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    5.0 5.0

    By Steve from USA on 2018-12-28
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    Things I liked: I know that wood stocks are prettier, but this black stock with the stainless steel barrel looks really cool. I took it out of the box and really cleaned out the barrel, then I took it to the bench. Within 20 shots it was grouping very nicely and by 50 it seemingly hit its groove. I use it for silhouette so I sighted it in at 20 yards(chickens) and soon had 5 shot groups under a dime with all of the pellets touching. When I moved out to 45 yards(rams) I almost instantly I had it down to a nickel. This is one very accurate springer. It is very easy to load with a large port that opens when cocked. Last but not least I want to say something about the trigger. The reason I got this gun was my previous air rifle was good on accuracy but I could never get used to the trigger, this one is awesome. It is smooth, crisp and breaks consistently. I have not turned down the weight on it yet but it is probably the best trigger I have ever used on an air rifle.

    Things I would have changed: I would like spacers that could be added to the butt plate, it seems a little short to me while shooting free hand. This is not a deal breaker by any means, but it would be nice. It is a little heavy if you are going to use it for hunting, but since I use it for targets I feel this is actually an advantage.

    What others should know: Since this rifle requires what I would consider medium to heavy force to cock, I would definitely recommend it for adults. I do suggest that you clean the barrel very thoroughly when you get it to get all the gunk out of it, then periodically as needed. I have had good luck with most of the pellets I have tried but the best are the JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy. I assume as with most airguns you will have to try several different ones to find the best for your gun. I would recommend also that you purchase a very good scope made for air rifles, two reasons. First this gun deserves a good scope and it will get the most out of one. Second it does seem to have quite a bit of shock to the scope. The first scope I used was okay but did not hold up long, I got a Hawke Airmax and have not had any problems since. This is a really good gun that I am very happy I own.