Crosman 362
Crosman 362.

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This report covers:

  • What the readers said
  • The test
  • Sight in
  • Crosman Premiers
  • Baracuda 15
  • Baracuda 18
  • Air Arms 18-grain domes
  • Last pellet — RWS Hobby
  • Summary

Today we start the accuracy test for the Crosman 362. Let’s see what happens.

What the readers said

A couple readers were amazed that their 362’s shot pinwheels (perfect centers in bullseyes) on the very first shot. A couple other said their rifles shot to the right. What did the test rifle do?

The test

I shot off a sandbag rest from 10 meters. I shot 5-shot groups until the very last pellet when I shot 10. You’ll learn why as we go.

Sight in

The first pellet hit the target an inch low and three inches to the right. I adjusted the rear sight and was inside the bull two shots later. After that I didn’t adjust the sights for the remainder of the test.

I will say this about adjusting the sights. Each adjustment is separate. Sometimes inexpensive peep sights have one screw that loosens them and both adjustments are done at the same time. I like the separate way better because, even though there are no detents in the adjustments, it’s hard to make a mistake.

Crosman Premiers

The 362 is a Crosman airgun so Crosman pellets should be among those tested. The first three Crosman Premier 14.3-grain pellets are in a small group inside the bull and then the last two are high and left. As far as I can tell there were no aiming errors or pulled shots.

Five Premiers went into 0.917-inches at 10 meters with the first three in 0.372-inches between centers. This is a pellet I will continue to test in the 362.

362 Premier group 10
The Crosman 362 put five Premier pellets into 0.917-inches at 10 meters, with the first three in 0.372-inches.

That’s a pretty good start. Next I wondered about the new Baracuda pellets.

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Baracuda 15

The 362 put five Baracuda 15 pellets into an open group at 10 meters that measures 1.271 inches between centers. This is definitely not a pellet to continue testing in the 362!

362 Baracuda 15 group 10
Five Baracuda 15s went into 1.271-inches at 10 meters. Nope!

Baracuda 18

Just because Baracuda 15s weren’t good doesn’t means Baracuda 18s won’t be. So I tried them, too, Five went into 0.777-inches at 10 meters. I have a gut feeling these are also good in the 362, so they will be tested again.

362 Baracuda 18 group 10
Five Baracuda 18s went into 0.777-inches at 10 meters

Air Arms 18-grain domes

Since JSB makes pellets for Air Arms I felt testing these Air Arms 18-grain domes was a partial test of JSBs as well. It’s true they don’t perform exactly the same but I felt they might give an approximate impression.

Well, they did and the impression isn’t that good. Though five went into 0.842-inches at 10 meters, the group is open. It’s not what I want to see. By the numbers this pellet is are okay, but visually it is disappointing.

362 Air Arms 18 group 10
Five Air Arms 18-grain domes went into 0.842-inches at 10 meters. This group looks too open to me.

Last pellet — RWS Hobby

Now I will shoot the RWS Hobby wadcutter in the Crosman 362. The first shot went through the center of the target and the rest of the first five pellets only enlarged the hole. So I continued to shoot unto there were 10 pellets in this group. Ten Hobbys are in 0.712-inches at 10 meters.

362Hobby group 10
Ten RWS Hobby pellets made the smallest group of today’s test.

Yes, ten Hobbys made the smallest group of today’s test. When that happens you know you have stumbled on something important. Hobbys are the pellet the 362 likes. When I scope the rifle and back up to 25 yards you can bet I will try them again.


Well, here is how the Crosman 362 stacks up. It doesn’t meet its advertised velocity — even when trick lightweight pellets are used. It clacks when you pump it.

On the other hand, the power is good for a multi-pump and the trigger is crisper than others in this category. The sights adjust as they should and the rifle hits what you aim at

For $100 the 362 is a very good buy.