ICYMI December 2022

As the Holidays wind to a close, and you look at facing the challenges of a new year, we’re here to help you fulfill your outdoor activity goals. Whether you set your sights on gaining accuracy or you need new equipment, there’s something here for you.

The Shooting Fun Just Keeps Getting Better

FX Panthera 500 PCP Air Rifle
FX Panthera 500 PCP Air Rifle

If you’re interested in competition-level precision slug shooting, you’ve got to see the FX Panthera. It’s available in three models 500 – 600 – 700 all built with groundbreaking technology by FX to deliver performance and tuning possibilities like no one else can. The Panthera 500 has a 500mm barrel that provides a lightweight high-performance air rifle with a high shot count. It has an STX barrel liner optimized for pellets and slugs.  The Panthera 600 with its 600mm barrel is a good balance between weight, performance, and power. The Panthera 700 with its 700mm barrel maximizes power and long-distance performance while still being extremely adjustable. The 600 and 700 Heavy STX barrels are both optimized for slugs. Whichever Panthera you choose, you’ll be impressed with its power and accuracy. 

Gletcher has released a new set of Soviet military sidearm inspired CO2 BB Pistols. The Gletcher PMTT 1941 NBB, TT NBB, and APS Metal are semi-automatic non-blowback replicas of service sidearms. They each have a maximum velocity of 394 fps, and the “military precision” that Gletcher is known for. And the NGT Silver revolver is a replica of the sidearm used in both world wars. These CO2 BB pistols give a historical flair to plinking and target practice.

As slugs gain popularity, there are more makers getting into the game. 

Neilson Specialty Ammo produces high-quality hollowpoint slugs in flat bottom and dish bottom varieties with several weights to choose from. Wildman Slugs are hand-swaged hollowpoint slugs made in the UK available in calibers .177 to .30 in various weights with flat and dish bottom varieties. Check out all the slug options available and see which of them you like best.

Upgrades for Security and Safety

Byrna SD Kinetic Kit
Byrna SD Kinetic Kit

The world is a dangerous place, so make sure your family has the self-defense items to face these dangers. We take your personal safety as seriously as you do. That’s why you can now get several self-defense items at Pyramyd Air. From pepper spray and nonlethal guns to body armor and tactical pens, you can upgrade your safety and security with items you can trust. 

When you’re taking game, you never want to be without good hunting knives. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or just out enjoying nature, a hunting knife is the top tool you never want to be without. We have several styles available, from some of the best companies on the market. Such as the Ontario Knife Company, which has been making all types of cutlery since 1889. They make both folding knives and fixed-blade knives well suited to tackle any task required. And Ka-bar Knives, which gained its reputation for quality and dependability through every major war since WWII. From field dressing to fending off a bear, these knives can help you clean up messes and get you out of scrapes. 

Speaking of getting out of scrapes, tactical knives come through in a clinch. 

Cold Steel, committed to making the strongest and sharpest knives in the world, makes folding and fixed-blade knives that hold their edge even with daily use. If you’re looking for a knife that is strong, sharp, and reliable, check out Cold Steel. And Smith & Wesson, known for their gun-making, don’t overlook their tactical knives. These knives, designed for military and law enforcement use, could be your go-to everyday carry knife that helps you out in an emergency situation. From cutting wire to cutting seatbelts, these knives can help you out of many scrapes.

When you’re on the range or in the field, protective gear provides you with proper protection. Plinking, target practice, and hunting all have their dangers, especially with projectiles flying. You certainly don’t want them flying into your eyes. Eye protection will ensure against misfires, debris, and ricochets damaging your vision. And just as important as vision, hearing protection will ensure you maintain good hearing even when your favorite pastime produces more noise than your ears can handle.

End-of-Season Trophies

Do All Strut-N-Skull Mount
Do All Strut-N-Skull Mount

From antler mounts to turkey fan mounts, Do All Outdoors helps you display those trophies right. If you weren’t able to bag a trophy animal this year, you can level up your skills with one of their clay launchers. After an off-season of clay pigeon practice, you’ll be sure to bag a beautiful trophy next year.

Goodbye Holidays – Hello New Year

Even if you didn’t get everything on your holiday gift list, you can enter the new year with a smile and conquer the new goals ahead with a little help from the right skills and equipment. We’re here to help. Contact us anytime you need help deciding which product would work best for your situation, activity, and budget. 

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  1. What a coincidence. I just made an entry in yesterday’s blog on this FX Panthera. There is a good u tube video out there explaining everything about it and the advanced technology. And I just purchased a TX200, but it’s a different animal. More to look forward to.

  2. Posted some pictures on BB’s report yesterday “What’s really new” about the Williams sight I have on my Oktoberfest now. Didn’t want to post the pictures again here.

    But yep waiting to see what Shot Show brings about this year.

  3. Well, ole FM gave himself a post-Christmas present and therefore a Pro Chrono DLX Chronograph is on the way from PA. Time to know how strongly the artillery in Casa FM is shooting.

    • FM, I too have the ProChrono Dlx. It is teaching me so much more about my airguns. I just put new breech seals and a Vortek Tune in my TX200 and am waiting for dry day to go shooting an see what this gun is able to do over the chroney. Orv.

        • We are on-board our Catalina Express ship heading towards a few days of pampering and exploring beautiful Catalina Island. I just hope that our 3 day tour is better than Gilligan’s 3-hour one. We’ll return home for the weekend. I’ll look forward to breaking in my TX200 tune then. I’ll talk then about how my “15 minute tune” turned into, well a lot longer for me. Orv.

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