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    By pbnelson from USA on 2007-08-17
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    Things I liked: Solidly built. In combination with my new BSA red-dot mount, it makes for a fun new "light carbine" plinking experience. I've even gotten it to knock down the Gamo squirrel field target at 33 yards, albeit with one shot in five, and considerable holdover. Rated 4 for fun.

    Things I would have changed: Did not fit my Beeman P1 .177, out-of-the-box. Took six business days to ship. Screws tends to loosen.

    What others should know: Some customization was required to attach this to my standard Beeman P1 .177. I had to use a dremel-like bit on my hand-drill to cut a channel in the butt-face of the shoulder stock, 1/2" wide by 3/16" deep, from top to bottom. This moved the screw-holes forward just far enough to fit. In addition, the Beeman stock screws were not long enough to grab the threads in the pistol handle. Fortunately I found suitable spares in my junk box, then hacksawed and filed them down to the right length. These screws fit well, but tend to vibrate loose after a couple dozen shots (I have yet to try loctite). All in all, it took a trip to the hardware store and a couple hours of custom fitting to mount this onto the gun. Worth the effort, in my opinion, but be warned. For the price, this is a bit unusual. Rated 3 for value.