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Colt SAA45 Outer
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    By Burton from USA on 2020-03-20
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    Things I liked: Sure made my day; I'd been looking to find a 7.5 in. (Nickel or Blued) Peacemaker replica, OTHER than the NRA (which I wound up buying anyway), and realized I could modify the 5.5 in Nickel Peacemaker still available, and purchased a year ago or so. So, I was totally overjoyed at the completion of the switch out, and man does that 7.5 in barrel look and feel great on the Peacemaker. Too cold to shoot for accuracy yet, but the 7.5 in. NRA is astonishingly accurate from the 80-90 feet I shoot it at. Utterly remarkable run of replica guns; cannot begin to understand why Umarex has limited choices and essentially begun to phase them out. Their decision is not supported by the literature and reviews lamenting the phase out. Anyone who owns one knows exactly what I'm talking about; almost all would buy another...

    Things I would have changed: Wake up Umarex!! Offer the full range of models, better yet, offer custom construction...3.5 in. barrel?, no problem. Like Blued metal parts? Got ya covered. You want real wood grips? It'l cost an additional 80.00, OK then! How about a .22 version? Now we are talkin'. Anyone else care to comment? If someone said any configuration you want: 320.00, I'd jump.

    What others should know: If you have not handled or fired any one of the Peacemaker replicas, or the Remington 1875 by Crosman, you simply must; When I say "soul stirring", you will know exactly what I mean.