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Education / Training Gamo Arrow: Part Two

Gamo Arrow: Part Two

Gamo Arrow
Gamo Arrow.

Part 1

This report covers:

  • H&N Baracuda
  • Discharge
  • Norma Golden trophy FT
  • Bolt popped open
  • RWS Hobby
  • Shot count
  • Trigger
  • Summary

Today we test the Gamo Arrow for velocity. In Part One you may remember that I said Tyler Patner saw around 16 foot-pounds of energy from the .22 caliber Arrow he tested. I hoped for 14 foot-pounds with this .177 I’m testing. Let’s get started.

H&N Baracuda

The H&N Baracuda pellet weighs 10.65 grains in .177. Ten of them averaged 874 f.p.s. through the chronograph. That’s good for an average  18.07 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. Wow! For some reason the Arrow I’m testing is hotter than the one Tyler tested. It shouldn’t be, because .177 is smaller than .22, but it is. This is interesting.

The low for the string was 865 and the high was 889 f.p.s., giving a spread of 24 f.p.s.


The Arrow is very quiet. It sounds to me like a low-powered springer (with my hearing aids in) with a discharge of 93.2 decibels at the muzzle. I was shooting in my garage into a rubber mulch trap, so the surfaces were hard and reflective but only the Arrow made any noise.

Norma Golden trophy FT

For the medium-weight pellet I shot 10 Norma Golden trophy FT domes. They weigh 8.4 grains. In the Arrow they averaged 957 f.p.s. which is good for an energy of 17.07 foot-pounds. The low was 946 and the high was 968 f.p.s. — a difference of 22 f.p.s.

Bolt popped open

The bolt popped back twice as I was shooting. Both times the shot was significantly louder because some air came out of the receiver, but the velocity of the pellet remained inside the spread, so I included the shots.

To prevent this from happening, close the bolt with authority. There is a latch on the top side of the bolt rod that has to catch inside the top part of the receiver. A spring inside the receiver obviously pushes the bolt rod up to make this connection.

Speaking of the bolt I will say that when I started the test I had forgotten that you need to press down on the bolt handle to get the bolt to release. You are pressing that latch I just mentioned down and out from the catch that holds it.

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RWS Hobby

For a lightweight pellet I selected the RWS Hobby. At 7 grains it is one of the lightest lead pellets on the market. Hobbys averaged 1037 f.p.s. in a 10-shot string, which is good for 16.72 foot pounds of energy. The low was 1026 and the high was 1044, a difference of 18 f.p.s.

Shot count

Gamo says to expect up to 60 shots per fill. I filled to EXACTLY 232 bar and got about 44 good shots. After the 30 record shots I just showed you I went back to the Norma Golden Trophy FT pellets that had averaged 957 f.p.s. for their 10-shot string. Let me show you shots 31 to 45 with that pellet.


I could have gone farther, and in fact I did. But the velocity was dropping steadily at this point and by shot number 50 it was down to 913 f.p.s.


Gamo says their Custom Action Trigger (CAT) in the Arrow allows you to adjust the trigger travel length — not the pull weight, but the travel length — by adjusting two screws. Now the manual is confusing on this point, as the instructions say you can adjust the trigger LENGTH for stages one and two, but then they warn you not to decrease the trigger pull WEIGHT to less than 3 pounds. Huh? Nowhere that I see do they tell you that one of the screws adjusts the pull weight.

I was able to adjust the length of the stage one pull but the LENGTH of stage two remained constant, no matter what I did. I capitalized the word length because stage two isn’t supposed to have any length. In a true two-stage trigger stage two is supposed to remain in one place until the sear releases. The Arrow trigger travels in stage two and I wasn’t able to reduce it. The Arrow’s stage two trigger is like a single-stage trigger with a lot of take up slack.

Gamo also warns in their manual that the trigger weight shouldn’t be adjusted below 3 pounds. Well the rifle came to me releasing at 2 pounds 2 ounces and, no matter how I adjusted it, it remained there. So, adjustable trigger? Not so much. I have had this same experience with other Gamo CAT triggers in the past. It could be me; I’m willing to admit that. So if you are a CAT fan please bring your perfectly adjusted Gamo with the CAT trigger to the Texas Airgun Show on Saturday, Sep 24th, and show me my mistake.


So far I like the Arrow very much. I think it is misnamed because like me a lot of people thought it was an arrow launcher. But for the price you get a lot of value.

I’m not as good a shot as Tyler Patner, but I will shoot the Arrow with open sights at 10 meters and 25 yards and with a scope at 25 yards. I’m betting this one will be a winner, and if it is, at its low price point it is one of the best values on the PCP market.

27 thoughts on “Gamo Arrow: Part Two”

  1. BB,

    That CAT trigger. You stated that you could not remove the length of pull for the second stage. Was it a smooth pull? Could you predict when it would let off? Is the CAT trigger in this PCP the same as in the sproingers? I am not sure, but I think there is an after market trigger for the CAT.

    I am really trying to like this air rifle. I want it to be a real shooter. I know you cannot make a silk purse out of it, but I am hoping it will at least be a good wallet.

  2. Pookey! I was editing my above statement and I timed out.

    You can correct the long second stage of the CAT trigger by replacing one screw. The below link to the video explains such in detail and also presents the warnings for doing such.


    Gamo triggers have always been horrible. Perhaps it is fear of litigation. Many sproinger triggers are likely this bad because of such. The sad part is they do not need to be such. There are many horrible triggers out there that can be corrected, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

    I do not recommend that a newbie try modifying a trigger. Learn your trigger first. Most are usable. You may learn the secret of your existing trigger and not need to modify it. There are quite a few triggers around RRHFWA, most I have never touched. I have learned their secrets. I know when they are about to go off.

    • RR,

      Agreed with you and Mel83. The Gamo triggers are ho hum.

      I shot my Gamo Whisper Classic for about 10 years with the stock trigger. I got used to it. I would say that if you shoot a gun enough, you can adapt to just about anything.

      Finally swapped it out to a CharliedaTuna trigger a few years ago. The directions were clear and can be handled by a newbie who is willing to take time and care.

      Wow! Really made an excellent improvement. Trigger is now crisp and perfect… at least for me.

      Charlie’s wife is still selling improved triggers for many Gamos, for those that may be interested.


      • Yes, she is still selling the triggers, but there is no one designing a new trigger assembly to fix the SAT and CAT. There are those who are marketing the screw and wrench set to replace the screw.

  3. BB,

    Completely off topic an just for the fun of it.
    I was on vacation and bought a new home defense system dating around 1840.
    The gun is a 1830-40 French percussion pistol, the dragoon model or blunderbuss. They are called dragoon as the 16 & 17 the century models were modeled as a dragons mouth. These pistols were then used by the cavalry in the 18the century from which the word dragoons stems for this type of troops.
    The knife is a butchers knife for hewing cutlets (around 1840-60).

    And who is wondering about the billiard balls has to see “Down by Law” from Jim Jarmush. The opening scene with the music of Tom Waits is perfect!


      • August,

        The muzzle is flared that way to promote rapid reloading on a horse or carriage — not to scatter shot as many think. It is a funnel.

        BB used to be a member of the First Regiment of Mounted Riflemen when it was called the Third Armored Cavalry. They were dragoons before the American Civil War (1861-’65).


      • Roamin Greco,

        You are early by a few days!
        This year’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day will be celebrated on September 19, 2022.
        August has his sidearm now he needs to get his costume!


        • Never need to be reminded about “Talk Like A Pirate Day;” that was my dad’s birthday. Last year he celebrated his last one, his 102nd. He would not have made a good pirate, as he was kind and gentle. And honest to a fault. But on 09/19 FM will “arrrghh!” and yoo-hoo-hoo, open a bottle of rum in his memory.

          • FawltyManual,

            WOW! One hundred two years old!
            Other than his kind, gentle and honest personality what was your Papa’s longevity SECRET?
            Rum or Grog all good by me Mate.


          • No eye patch though seem to recall he did dress as a pirate for a Halloween party years ago. Sadly, my father’s sight was nearly gone by the time he passed on but, the secret to his longevity? Guess it was genes. Also he loved his wine – drunk moderately, desserts, good meals. His favorite dish was octopus and potatoes in the Galicia Spain style. Perhaps his temperament was the biggest contributor to a long, productive life. Rarely did he get worked up or anxious about anything. Hint, hint, FM!

    • August,

      Nice Still Life! Like the pistol and knife.
      Are the billiard balls Ivory? Also, the white (chalk?) gravel looks like what covers many parking pads on Borkum or Sylt.


  4. Shootski,

    The balls are real ivory. I have a table billard which is at least 60 years old so I am quite happy with them. I just aquired some old cues to go with it.

    The chalk is in the dordogne, France where I was on vacantion,



  5. I take the fifth on the group size LOL
    My buddy got better groups with his ancient breakbarrel Weirauch than he did with my Gamo Arrow, and he’s a good shot.
    Pellets used are Gamo G-Hammer .177 15.42 grains
    I have ordered a 3D-printed part with 3 Picantinny rails for attaching a bipod and other stuff.
    I saw it in this video: “GAMO ARROW Pièces 3D” on Youtube

    • ErikDK, you are right to ask B.B. for the next installment in his report. That can narrow your choices. However, if you can’t wait, order at least a few different pellets from PA. The free shipping threshold is currently less than normal and the 4th tin is free. For a gun as powerful as yours, I would try Baracuda Match in at least 2 different head sizes (or buy Baracudas and sort them by head size) and JSBs in the heavier sizes. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to try quite a few to find the right pellet for your particular rifle. Even if B.B. finds a pellet that works well in his rifle, there’s no guarantee that the same pellet will work as well in yours. But that’s part of the fun! Good luck.

  6. Thanks Roamin
    Ordering from Pyramid Air is a bit unpractical, since i live in Europe.
    I’ve watched a bunch of videos, but I have a nagging suspicion that are not truthful about the grouping.
    I can’t complain about the high power and low noise level.
    I had hoped to achieve the same precision as with my Weirauch HW40 pistol – identical to Beeman P17

    • Being in Europe, do you have easier access to higher quality pellets made in Europe, such as HN and JSB? I have used Gamo’s “match” pellets, and I find them to be among the lowest-performing pellets in the guns I have tried them in. So I would not lose faith in the gun’s potential after trying only one variety of pellet, especially Gamo.

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