HW 30S
The HW 30S I am testing seems to be a new version.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Air Arms Falcon domes — artillery hold
  • Air Arms Falcon domes — direct bag rest
  • RWS Superdome
  • RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle
  • Changed glasses
  • JSB Exact 8.44 grains
  • RWS Basic
  • Crosman Premier Light
  • 10-shot group of Superdomes
  • Discussion
  • Summary

Today I begin shooting the HW 30S for accuracy. There are a couple issues I uncovered in today’s test, so lets get right to it.

The test

I shot the rifle from a bench on a sandbag rest at 10 meters from the targets. I shot at 10-meter rifle targets. I installed the diopter in the front sight before remembering that the rear sight is just a notch. Obviously that wouldn’t work, so I switched inserts for the thinner square post

Initially I shot with reading glasses, but late in the test I changed to my everyday glasses. I’ll talk about that when I get there.

I shot 5-shot groups so I could test more pellets. I tested the most accurate one again with 10 shots at the end of the test.

Air Arms Falcon domes — artillery hold

First up were Air Arms Falcon domes. I used the artillery hold for the first five and they landed in a group measuring 0.739-inches between centers at 10 meters. I did find the 30S difficult to hold this way because of its light weight.

HW 30S Falcon arty
When I used the artillery hold with the 30S I was able to put five Falcon pellets into 0.739-inches at 10 meters.

Air Arms Falcon domes — direct bag rest

Next I rested the rifle directly on the sandbag. Resting the HW 30S on the sandbag I was able to put five Falcon pellets into 0.608-inches at 10 meters. I know this group is not that much smaller than the previous one, but the rifle was easier to sight. I decided to finish the test with the rifle rested directly on the bag.

HW 30S Falcon bag rest
When the HW 30S was rested directly on the bag five of the same Falcon pellets went into 0.608 inches at 10 meters.

But the sights were not ideal. I really wanted to use a rear peep with an aperture in front. I was having difficulty seeing the target. More on this in a bit.

RWS Superdome

The second pellet I tested was the RWS Superdome. This pellet is heavy for this rifle, so the point of impact will probably change. Five of them went into 0.533-inches at 10 meters, and they did hit the target lower. Four of those shots are in 0.185-inches, which is the kind of performance I was expecting from the rifle.

HW 30S Superdome
Five RWS Superdomes went into 0.533-inches at 10 meters. Four are in 0.185-inches. This is a pellet to test more.

Shop Benjamin Rifles

RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle

The next pellet I tested in the HW 30S was the 8.2-grain RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle wadcutter. Five pellets went into a group measuring 0.542-inches at 10 meters.

HW 30S Meisterkugels Rifle
Five RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle pellets made a 0.542-inch group at 10 meters.

Changed glasses

I was having a hard time seeing the bottom of the bullseye for my 6 o’clock hold. So at this time I switched to my everyday glasses. I lost my good everyday glasses a week ago, so I’m wearing the prescription I had before my cataract surgery, but these glasses seem okay to me.

JSB Exact 8.44 grains

The next pellet I tested was the 8.44-grain JSB Exact dome. Five went into 0.49-inches at 10 meters, with four in 0.26-inches. This is another pellet to watch.

HW 30S JSB Exact 8.44-grain dome
The 30S put five JSB Exact 8.44-grain domes into 0.49-inches with 4 in 0.26-inches at 10 meters.

RWS Basic

Next I shot 5 RWS Basic wadcutters from the HW 30S.  Basics do not do as well as Hobbys most of the time, but I have been surprised occasionally. This time, though, Basics were not that good. The 30S put five of them into 0.77-inches between centers at 10 meters. It is the largest 5-shot group of the test.

HW 30S RWS Basic
The 30S put 5 RWS Basic wadcutters into this 0.77-inch group at 10 meters.

Crosman Premier Light

The last pellet I tested in the HW 30S was the 7.9-grain Crosman Premier dome — a pellet that Crosman no longer makes. Sometimes this is the most accurate pellet in an airguns but not this time. Five went into 0.646-inches at 10 meters.

HW 30S Premier Light
The HW 30S put five Crosman Premier Light pellets into 0.646-inches at 10 meters.

10-shot group of Superdomes

Of all the pellets tested today I felt that the RWS Superdomes showed the most potential. I next shot 10 Superdomes at a final bull. Nine of them went into 0.521-inches at 10 meters. That is slightly smaller than the 5-shot group they fired at the start of the test. However, just like that first test, one shot went wide and opened the group to 0.994-inches between centers, which made this group the largest group of the test. 

HW 30S 10 Superdomes
Ten RWS Superdomes made a 0.994-inch group at 10 meters. Nine were in 0.521-inches.


All throughout this test I had a hard time maintaining my sight picture. I really felt that if I had a rear peep sight I could shoot better. That wasn’t the test today, though, so I toughed it out. But at some point in the future I do want to try this rifle with a rear peep sight. However that won’t be next.

My next report will be about adjusting and possibly lubricating the Rekord trigger. While it did get better during the velocity test in Part 2, there is still more that can be done, and I want it to be its best for the accuracy test with a scope mounted. I will lube-tune the rifle before that accuracy test, so it is shooting as smoothly as possible.


The HW 30S rifle is just as good as I thought. It’s a sweet little breakbarrel that is impossible not to love. And I hope that this series will show off all of its charms