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Daisy Powerline 35 Pink Camo Air Rifle reviews - page 1

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    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By cory from USA on 2014-09-19
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    Things I liked: a carbine version of daisy 880, a bit shorter, sad bagged with right pellet you can get 1/2 inch groups at 33 ft, maybe even better, so light you can shoot it all day, only 3 pumps to reach 25 yards with beeman feild target special lead free pellet 5.56 gr wich i have found most accurate with a few pumps, also for budget accuracy the rws hobby 7.0 grain makes this gun fun to shoot a lot, its so light you can shoot all day with family and kids

    Things I would have changed: for the price i dont see anything to change, so want a lighter trigger pull, but this is like the daisy 880, so trigger you can get used to real quick.

    What others should know: this is a smooth bore, meaning no rifling, but amazed at its smooth bore accuracy, many smooth bores have a distance when accuracy falls off compared to rifled barrels, so far at 33 ft my daisy 880 rifled barrel and this smooth bore shoot the same so far. 733 fps for crosman ssp 4.0gr pellets with 10 pumps, and 310 fps with one pump wich is enough for kids to reach cans at about 33 ft. the beeman fts lead free 5.56gr do about 720 fps and give more accuacy