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Colt SAA 7
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    5.0 5.0

    By Charles M from USA on 2018-03-11
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    Things I liked: This 7.5" leather holster is another finely made product by Chisholm's Trail Leather. The leather is very sturdy. The main piece of the holster is a single piece of leather that has been folded and single stitched along the back edge. The two ends are stitched together tightly enough that the seam between the ends is barely visible. The stitching appears to be very well done so that it will not pull out. On the back side, the stitching for the belt loop is also very tight and well done so that it will be durable and not pull out. The right side of the holster has a molded-in groove to accommodate the cylinder housing the ejector rod. The Colt SAA revolvers fit in this holster like a hand in a glove.

    Things I would have changed: Nothing

    What others should know: Prior to buying this Chisholm's Trail Colt SAA holster, I was using an Air Venturi Western Justice 6" black leather holster for my revolvers. While the Air Venturi holster is a very good quality holster, it's a very generic holster that is slightly over sized so that it can accommodate a wider variety of revolvers. Because this Chisholm's Trail Colt SAA holster is custom made for the Colt SAA, the fit is far better than you get with any other more generic holster. That makes this Chisholm's Trail holster well worth the higher price. This 7.5" holster also works well with the 5.5" inch Colt SAA and the short barreled Ace In The Hole SAA revolvers. Be aware, like many holsters, the bottom of this holster is open. Don't pre-cock your Colt SAA before drawing it from the holster lest you literally shoot yourself in the foot.