FWB 600
The FWB 600 10-meter target rifle.

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This report covers:

  • Recap
  • The deal
  • Research
  • Assembly
  • Does it work?
  • Sight-in
  • Old fake FWB sight
  • Oh, no!
  • Nope!
  • NO BB!
  • Plan

It has been quite a journey, but I believe I have finally gotten the genuine FWB rear target sight mounted correctly on the FWB 600 single stroke pneumatic target rifle.  Let’s see where we have been.


While sighting in for the accuracy test I discovered in Part 3 that the front sight that came with the rifle wasn’t correct. So I swapped it for a lower one with Scott Pilkington from whom I bought the rifle. But that didn’t fix things. The new lower front sight lowered the impact of the pellet too low, so I installed a BKL sight riser under the rear sight. That raised the rear sight too high to hit the center of the bullseye.

FWB 600 rear sight riser
The BKL sight riser put the pellet impact too high at 10 meters to hit the center of the bullseye.

Then I removed the rear sight that came with the rifle and installed the rear sight from an AirForce Edge. Because that sight has a huge amount of up and down adjustability I was finally able to get the rifle hitting the center of the bull. HOWEVER — my Edge rear sight belongs on my Edge! It’s a far better rear target sight than anything I have seen from FWB, Anschütz or Walther. I just wish AirForce would make another run of them, I’d buy another one, simply because they are so flexible.

The bottom line is — I wanted to get my FWB rear sight working as it should. HOWEVER — that was when I discovered that what I got with the rifle isn’t even a real FWB rear sight. It’s a good copy, but it didn’t come out of Oberndorf. So I bought a real used FWB rear sight to mount on the 600. HOWEVER — that one also shot too low, and with the BKL riser it shot too high. What’s a fellah to do?

The deal

While all this was happening I was shooting lots of groups. That’s when I discovered that this FWB 600 may possibly be the most accurate 10-meter target rifle BB has ever fired. I was getting groups so small that I actually had to use a new comparison coin for groups smaller than one-tenth inch!

RAW HM-1000 coins
These are my 4 comparison coins. The dime on the left is 17.91 mm. The silver three-cent piece (trime) next to it is 14 mm in diameter. The gold dollar is 13 mm and the silver Chuckram on the right is 5.34 mm on the short side and 5.81 mm on the long side.  The Chuckram is for groups smaller than 0.10-inches. The gold dollar is for groups smaller than 0.15-inches. The trime is for groups smaller than 0.20-inches and the dime is for everything else.


At this point I did a lot of research and discovered something. Most FWB 600 do not have their original rear sight mounted. Of those that do a fair number of them have a low riser mounted underneath. Was there an FWB rear sight riser that was significantly lower than the BKL riser? Indeed there was! I bought one.

FWB riser
The FWB riser on the left and the BKL on the right. The FWB is obviously lower. Sorry for the blurryness. I used a tripod, but I was still out of focus.


As Roseanne Roseannadanna on Saturday Night Live often said, “It’s always something.” The FWB sight’s dovetails were slightly smaller than the dovetails on the riser and they didn’t fit. Well — nothing was stopping old BB at this point! Out came the Dremel tool and I got to work.

FWB riser modification
I just touched the grinding wheel to the two sides of the riser dovetail to make an approach the FWB rear sight base could follow.

That done, the FWB sight went on firmly. I put it all the way onto the base, which it fits with a little room on the base left over.

FWB sight with riser
The FWB sight is mounted on the FWB riser.

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Does it work?

So the question is — does this new riser make it possible to use the genuine FWB rear sight? This won’t be an accuracy test, just a sight-in and one group to see that we’re okay. Oh, boy do I hope we are okay!


I shot from a rest at 10 meters. I aimed at the center bull of a 5-bull target. I used Qiang Yuan Training pellets because this rifle shoots them well. Shot one hit near the top of the paper. I dialed the rear sight way down. Shot two landed an inch below that. I dialed the rear sight as low as it would go. Shot three hit the bullseye about a half inch above the center.

Old fake FWB sight

In frustration I mounted the old fake FWB rear sight in the hopes that I had somehow made a mistake about it. It was not on the new riser. Shot one hit a couple inches below the bull. I cranked the elevation halfway up. Shot two hit an inch higher. I cranked the rear sight up as high as it would go. Shot three hit next to the bullseye about a half inch too low. I adjusted in for left adjustment and the next shot went a little higher and to the left.

Oh, no!

I have spent more time and money and the 600 still won’t work with the sights — even with the new riser. Wait a minute, the riser came as a set — with a short riser for the front sight. Could THAT be the solution?

FWB front sight with riser
Yes the set from FWB also came with a front sight riser.

FWB front sight with riser installed
Front sight with riser installed.

The first person to comment that with the riser the front sight now looks like the other front sight that I swapped with Scott Pilkington gets banned from this blog for eternity plus a day! On the other hand, being the rodeo clown that he is, BB sure hoped that this was the answer!


First shot hit the target about four inches low. With all the elevation cranked in it is still a half-inch too low.

FWB target
The sight-in target. Every one of those pellet holes is described in the text.


Say it ain’t so, BB. Tell us there’s a happy ending.

Sorry folks. Sometimes the bear eats you!


I will reinstall the Edge rear sight and sight it in. Then I will be able to shoot  the FWB 600 against the FWB 300S, which has been my goal all along. Maybe someday the sun will shine on BB but not today. Today there is no joy in Mudville; mighty BB has struck out!