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EyePal is a sighting aid for open-sight shooters and archers manufactured by a veteran-owned company based in Acton, Massachusetts. Using the reusable, static-cling aperture that adheres to prescription glasses and nonprescription safety glasses, EyePal is a solution to what the company dubs "fuzzy sight syndrome," with which shooters have a hard time making out both the sights and the target while taking aim.

"The EyePal provides a small image where everything is in focus," EyePal's website states. "This is particularly useful to shooters who have limited near vision as well as distance vision challenges."

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EyePal Peep Sight
EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Bow Kit
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EyePal Peep Sight
EyePal Peep Sight, Rifle Kit
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