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Colt 1911 A1. 225-4000. Customer Reviews - page 3

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By mike from Canada on 2018-01-19 12:44:41

Things I liked: Beautiful gun, feels like the real thing. Umarex high end guns are all high quality and built to last. A lot of fun to shoot and very accurate.

Things I would have changed: Not a thing. The dual safety takes a bit of getting used to but its a characteristic of the original 1911 and makes the gun authentic. A must for collectors of famous hand guns!

What others should know: I love Umarex high end guns and am working on owning them all. Pyramid has been an excellent company to deal with. Had some issues with web site ordering (user error).. Ruth helped me place order and was great to deal with. I ordered two guns with one order and only one shipped. I was nervous about Pyramids response but called Ruth again and it was shipped no questions asked. Great customer service!

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By Randal from USA on 2010-07-10 18:17:25

Things I liked: Look and feel. I use a 45 ACP 1911 and purchased this pistol because it feel simalar

Things I would have changed: Include sight adjustment for elevation as the pellets strike about an inch high at 20 yards.

What others should know: The grip safety transmitted a very gritty feeling when depressing it. My pistol failed to fire any more after a total of approximately 80 shots. The pistol was sent to Umarex for repair and when it was returned it still would not fire a pellet. I am preparing to return it for repair again and will reserve judgment until I get it back. Howver, at this time I am not at all satisfied either with the quality of the pistol or the quality of Umarex repairs.

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    By schach from USA on 2007-11-22
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    4.52 ratings

    Things I liked: It has a wonderful feel, just like the real gun. The double action eliminates the long trigger pull common in most air guns.

    Things I would have changed: The "trigger safety" button is used to press on the removable grip, to raise it up to make it easier to remove, in order to change the CO2 cartridge. I don't think that it's necessary, and is counter intuitive to many airgun users, who try to use it to turn the safety on.

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    By DreamHouse Mortgage Corp. from USA on 2007-10-26
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    Things I liked: I am very happy with this purchase. Just like the "real thing". It's powerful, accurate, and very solid. The pistol has never jammed on me with over 300 shots taken.

    Things I would have changed: I would like to see this pistol offered in a larger pellet size.

    What others should know: Be careful when loading the CO2 cartridge and replacing the grip. The 2 prongs that holds the grip in place are a little fragile. Replacing the grip back on to the pistol incorrectly can bend the prongs.

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    5.0 5.0

    By Jon from USA on 2007-10-12
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    Things I liked: Identical in every way to the real thing, except for the recoil and giant hole in the target. Quite powerful and obviously high quality.

    Things I would have changed: I would like to see more high quality hard-hitting CO2 pistols in .20 or .22. More visible "white dot" sights.

    What others should know: The trigger is a little over complex, a pin broke shortly after I began to shoot the gun, but I sent it back and it was fixed questions asked. I also own the Beretta FS92 and Walther CP88 and am very happy with all of them. the annoying white writing on the sides of the gun(s) can be covered up with a cold-blue pen.

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