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TenPoint Bednar Perfect Puller Reviews

TenPoint Bednar Perfect Puller

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Rating 5.05.0 5.0

By georgec on 2016-04-21 01:37:52

Good product

The bolt puller works great. It fits the hand nicely and grips the bolt firmly.

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Rating 1.01.0 1.0

By Ghost on 2016-10-25 01:20:52

Still have to use two hands

I think the rubbers need to be impregnated with something or a different kind of rubber material alltogether. After shooting carbon arrows (bolts) into a rubber block you can squeeze the life out of the tool and it just slips making you have to use two hands to remove the arrow. Without some kind of improvement I don't believe its worth $20.

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  • Rating 4.04.0 4.0

    Helpful tool

    Worked well on crossbow bolts into hard foam target

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Good product

    Works well for my compound bow and crossbow arrows.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Different uses

    Not only great for pulling bolt is works great on turning off the light of the new Alpha Blaze HP bolts.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Perfect Puller for arrows or bolts

    It's great in a block ! Sometimes in so deep only way to get them out is this tool. Friends used it , they also bought one. Enjoy !

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Bednar Perfect Puller

    They work great, keep your hand and arrows in good shape

  • Rating 3.03.0 3.0

    Jury is still out

    Wouldn’t hold grip on a bolt (445 gr. EVO-X CenterPunch W/100gr. Practice point) Fired from Nitro XRT into a Rinehart 18-1 cube 30 yards down range.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    A Must Have

    What a wonderful product. Pulls all arrows out of my targets with ease!!! No more struggling to get arrows out of my 3D targets!

  • Rating 2.02.0 2.0

    Do Nor Recommend

    I could not remove my arrow from the target with the Bednar Perfert Puller, but could with another puller. I shoot a TenPoint RS470 into a dense target.

  • Rating 2.02.0 2.0

    little help

    Bolts still slip through this equipment when attempting to retrieve from a target.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Works good

    Works pretty good, it isn’t easy pulling a barried arrow out of a Target, but this helped. Wood like to see metal pliers with finger groove grips though. Can get a little slick when it’s hot out and ur sweating.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Great tool

    Great arrow puller. Especially if you have some arthritis in your hands.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Bednar Perfect Puller.

    I have a Ten Point Stelth XLT Crossbow. It shoots hard & fast. The only way I can pull a arrow out of the target , I have tried several, is with these awesome pullers . Can not remove the arrow with out it. Love them.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Best target shooting friend you could have.

    I was at the ATA show when I came across the ten point booth. After several minutes of talking to the gentleman at the booth he gave me a Bednar arrow puller. My brother was with me and asked what the guy gave me. I told him, I probably just got a piece of junk arrow puller that they probably could not sell so they were giving them away. We laughed and I thru it in my bag. Several weeks later I was shooting at my block target, If you ever shot at one you know the arrows are hard to get out. I remembered my free gift I got. I ran in the house and grabbed it. Boy was I really suprised, the arrows came out with ease. It's the handiest tool I've ever seen to remove arrows. It's light weight, strong, grips and pulls the arrows right out.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Best puller I’ve usd.

    My crossbow shoots around 360fps with 20 inch bolts and I shoot at a high density crossbow targe. The bolts go into the target about 70% of the way making it very difficult to remove them. The different rubber grips on this puller gives me the best grip on my bolts when removing them. Most pullers will not work as they damage the fletching. No problems with this puller. Switch rubber jaws in a matter of seconds to accommodate arrows.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0


    I purchased the arrow puller for pulling arrows out of 3D targets because I'm losing grip strength. I found that the puller is also very handy for changing nocks and extinguishing lighted nocks.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Easy of use for a 12 year old

    Absolutely one of the best arrow pullers I have ever used. I was hesitant about the plier style at first but it feels good and pulls bolts effortlessly. The previous pullers that have had my 12 year old son was unable to use but with the Bednar puller has has no problems retrieving his bolts now.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Arrow "Saver"

    Greatest arrow extractor I have ever owned! Grips the shaft using the different size rubber grips - squeeze the handles and pull the arrow out of the target.

  • Rating 4.04.0 4.0

    Better than the plain rubber cylinder type pullers

    These pliers work better than the simple split rubber cylinder type. These have a shorter contact area so you can use them on arrows that have penetrated almost all the way up to the fletching. The handles seem to give you better leverage than just squeezing a rubber lump.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Best Arrow Puller I Ever Used

    The Bednar Arrow Puller is simply the best arrow puller tool I have ever used, and I have used quite a few! With my faster 10Point crossbow, I found pulling bolts with broadheads a real challenge withartheitis in my hands. The Bednar puller made removing bolts with broadheads an easy process even when buried really deep in the target.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Save your bolts and hands

    The Bednar Perfect Puller saves your bolts and your hands. When you put in a lot of practice, you are bound to ruin a few bolts when pulling them from deep inside your target. The Bednar Perfect Puller will be you best friend. Nice tight grip on the shaft allows for better extraction of the bolt. Saves time, frustration and your bolts.

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