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The story of Productos Mendoza SA de CV, or Mendoza for short, goes back to 1911 when Mr. Rafael Mendoza Blanco founded the company to make canons and machine guns for General Francisco "Pancho" Villa's troops at the start of the Mexican Revolution. Following the revolution, Mendoza continued to outfit Mexican military forces, having produced Mexico's answer to the Browning Automatic Rifle - the 1934-C Mendoza Machine Gun.

Mendoza began manufacturing .22-cal sporting rifles and airguns in the 1970s and today offers a line of air rifles, air pistols and airsoft guns, along with airgun and airsoft ammo and accessories. The company continues to manufacture firearms, as well.

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Mendoza Spring: medium.
Mendoza Spring: medium velocity model
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Mendoza Safety Kit.
Mendoza Safety Kit
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Mendoza Magnum Piston.
Mendoza Magnum Piston - RM 600, 2000
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Mendoza Youth Pawl.
Mendoza Youth Pawl Spring, RM10
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