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    By Lothar from USA on 2018-07-07
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    Things I liked: I have this rifle for about 4 weeks now, and I am very happy. After sighting the scope in at 33 ft (10yds) using a sand bag rest, I consistently get a 1" grouping. At 100 ft (30 yds) the grouping remains tight at 1" with a drop of about 5" for 0.22 pellets and about 3-1/2" for 0.177 pellets. Could the grouping be tighter? sure, but when do you stop blaming the rife and start blaming the shooter? The eye relieve is adjustable and the scope is adequate for the rifle. I do appreciate the scope's dust caps which are see thru with one being tinted so on very bright days, shooting on a white target you get sort of sunglasses built in.

    Things I would have changed: The screw securing the barrel could be redesigned with a little spring to prevent it from being set too tight which risks deforming the barrel and from coming loose during a shooting session. Other than that, the butt pad could have been fitted better to the stock. Mine came slightly misaligned, however this is a purely cosmetic gripe and does not affect the function.

    What others should know: I am getting equally good grouping with Crosman Destroyer, Benjamin Super Point, Domed Magnum and Pointed Expanding. I have not tried lead free pellets yet.