This report covers:

Here are the answers BB had thought of when he wrote this quiz. That doesn’t mean these are the right answers or even the only answers. It just means this is what BB was thinking about.

Today I will give you the answers I was looking for in Tuesday’s pop quiz.

First of all, the rules. What does “…only one answer per comment.” mean? It means just a single answer. Pick one question and give an answer. However, those who listed 20 answers were not wrong. They thought I meant only one answer per question per comment. See how hard it is to communicate? They weren’t wrong. BB needed to be clearer on his directions.

1. You just installed a new scope and your rifle that used to be accurate now shoots large groups. What could be wrong?

There were a lot of good answers to this one. The one I was looking for was the scope’s elevation had been adjusted too high and the erector tube was floating. When you get large groups always dial the elevation down about 60-80 clicks and shoot a group. It will be lower than you want, but if it is small you know the rear of the scope needs to be shimmed up or the rear mount needs to be adjusted higher.

2. My CO2 gun has a slow leak. If I fill it at night it’s empty by morning. Is there anything I can do?

I was looking for using automatic transmission stop leak.

3. Do breakbarrels ever shoot higher than the scope can compensate? Why? (counts as one question)

Yes, breakbarrels can shoot higher and the reason is always a bent barrel. It’s not common but in my experience it is always the reason for this problem.

4. Why doesn’t the power of a multi-pump increase with more pump strokes after the recommended max.?

Again there were a couple good answers. The one I was looking for was the valve was not able to exhaust all the air with the shot. That is a common reason for this problem.

5. What does boxing the scope mean? Why do it?  (counts as one question)

Boxing the scope means shooting a group and then adjusting the reticle in four directions by the same number of clicks — left, down, right and up, or some similar combination. The resulting target should show a “box” of four groups (the groups are at the corners of the box), with the first and last groups being slightly larger because they overlap. It tells you how precise the scope adjustments are, whether there is any stiction, whether the scope is mounted level with the bore and finally that you are holding the rifle the same way every time.

6. How does a single stage trigger differ from a single action trigger?

A single stage trigger starts the pull off the sear at the beginning of the trigger pull. Single action means the hammer or striker must be cocked manually before the trigger can be pulled.

7. In a breakbarrel rifle what is the air transfer port and what does it do?

The air transfer port is a hole passing from the end of the compression chamber to the back of the pellet in the breech. It allows the air compressed by the piston to get behind the pellet in the breech.

8. If a pellet hits the target at a certain point at 10 meters, what will a heavier pellet do? Why?

There was more to this one than many people realized. If the airgun recoils, the heavier pellet will probably strike the target higher than the initial pellet — at least at close range. In recoil the muzzle of the airgun will rise and the heavier pellet, going slower, may still be inside the barrel. If so the angle of the departing heavier pellet will be upward. However, if the distance to the target is farther than several meters (like 10) and the airgun doesn’t recoil, the heavier pellet will probably strike the target lower than the initial pellet because it goes slower and falls farther, relative to the distance traveled downrange.

9. If a pellet hits the target at a certain point at 10 meters, what will a lighter pellet do? Why?

This is another complex one. If the airgun recoils the lighter pellet can strike the target lower than the initial pellet because it got out of the barrel faster — before it could rise. And even when the target is farther away the lighter pellet will travel faster which means it falls less in relation to the distance traveled. If the airgun doesn’t recoil the first pellet, being heavier, will fall farther, relative to the distance travelled, which means the lighter pellet will strike the target higher.

10. In as few words as possible, describe the artillery hold.

The best answer would be follow through. But reader Feinwerk gave the best answer I could find, and here is what he said.Hold the gun as lightly and consistently as possible, with loose cheek pressure and shoulder pressure, and let the gun jump and move during its shot cycle.”

11. How does a two stage trigger differ from a double action trigger?

A two stage trigger has a light first stage, then pauses at the second stage. Pulling harder should make the sear release suddenly and consistently. A double action trigger cocks the hammer or striker every time it is pulled and then releases the hammer or striker to fire the gun. All of this happens as the trigger is pulled back. The double action trigger on many guns also advances the cylinder or the ammunition in some other way.

12. If steel BBs go a certain speed from a gun, why do lighter Dust Devil BBs go slower?

I should have said sometimes they go slower, because they don’t always. Dust Devils are smaller in the bore and sometimes they allow gas or air to pass them by.

13. If steel BBs go a certain speed from a gun, why do heavier Smart Shot BBs go faster?

Again I should haver said sometimes. Sometimes the Smart Shot BBs fit the bore so tight that they completely seal the air or gas behind them.

14. I am new to airguns but I’ve been shooting handguns for a long time. I want an accurate air pistol for my suburban back yard. What would you recommend and why?

This question is completely subjective, so I read your answers to see what kind of thought you put into them. There is no right answer. I liked the answers that considered accuracy and triggers.

15. I just bought a .177 caliber Air Venturi Avenger to plink with and rid my back yard of wasps. I have to scope it because it has no sights. What do you recommend?

This one was a puzzle with the answer embedded in the question. Wasps are bugs, so I thought of the Bug Buster scope line.

16. I am at a gun show where a local dealer is selling a UTG Bubble Leveler scope for a great price. Is it just a gimmick, or does it really work?

Another subjective question. This scope has brilliant optics and would be good with or without the bubble level.

17. My new house has a basement that’s 20 yards long. I convinced my wife to let me shoot pellet rifles (I have a .22-caliber Benjamin Marauder) and BB guns, as long as I was safe and didn’t create a mess. What recommendations do you have?

Come on, guys and gals — the rubber mulch BB and pellet trap! Nothing is better. And I like the magnet idea for the floor.

18. I’ve been invited to hunt feral hogs on my brother-in-law’s farm. He wants me to use an airgun for safety. I don’t own a big bore air rifle, but this is too good to pass up. What should I get?

I wanted to see here if you were aware that feral hogs are considered pests and an invasive species in every state. They are considered safe to eat if they are properly field dressed. The Centers for Disease Control issues the following guidelines for dealing with wild pigs:

  • Use clean, sharp knives for field dressing and butchering.
  • Wear eye protection and rubber or latex gloves (disposable or reusable) when handling carcasses.
  • Avoid direct (bare skin) contact with fluid or organs from the animal.
  • Avoid direct (bare skin) contact with hunting dogs that may have come into contact with hunted animals.
  • After butchering, burn or bury disposable gloves and parts of the carcass that will not be eaten.
  • Don’t feed dogs with raw meat or other parts of the carcass.
  • Wash hands as soon as possible with soap and warm water for 20 seconds or more. Dry hands with a clean cloth.
  • Clean all tools and reusable gloves with a disinfectant, like dilute bleach. (Follow the safety instructions on the product label).
  • Thoroughly cook meat from any animal that is known to be a possible carrier of brucellosis.
  • Be aware that freezing, smoking, drying and pickling do not kill the bacteria that cause brucellosis.

Now, why does your brother-in-law want you to use an airgun for safety? Big bore airguns (the only kind to consider for hunting pigs) shoot slower projectiles that don’t go as far as rifle bullets and not even as far as shotgun slugs. If they ricochet, the bullets travel less far. If you shoot through an animal, and even with bison, a side shot with most big bore airguns will pass through the animal, the bullet will go to ground much sooner.

19. BB has said that used airguns are often a good buy. Nobody near my house in Kansas City sells airguns — new or used. What can I do?

You can attend gun shows. You can buy online if you feel comfortable doing so. Heck, attending one airgun show would be as much exposure as a couple hundred gun shows.

20. I see these arrow launcher air rifles online. Are they any good? I want to hunt pigs with them.

Arrow launchers are generally as powerful or more powerful than the most powerful crossbows, which is to say more powerful than a longbow. They are easier to shoot accurately, though they do not make you an expert archer. Limit your shots to the distance at which you can keep all arrows inside a 6-inch circle when the circle is drawn before you shoot.

Well that was fun. In fact, based on your replies, I think we’ll do it again sometime.