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    4.0 4.0

    4.0 4.0

    By pham.k.l from USA on 2008-01-10
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    Things I liked: The synthetic stock is nicely shaped and features clean, simple, but handsome lines. It lacks the classiness of wood but one need not fear bumping the stock around. The oil port and repeater mechanism are fancy. The repeater isn't very prone jamming. I'm sure it will sooner or later but the loading port limits the pellet size and more or less ensures that pellets make it all the way in to the loading shuttle. There's also a dedicated oil port so after about 1000 rounds or so I won't need to go looking for a good oiling spot. The weird 2 bladed trigger thing actually works out very well. The front blade is the first stage and the rear blade is the second stage in a 2 stage trigger. The first "stage" is extraordinarily light and serves mostly as a safety (as the 2nd stage can't be triggered before the first stage) and the 2nd stage is a very short and nicely light but crisp throw. The 2nd stage almost reminded me of a Browning A Bolt trigger. Short and crisp. The power is definitely there and I'd be confident in taking out small game with this gun. The gun is also very accurate, despite the power. At about 15 ft while zeroing the sights, I shot about 8 pellets, resulting in only 4 holes (one hole for each time I adjusted the sights.) The gun has a fair amount of weight at the barrel joint (which is true for most high powered break barrels) which, when supporting the gun just fore of the trigger guard, gives a feeling of stability which lends confidence when taking shots at varmint (but may make plinking a slightly more tiresome affair.)

    Things I would have changed: Most of the problems are assembly problems, rather than design problems. First, the gun comes over lubricated from the factory which caused a few startling detonations. Second, the barrel is visibly quite dirty and necessitates a good cleaning or a really long break in period to clean the gunk off. There's also one defect on my particular gun on the bottom of the stock about an inch away from the butt. It's not large, it's not noticeable, it doesn't really matter to me but potential buyers should know they might not get a 100% perfect gun.

    What others should know: The gun is a "full size" gun. I'm 5'5" and it fits me pretty well, if only a tad long. If you're considerably shorter than I (I imagine around 5'3" and under) than you should look at some youth guns.