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Aftermath RD30 Socom Sport Tactical Dot Sight reviews - page 2

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Overall rating:5.0

Value for money:5.0

By izhmashsaiga from USA on 2011-04-15 13:17:36

Things I liked: Very fast target aquisition. You can shoot with both eyes open with this sight. It can be extremely bright or dim for low or high lighting conditions. Very accurate and consistent - keeps zero. Shock from most airguns will not have an effect on this sight. You can mount this on 11mm and regular weaver rails just by turning the clamps around. Awesome looks. Very quick and easy to zero. Light weight.

Things I would have changed: I don't think there is anything I would change about this sight. There are things that would *improve* the sight that are available on other products like being able to change reticles, zoom, and stuff, but why? This sight does a great job of just being a dot - NO FRILLS.

What others should know: This sight is fantastic, especially to be less than thirty bucks. I bought mine from Academy Sports and Outdoors because pyramydair was out of stock. I payed more for it at Academy, but I really wanted it. At ten meters with this sight, I was able to shoot an arrow in half with an IZH-61 on the first try. This sight complements an IZH-60 and IZH-61 extremely well. Pyramydair knows what they are doing carrying this sight. Excellent product. Makes shooting way too easy. The most awesome dot you can get for thirty dollars and i dare say less than seventy five dollars.

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Overall rating:1.0

Value for money:2.0

By cliff from USA on 2012-01-24 17:04:09

Things I liked: The customer service at Pyramid air is outstanding

Things I would have changed: I feel like I am reviewing a different product than everyone else. The first one I recieved seemed to be defective, parralex float at 50 yards was at least 12 inches. I E mailed customer service and they shipped a replacement out to me in 2 days. The problem being that the new one is just as bad as the first. Not even usable for close range.

What others should know: Don't go cheap, you get what you pay for.

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  • 5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By wally from USA on 2011-03-04
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    4.01 rating

    Things I liked: Bright clear view, easy io install & adjust, weatherproof. Cheaper than the BSA but exactly the sale scope as both are inported by Gamo from China.

    Things I would have changed: The rubber lens protecter is a pain to use but with the lens hood design on the new model it would be hard to use a traditional type.

    What others should know: Much much better that the cheaper crosman or Daisy sights & they are ALL made in China...

  • 4.0 4.0

    4.0 4.0

    By RONALD from USA on 2011-03-02
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    3.01 rating

    Things I liked: Fits both 11mm and Weaver mounts. Very reasonable price for what you get.

    Things I would have changed: Nothing

    What others should know: I plan to buy a couple more for my 22's. Don't know how it would hold up to the recoil on a heaver caliber gun ,but plan to try it.

  • 5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By wally from USA on 2011-02-21
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    Things I liked: Love this sight on my Crosman 1377. Don't waste your money on cheap Crosman & Daisy sights as they wobble on the gun, have a smaller field of view & decrease the brightness while this sight seems to increase it. also it has a much larger field of view, 11 brightness settings, very good lens coatings & is waterproof. Well worth the price!!

    Things I would have changed: Redesign the lens cover as it's a little difficult use...

    What others should know: BUY IT!!

  • 5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By Max from USA on 2011-02-05
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    Things I liked: i like that it is a very bright sight when needed and can be ajusted

    Things I would have changed: nothing a great sigh

    What others should know: its a great sight for a low price. also i think even the gunners with the 5000 dollar budget could use it

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