 1st Maximus when they came out. Going to reseal it and see what happens.

  9. B B,
    I thought I’d give a quick update on the .177 34 EMS here. Excellent air rifle out of the box. As you say: feels like a kitted 34. Definately a candidate for the best out of the box air rifle I have owned. Only about 150 shots fired to date but the gun feels well shot in.
    Favoured pellets: RWS Geco and H&N FTT. 10 shot groups at 10m open sights: 0.32inch for both pellets. 25 yds with 4 power scope Geco: 0.76 inch with 8 shots inside 0.30inch. Not called pulls with 2 wayward shots but I did feel less comfortable with each release if that makes sense.


  10. B.B. and Readership (especially spring-piston shooters,)

    I think this applies to all airguns but currently I have no proof to make a claim. The link below will take you to a scientific study conducted by a forensics outfit showing the result of pellet seating depths on kinetic energy:


    “Projectile velocity was measured with a high-precision redundant ballistic speed measurement system. In eight out of ten weapons, the muzzle energy increased significantly when the pellet seater was used. The average increase in kinetic energy was 31 % (range 9–96 %). To conclude, seating the pellet even slightly deeper into the breech of spring-piston air guns might significantly alter the muzzle energy. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that this effect is taken into account when accurate and reliable measurements of air gun muzzle velocity are necessary.”

    Compliments of the Dark Sider,


  11. B.B. and Readership,

    This is directed toward those of you who think if we play Ostrich THEY won’t notice us:

    “AFTE Journal
    Volume 48, Issue 3, 2016, Pages 155-162
    PCP airguns: A not-so-new technology(Article)
    Haag, L.C. View Correspondence (jump link)
    View additional authors
    Save all to author list
    Forensic Science Services, Inc. (FSSI), P.O. Box 5347, Carefree, AZ 85377, United States
    View additional affiliations
    Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns date back to the late 1700s and exist today in many forms and calibers. These airguns can shoot lead pellets, lead spheres and lead bullets specifically designed for use in these guns. The velocities achievable in PCP airguns are capable of inflicting serious to fatal injuries. This raises the clear possibility that one of these uncommon guns, or their fired projectiles will be involved in some incident and come to the attention of the firearms examiner despite the fact that they are not firearms in the operative sense nor by legal definition under U.S. federal law. This article should provide a sufficient understanding of the design and capabilities of these guns as well as the ability to recognize their various fired projectiles. © 2016, Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners. All rights reserved.”

    N.B. who’s Journal!


      • 1stblue,

        You must be/live in a great place Rob!
        Having traveled much of the country over the past half century I remember gun racks in almost every pick-up bed window. Not many States/places that fixture is still legal or will at a minimum get you noticed and called in by the “law abiding” concerned citizen(s) for you display of personal LIBERTY.

        Depending on your seating i would recommend an OPEN scabbard mounted inside.

        Best of outcomes!


        • Ok, well, yes I do believe in liberty. Here’s my think about that tho, back in the day, depending on which generation you are, it was a deer rifle of some kind. Winchester, say. Then became SKS, etc. At least with the funny looking bottle gun in the window and the ammo maker stickers on the bumper, the modern trooper knows it’s a hunting rifle, at best, and passes you in the fast lane. Maybe a woop woop with horn.
          Back to my drinky poo.

  12. B.B.,

    I was looking back over your writing about the blog update schedule and this caught my attention: “We tried swapping the old action into the new stock, but that solved nothing.”

    Does that mean that the action on one of the rifles is dimensionally different?


  13. My grandson and I broke in the new shooting bench today. With the old Feinwerkbau rear aperture and a 2.8mm clear iris up front, at 10 yards his HW30S is shooting in trime country.

    Zeroed in the Maximus also with this scope on top at 25 yards.


    Break out the trime again.

      • Shootski,

        Grinning from ear to ear! This was his first time using a peep sight. He really wants to learn to shoot as good as I, so he listens to my instructions concerning this. Except for one. He keeps closing his left eye. It is a habit he picked up from his daddy. It is a real hard one to break. I know. I had a hard time myself and catch myself doing it every once in a while.

        It was also his first time using a scope. It was also his first time using a chronograph. He thought it was really cool. We were setting the base line for my Maximus before I started any modifications on it. After I zeroed it, he was shooting at the target across the chrony so we could calculate the power level and number of shots per fill. He was making one ragged hole until the pressure started dropping off and the pellets started scattering around the POA.

        We enjoyed our play time together. Our only regret was we did not have more time before he had to go home. There are a bunch of feral soda cans who are thankful though.

        • RidgeRunner,

          Super! “He was making one ragged hole until the pressure started dropping off and the pellets started scattering around the POA.” How many shooters have ever seen the effect of pressure drop, MV drop (verified by Chronograph) and the grouping simultaneously going to heck! He learned a great deal.
          As far as shooting both eyes open that sadly will be the Never Ending Story! The internet “snipers” have only made it worse. If you want you can use some package tape (translucent not clear) on his glasses/shooting glasses. Or if you have the patience and say a small reward if he keeps the non-aiming eye open for 40 or so repetitions straight he will learn the benefits. Have him blink two or three times before every repetition. This should be a full on dryfire cycle practice; preferably Off Hand. That is the key to why!
          There are other advantages to both eyes open but they are minor compared to the gain in BALANCE the shooter gets with both eyes open.
          Yes, their are folk that get good results with one eye closed but they would be better with both open.
          Later you need to teach him to shoot with the non-dominent eye. If he wants to hunt have him learn to locate with “off” eye and transition to the scope, reflex, or irons for the refine aim shot.

          Just ALWAYS keep shooting fun for him…don’t ever NOT be a GREAT grandpa FIRST!


          • Shootski,

            One way I been working with him is sticking a post it note over his left eye. I have done this myself to help me do such. Another method I have used is similar to that used by 10 meter air rifle shooters. When I had my Edge, I took a rectangular piece of white soft gasket sheet and put a small hole at one end to insert the rear aperture through, then screw it into the sight block. Now that I have mounted the Feinwerkbau rear aperture on his HW30S, I can do this.

  14. Hello.
    I finally got a compound mitre saw off a friend who was abusing it. In the process of reco’ing it. It’s looking pretty ok. but I have a problem them I have come across befor so I thought I might sling it over the blog to see what other DIY grage engineers thunk. Ahem: I want ~thick~ grease to lubricate the linear bearings on the slide part of the saw. And yes this saw will be used to fabricate air rifle stocks ( strange ones…). Sooooooooo…. I have grease. It’s very thin. I want THICK grease. any ideas? I thought of maybe boiling the grease and adding solid wax. One can but try I guess. and also I can try it out on my cheap as all heck drill press with the shonky quill (drilling a straight hole is like trying to shoot a 10 at 50m with a side hurricane ). And here is a pic of the saw before. It’s in parts being fussed over and fettled. Being broke is great learning how to squeeze as much as you can out of what you got. She may not look like much now but once she gets some love she’ll be my baby. Can’t wait to make big things smaller with her. ( then I glue, screw or fasten the smaller things back into larger things… ) What a Sunday! Robert.

    • Robert,

      Never had one apart, but I am pretty sure a miter saw would not rely on exposed grease. (Sealed) ball bearings or nylon or bronze bushings of sorts would make much more sense.


      • Chris USA,
        The bearings are a type of plastic bush with ball bearings in them in rows longitudinally. The reason why the things are now terrible is no protection from the elements. The rust in the pic leaps out and stabs me in the eyes. ( both eyes ! ). Once I get this fixed up I will put a shroud over the rails and keep them greased as all heck. Phosphor bronze bushes would be the bee’s knees but… that’s a large chunk of material per rail and I don’t have a lathe. I can probably get new bearings though. and it’s only got three… two in the right rail and one in the left. ( ? ) . Never had a real saw before so this is going to be interesting. Robert.

        • Robert,

          Well, I am sure you will get it functional again. 3 bearings is odd,.. unless it is some torque factored engineering move. Was there 4 at one time? I have a small, used cheap one (just chop). They are nice when cutting something to length,.. like 2×4’s for framing, etc..


          • Chris,
            Would you believe that they left one bearing out so they could put a friction screw in ! bad design dept. The bit I require from this saw is cutting square! and on multiple angles etc All the funky cool geometric stuff I was rasping out can be done in the wink of an eye! I am planning on using this a lot. Use a tool to make another tool too! :- ) Robert.

            • Robert,

              Be careful of it. They can kick out wood like any other saw. Clamping something in is better than trying to hold it up close to the blade with your fingers,.. if doing fine/small work. Does it have the new style guard that rolls out of the way?


              • Chris USA,
                Yes I hear you. I still have all my fingers and toes. I will be clamping everything! The saw has a small finger clamp which I will copy and make a bigger one that I can move around more. There is no way I will be holding my fingers near that blade. No sir. And also large holding jigs. so the small fiddly bit is held in the larger jig. And yes it has the mobile blade guard. Safety first! Thank you. Robert.

      • Siraniko,
        It is strange that a factory would go to such lengths as to pump out drill presses but they fail to
        size the moving parts correctly. If I had known how bad it would be I would have not bought the darn thing. Shimming sounds good but in practice it’s darn tricky. Maybe expoxy glue… hmm… if I fill the gap with glue somehow instead of shim. This is an old dodge for “king pin” stub axles on a beam axle. fill a grease gun with epoxy and squirt it in. Wandering drill bits R us….. RObert.

        • RobertA,

          Having been around Japanese cars I know what you mean. Could have worse. Koreans also emulate the Japanese in cramming everything into a tiny package that you have to take apart to get to a regularly changed element.


          • Siraniko,
            This one is special as it has air tunnels that are folder over down the back of the block completely making access to the back of the block a nightmare. All I need to do is release the head. Everything has to come off. There might be some kind of work around. Maybe jack up the engine and loosen off the engine mounts then lean it all forward…. Work arounds to do basic stuff…. eye roll. :-I Robert.

    • RobertA,

      Simple soap is commonly used as the thickener in lubricating grease. Complex soap is used for very special purpose grease.

      I’m wondering how many spring piston airgunners know this little secret?

      At your service…The Darksider!


      • Shootski,
        Ha! Chemistry is soooooo tricky. I though electrical engineering was bad then I looked at biochemisty… far out. but I have soap. I wonder what happens if I melt soap and grease together ??? Cosmoline. Now that’s the kind of stuff I could get behind. OR really thick vaseline. I remember finding old grease pots with really thick grease in them. Wish I had nabbed them. That stuff was like tar. New grease is just not the same. Sure it might be more stable but it’s way too thin. What do they use on dozer track pins now days? Probably have an ap for that…. ha! Robert. and here is the dope: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=ideas-and-advice/greases-guide

        :- )

          • BB,
            Thank you! I will have a nose around, I am not even sure if we have any drawbridges in N.Z. but there must be something comparable. Railway switches? I bet there is some laying on the deck squished out and doing nothing someplace. Old live steam trains might use it. We have some of those. Thank you! Robert.

            • RobertA,

              If you cannot find open gear grease, use what we use on sproingers. Tune In A Tube. It is a red thick sticky grease. You can get a grease gun tube of it at most larger hardware or automotive parts stores. It is used to grease bearings, most especially the wheel bearings of boat trailers.

              If you cannot find either, let me know. I have both. We will figure out how to get it to you.

              • RidgeRunner,
                Pulled the brakes on this fix up project because….. the urban hilly billy ute has just blown it’s freaking headgasket. Sigh. So it’s bumped the saw out of the way in the garage. Curses! Oh well. Now I have a car slowly assembling itself. Should be interesting to find what is up with the gasket. or maybe not. Went to the range today and shot 90 out 100. ( Walther, aperture sight .22LR ) they were impressed. Prone with a rest. Too easy!!!! but phew it’s not cheap. Might take it easy there. But we all got on well which is the main thing. : – ) Tomorrow I continue pulling the head off and the one million and ten bolts and tubes and wires and heck all sorts of stuff. It a ’95 so it’s the most modern car i have ever owned! Ha! Robert.

          • Siraniko and BB,
            I have parked the grease problem while I work on my car. Which is really really complicated. I have never seen so much stuff jammed into such a small space ever. The air manifold, water pipes, fuel injection etc was all put on before the engine was put in the engine bay. So I have to peel all that stuff off with very little room to move. Just to change a head gasket.
            A little bit grumpy. May have to put the stereo out there and play some loud music. and a cafe bar and everlasting plate of sandwiches… Robert.

  15. I posted a joke earlier, but then I must’ve accidentally clicked on delete while editing it. Well, it was not very funny anyhow.
    When I examine the HW95 photos on Weihrauch website, the open sights and the scope are almost at the same height considering where the eye of the shooter lines up. Maybe I’m overanalyzing this high cheek piece matter a little bit too much. By the way, just scroll down to the 95s and see the tiny piece added on top of the rifles – in the middle of the safety button and the rear sight, right under the front of the scope. https://www.weihrauch-sport.de/spring-piston-break-barrel?lang=en What could it be?
    Walther Parrus is $150 on PA, /product/walther-parrus-air-rifle-black-synthetic?m=4077. Isn’t it a good quality rifle? What do you folks think about it’s trigger? Is it better than Gamo and Hatsan’s Quattro?
    Eh, this is all I have for today.

    • Fish,

      They missed deleting a part of the scope objective bell in the top picture and then stuck the scope back on with the boo boo still in place.

      What is wrong with the Quatro trigger? No, it is not the Rekord or Air Arms, but it is still pretty good for a sproinger.

      As for the Parrus, perhaps you should read a little more before you buy one.


      You should also ask yourself, why is this air rifle is being priced at $150?

      You might as well shop around and buy an HW95. You will not regret it. If you buy anything less, you will likely keep buying other airguns until you buy an HW95 and realize you should have just spent the money on it in the first place and use the money you wasted on the cheaper sproingers for buying pellets to feed the HW95.

      P.S. I like the shape of the stock, most especially the forward palm swell. I hate the glowy thingy sights. I had to immediately take them off of my new Maximus. You can get nice sights on the HW95.

      • I don’t think anything is wrong with Quattro. I just wondered which one is better.

        Parrus is too powerful for a 177 guy, other than that it’s okay for the price.

        I agree with you about HW95.

  16. Pyramyd AIR lists the HW95 as discontinued – Krale in Netherlands still claims to have them but the website shows “temporarily out of stock.” The option would be to look in the used/refurbished market. I like the sights and can live without a moderator.

    • PA sells R9, which is the same thing as 95, just named differently. If you wish yours to say HW95 necessarily, then there are HW95s around in different configurations.

      HW95 – right grip stock, front sight don’t have inserts.
      HW95 Luxus – front sight has inserts & ambi stock like PA’s R9.
      HW95L Field Pro – it’s back, no open sights.



  17. BB,

    I just had 158 !!!!!! “replies to comment” show up in my e-mail. All the same one. I deleted them all and opened none. Also, I see no new replies from having my mail and the blog, open for several hours now.

    ((Just passing it on.))

    In light of the above,… please do NOT reply! 😉


    • Chris, I had something similar happen. Got about 20-12 emails from the blog. When I clicked on them, it took me somewhere that said my IPS had been banned. I then thought, what the neck did I do? Very odd.

  18. This is here so as not to reply to Chris’ post above. I, too, have had a deluge (69) of automated e-mails, all responses to comments I’ve made in the past few weeks.


  19. The new blog definitely does not work for a cell phone.

    Here is a screen shot. It’s small. If you expand it then it doesn’t fit the screen. You then have to scroll left and right. Even if I selecet simplified or desk top view.

    I’ll send another screen shot of it expanded in asecond.

    • GF1,

      So far, can’t say I care for it. Much more vertical now and compressed horizontally. It may be more phone friendly, but definitely not more laptop friendly.

      Also, I do not see a “Comment RSS” link.

      Also, typing this has the letters a very light blue color and (very hard) to see while typing.


      • Chris
        Not phone friendly at all.

        If I don’t click on desk top version I can’t even read all the way across. It doesn’t show up or allow me to scroll left or right.

        I don’t like it at all. Definitely not something I want to keep dealing with.

    • Gunfun1,

      When you click read post it will send you to the report. If you look carefully on the lower right hand corner there is a speech bubble. Clicking that should take you direct to the comments.


  20. Looks like a work in progress. Advertisements have been added to the right side which compresses the blog over to the left. None of the blog options are available yet, such as comments RSS. I’m sure things will improve. There’s a lot of work involved in reconfiguring a web site. I have a shortcut for the comments RSS in my Firefox jump list so I am still able to see them. Unfortunately, only the last 20 comments show.

    • Geo,

      Doing the same here. I have tabs for the blog, comments and PA (3). I am not sure how someone would get access to the Comments RSS now without having it saved already.

      Is your text super light blue as you are typing? Very hard to see.


  21. I’m not happy with this “new look”, either. This had best not be what we have to expect. I don’t think BB will want to put up with it, either. As much as I would miss it, I don’t think I can continue coming here with the site in this condition. I hope it Improves over the next couple days. I really need my fix.

  22. Strange one, as its working fine for me on my phone. The text/view seems to have enlarged from this afternoons format.
    I can get to the comments by clicking on the script icon (number) which is how I have always done it.
    I hope all you folks can acclimatise to the new fomat and stay with the blog.


  23. What happened to the tags or links, whatever they are called, that used to let you go back to the previous blog? I used that all the time. On my phone I can’t see most of the comments, they run off the right edge of the page. I haven’t left a comment with my phone yet, but I don’t like the light grey color used for the desktop comment box. It’s too light to see well on my computer. Also, can’t go directly to the comments.

    It’s their blog and they can run it the way they like, but these are issues for me that I would prefer they address.

    I just realized, while proofing this comment, that I can’t pull the corner of the comment box out to enlarge it enough to see my entire comment. Don’t care for that either.


    Since posting this I found out, from another post, that I can go to the comments by clicking the word balloon at the top right of the header. I also learned that if I turn my phone landscape oriented, I can see the comments, but I don’t like holding my phone that way. I also figured out that I can go back to the previous blog by clicking the < arrow on the section at the end of the blog that looks like this . It is at the lower right. I liked it better when the title was included and when it was at the beginning of that day’s blog. Also want to mention that this edit window DOES let me drag the corner out so I can see the whole comment. That seems like something that can be done eventually in the original Message box.

  24. OK, new comment. Just went back to the mobile blog and discovered that the comments do run off the screen if the thread is long enough, so that’s not good. I also noticed that the dated archives are no longer available for search. That was always a pain in the butt on my phone because it was located after all the comments and required a lot of scrolling, so if you are going to reinstate that feature, is there any way that you could make a link at the top of the page to take you to it at the bottom of the page? If you can, please do the same for the Search box and the Categories section. Same pain in the butt for the same reason on my phone. If you’re gonna change the site, you might as well try to improve it as well.


  25. B.B.

    So far like the new blog layout. Not crazy about the format of the current edition, but really helps when looking at past listings in Categories. Even kept my log-in info without messing that up. IT guy deserves a beer!


  26. B.B. and IT Team

    The commenting box has a difficult to read color scheme due to insufficient contrast. The comments although the larger font is appreciated is unwieldy to read due to the narrower space. Especially with the later replies. It’s like there are only two words per line. Avatars seem to be back though.


  27. IT Team,

    The formatting is getting really bad. I can’t even read the entire comment made above. I have tried using Opera and Brave on my cellphone. What browser are you optimizing the site on?


  28. BB. Hello. : – )

    New format.
    A) “Send a comment” button in bold red is a stab in the eye. Stealth grey would be fine.
    B) The stealth grey colour of the text in the reply message box is very hard to read ( being stealthy…). Black would be optimal. ( for those of us with failing eyesight and or duff monitors etc )
    So far it seems to display fine on my Laptop. I never read anything on a “device”. Robert.

  29. B.B.,

    We need a tutorial on some of the topics that the readership has pointed out. I have been poking around and find too many things that don’t appear to work as I would expect. One of the big things is there don’t seem logical or convenient ways to get from the PA sales site menu (resources wa a goodone) to the blog. Once a path is found there isn’t a convenient (upper right hand corner spot) to sign in to the blog.
    It may just be unfamiliarity but some of it is real overlooked functionality Easy Buttons. None of the Dashboard things really help a user change the look, readability and usability of the blog. No size or contrast or reversal controls.

    I hope things will get ironed out sooner rather than later.

    Looking forward to a successful new blog topic presented in the new blog format!


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