Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver
The new Colt Single Action Army BB revolver is gorgeous!

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver box
They even got the box right!

This report covers:

• Here it is
• Very realistic!
• Cartridge-fed
• Action is authentic
• Things that differ
• Overall — a good job!

Here it is
This is the surprise I wanted to show you last Friday. I was asked to hold off, but then the decision was made to let me run the blog today. The Colt Single Action Army BB revolver is here — or will be pretty soon. This is the airgun I’ve been waiting for since Wulf Pflaumer, one of the owners of Umarex, first told me about the impending arrival of the Walther Lever Action rifle. I was at his sister’s home in Maryland when he told me about the soon-to-arrive lever-action rifle. I was already a huge fan of several of his action pistols, so we had a great discussion about realistic airguns. read more

The art of collecting airguns – Part 6

by B.B. Pelletier

Happy New Year!

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This report is being written to satisfy a promise to blog reader Kevin. Last Thursday, I took my new Ballard for its first shoot at the range. The experience parallels shooting a brand new pellet gun, so I think there’s something to be learned from my experience.

My Marlin Ballard turned out to be a special order factory-made rifle.

A very good friend gifted me the authoritative book on Ballard rifles by John Dutcher of Denver. Mr. Dutcher looked at the photos of my rifle and said that he thought it was a special order factory-made gun. I’d thought it was a Union Hill No. 9 rifle with some custom touches, but he knew that the rifle was more likely made purposely as a special order. John Lower of Denver had ordered many such rifles in the 1880s, because buying them in volume got him a better price. read more