by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

IZH MP532 single stroke target rifle.

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A history of airguns

This report covers:

  • UTG Micro Reflex doesn’t fit
  • Millett dot sight
  • Dot sights
  • Sight in
  • The test
  • Group 1
  • H&N Match Green
  • H&N Finale Match Heavy
  • Best group
  • GunFun1 — this one’s for you!
  • 25 yards
  • Summary

Today is an unplanned report on the older IZH MP532 target rifler. Reader GunFun1 asked if I could shoot it with a dot sight. So I’m doing that today and this is definitely the last report I’m doing on these two air rifles.

UTG Micro Reflex doesn’t fit

I wanted to test it with the new UTG Micro Reflex dot sight, but with the 11mm dovetail adaptor installed in its clamping jaws the base is too flat to fit down around the rounded top of the MP532 barrel shroud. That prevents both jaws from entering the dovetails at the same time and of course that means you can’t mount that sight on this rifle. No problem, though, because I have other dot sights that do work.

Millett dot sight

I recently tested the Beeman P3 with a Millett dot sight that came with the used pistol I purchased for the test. It was a $200+ sight in its day, so it has plenty of quality. And, best of all, the underside of its clamping base is rounded for rifle dovetails like these.

IZH MP532 Millett
The Millett dot sight went right on the 532 barrel.

Dot sights

Dot sights bring a couple things to the table that we need to appreciate. First, because they typically do not magnify the target, you can wear your everyday glasses. That means you can see both the illuminated dot and the target as good as possible. Dot sights also don’t typically have the erector tube problem that plagues scopes, so they don’t droop. I didn’t sight in at 12 feet like I normally do with a scope. I sat down at 10 meters and fired the first shot, just like I would if I were using open sights. It hit the target backer board 4 inches below and two inches to the right of the aim point, which was the center of the bull.

The next dot sight advantage is they have large adjustment intervals. Instead of 1/4-inch movements per click at 100 yards, they typically move the dot a full inch or so per click at that distance. I’m shooting at 10 meters so I have to adjust about 10 times as many clicks, but it still is a lot less than I would have to do with a scope.

Sight in

The first adjustment brought the next pellet up a little too high and a little to far the left of the aim point. One more adjustment and shot number three scored a solid nine in the center of the bull. So I made it the first shot of the first 5-shot group.

The test

I’m shooting 5-shot groups off a bench at 10 meters with the rifle rested on a sandbag. I’m shooting the same three pellets that were tested in Part 6 last time. The first pellet up and also the one I sighted in with is the RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle, an 8.2-grain wadcutter.

I pumped the pump handle partially 10 times to flex and warm up the pump cup and then once before pumping for each shot. I’m getting used to that with these rifles.

Group 1

Five Meisterkugeln Rifle pellets went into 0.264-inches at 10 yards when I sighted with the dot sight. Compare that to the 0.253-inch group I got from this rifle when using a scope in Part 6.

IZH MP532 Meisterkugeln Rifle
Five RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle pellets went into 0.264-inches at 10 meters when the MP532 was sighted with the Millett dot sight. That hole in the white at the upper left is sighter shot number 2. I left it in the picture to show how quick this dot sight gets on target. The next shot is in the 9 at the top left of the group.

That was a good start to the test. I felt this was going to be a great day.

H&N Match Green

The next pellet I tested was the H&N Match Green wadcutter. In the last test with the scope five of these went into 0.224-inches at 10 meters. This time five went into 0.582-inches. It’s the largest group of the test and I have no explanation of why it is so large. I didn’t pull any of the shots.

IZH MP532 H&N Match Green
Five H&N Match Green pellets went into 0.582-inches at 10 meters. I have no idea why. The four that are in the same hole measure 0.294-inches between centers, but that is still no excuse for this group.

H&N Finale Match Heavy

The last pellet I tested was the H&N Finale Match Heavy wadcutter. In the last test five went into 0.147-inches at 10 meters when the scope was used. This is also the pellet that made a 0.072-inch group when shot at 10 meters with the peep sight in Part 5, after I figured out how the sight worked on the newer 532. Based on that I hoped the dot sight could also do well.

Best group

I didn’t look through the spotting scope for any of these shots, and even when I finished all five of them I didn’t look. I just went downrange to retrieve the target. There, to my utter surprise, was a single hole in the bull through which five of the same target pellets had passed. It measured 0.260-inches across the widest outside measurement and, when I subtracted 0.177 inches to remove half the pellet’s width from each hole, I was stunned to see a 0.083-inch group! I thought “No Way,” so I did the math again. I even measured the hole again to be sure. Then I photographed my phone to share with you what I saw.

IZH MP532 H&N Finale Match Heavy calculation
This is what I saw when I calculated the group size.

IZH MP532 H&N Finale Match Heavy
And this is the group. Five pellets went into 0.083-inches at 10 meters.

Do you recall what I said when I shot that 0.072-inch group back in Part 5? I said, If that isn’t the smallest 10-meter group I ever shot, it’s certainly one of them. How much luck was involved? Probably quite a bit, but more testing will sort that out.”

Well, today’s test is more testing and I guess we have sorted it out. These Russian target rifles really do shoot that well! It isn’t just luck. Isn’t that nice to know?

GunFun1 — this one’s for you!

I may be the Great Enabler, but some of you guys are getting pretty good at it, yourselves. Here is part of what GunFun1 said to me in the comments to Part 6.

“As you say it’s obvious only certain scopes will work on it. It has a factory peep sight. So really what was the purpose of the dovetail on this gun? I guess in the end what I’m saying is a dot sight would give a purpose to the dovetail. And I think it would actually make it be a nice little plinker out at 20 yards or more with the dot sight.

“If I was thinking about buying a gun like your testing, for me it would get a dot sight and it would be used at farther distances. Otherwise, if that option won’t happen, then it would probably not end up in my hands.”

I underlined certain portions of his comment for you to take special note. That is a cry for me to test this rifle at more than 10 meters if ever I heard one. Well, he doesn’t have to ask twice!

25 yards

I backed up to 25 yards, and of course I used the best pellet, which is this H&N Finale Match Heavy. I shot at a 10-meter pistol target because at that distance it looks about the same as the rifle target looks at 10 meters. I left the sight set where it was at 10 meters. This time five pellets went into 0.529-inches between centers. That’s not bad and it’s even better than I did with H&N Match Greens at 10 meters.

IZH MP532 H&N Finale Match Heavy 25 yards
At 25 yards the 532 put five H&N Finale Match Heavy pellets in 0.529-inches between centers.


We have now certainly learned more about this air rifle than I have ever seen in print. There may be a lot more in Russian somewhere but not in English, I think. Once again, these are scarce rifles everywhere and they are getting harder to find all the time. I am so glad I got to test this for you. I hope you enjoyed the series.