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    By Luposian from USA on 2014-12-06
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    Things I liked: This thing BLASTS! I'm not exactly sure how far away I was from the video card box I was shooting, (approx. 15-20 ft. (when I paced it out)), but this gun sends Copperheads (I bought them because they're made in the USA) through both sides of the video card box (whih has another cardboard insert inside it, to hold the video card), and through the tall box behind it (was using as a "BB catch" backstop), hitting the 1/2" plywood. The manager at our local Big 5 (where I bought it for $19.99) didn't think this gun would need more than two shoe boxes to stop the BBs. Uh... NOT! Be sure to put a LOT of backstop material behind your target... carpeting might be a good idea. This gun is powerful. No question about that, in my book.

    Things I would have changed: Um... it jammed? After shooting about 10 Copperhead BB's, it's now not firing BB's. The piston just dry fires. Not sure why, but I'm not surprised, given I only paid $20 for it. It's a cheaply made, kid's BB rifle. Powerful, when it works, but probably not meant to last. Sad. I really like it for what it is!

    What others should know: Give this gun a try... but don't be surprised if you need to return/exchange it the same day. It's cheaply made, but powerful. Fun to be had, for sure, but may not keep working very long. If you're looking for a cheap way to start "real shooting" (i.e. not airsoft), then I'd recommend this gun... just not long term. :-D