Media day

This report covers:

  • Smaller
  • Meopta
  • MeoSport R 3-15X50 RD SFP
  • AirForce Airguns
  • At the RAW bar
  • Oehler
  • Was there more?
  • Summary


Today I started walking the 2022 SHOT Show. So many huge displayers were absent and so many people didn’t attend that it looked like Day Four instead of opening day. On Day Four about 75 percent of the people have left and you can get around much easier.

The Europeans and Asians didn’t attend and that’s about 40 percent of the crowd. And, as one manufacturer observed, the gun store owners who can’t stop selling because of the nation’s current political environment couldn’t come — they were too busy minding the store!

Add to all of that the Las Vegas restriction that requires face masks inside all public buildings. ARE YOU GUYS OUT OF YOUR MINDS? Why not just make gambling illegal and turn off all the lights? Being a blue state sometimes gets in the way of life, like untied shoelaces.

So this year’s show was smaller. A lot smaller.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest news — right?


My first stop was with Meopta. As you know I am in love with their optics for very good reason. Those who have bought the products I have tested have said the same things as me, so I know I’m telling the truth.

I was shown the products by Meopta engineer Jiri Burian from the Czech Republic and their American PR representative, Shannon Jackson. Jiri knows his optics well and told me Meopta tests each model of scope on a recoiling test jig that uses a pneumatic hammer to generate up to 1,000 Gs.

Well, now it’s time to open your leather resource retainer, boys, because Meopta has something for you that I have never seen. It’s so simple that I wish I had thought of it, being somewhat simple myself.

MeoSport R 3-15X50 RD SFP

This is an entry-level scope for those who want a Meopta but don’t want to pay great big bucks. Unfortunately they can’t just give it away, either. So it’s priced at a retail of $450. It has a 30mm tube for a bright image. But here is the deal. It isn’t just the scope, it also comes with the mounts. And the mounts are kinda special.

Meopta scope line
The bottom of the scope tube has a straight line etched into the surface.

Meopta scope mount
Oh, look! There is also a line at the bottom center of the scope ring. What could a fellah could do with that?

This is pure genius and I am crying in my beer because I didn’t think of it! These parts were made on a CNC machine, so those two lines are exactly where they need to be for you — I don’t know — to level the scope? There goes ten good blogs BB could have written about leveling scopes after installation. Here is my prediction — you’re gonna see a lot more of this in the future on other scopes as well! At least I don’t think that it’s possible to patent a line.

I also looked at the new Meopta binoculars that are priced affordably and are the optical equal of my MeoStar 10X42 binos. But for a lot less money. And they are lighter.

They asked me if I would like to test a pair. Talk about enablers! Yes BB would like to test a pair, and no, he won’t be shipping them back. I’m gonna test that new scope for you too. When I walked it over and showed it to Pyramyd Air, they saw the same thing I did, so you readers will be able to get one this year. Wives — BB has been a bad boy today!

Shop SIG Sauer Airguns

AirForce Airguns

So, what’s new at the booth with the black guns from Burleson? Well, this year they showed two new arrow launchers. People are getting into arrow shooters these days and if they are pneumatic we know they are either near the top of the crossbow velocity range, or they are more powerful. AirForce showed me two. The first one was a long one that shot longer arrows, though not as long as some that are on the market.

AirForce airbow
AirForce owner, John McCaslin, holds their new airbow. This one is the big one that uses their conventional tank and gets around 450 f.p.s. with a 275-grain (or so) arrow.

But John McCaslin told me something interesting. In their testing AirForce has discovered that shorter arrows fly truer and are more accurate. Of course longer arrows get a longer push from the air, so they go out faster. That makes BB want to test the next airbow I was shown — the carbine.

AirForce airbow carbine
The AirForce airbow carbine is not just shorter overall, it also uses their smaller tank from the TalonP pistol and Edge rifle. This looks to me like a handy arrow launcher for the woods!

At the RAW bar

Then we walked over to the RAW display and John asked me if I had heard that they are now threading their barrels for add-on silencers. No screwing them into a shroud and setting up harmful harmonics. Nosiree!

AirForce RAW threaded barrel
Yep! RAW now offers a threaded barrel — not the shroud — to keep the harmonic disruptions to a minimum.

And, as if that wasn’t enough — they showed the RAW hunting carbine. It looks like a long pistol until you deploy the side stock. Hunters are gonna love this one!

AirForce RAW hunting carbine
I don’t know what RAW plans to call it but I’m calling it their hunting carbine.

AirForce RAW hunting carbine deployed
And the stock is deployed. Sorry the pistol grip of the gun in the rack above hides the back of the stock.


So I am on my way out of the show and I stop by the Oehler booth. Dr. Ken and his wife, Margie, were not able to attend this year but — OH MY GOSH! They still make the 35P chronograph, but the System 89 BC chronograph is now the top of the line. The BC stands for ballistic coefficient. Yepper — this machine calculates the ballistic coefficient for your round! 

Oehler System 89
Oehler System 89.

Now, you can buy a radar chrono that will do this if you have a spare hundred thousand dollars lying around. Or you can buy the System 89 from Oehler for $3000 and get the same thing. I know — it’s still too much money. It is for me, too. But BB will save his nickels and dimes and see what miracles may come. Because the BC for bullets is nothing. This thing will tell the BC for PELLETS!

Was there more?

Of course there was more. Yes, Kevin, I went to the Skout booth and saw what they say is “The world’s most advance competition air rifle.” So — is it? With a tagline like that I went in spring-loaded to pounce and educate. After 20 minutes at their booth I called Rossi Morreale over to film them.

Yes, Kevin, I will have pix and info. Just not today. I’m tarred!

Yes, Michael, I pumped and shot the Dragonfly Mark II. Yes, it has an interesting story that I plan to tell. Just not today.


This year’s SHOT Show is slower all around, but I think it might be better for it. At least it gives me time to talk and learn things without getting bumped aside by the 11:30 appointment.