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Webley Tempest Air Pistol

Main Product Rating 4.04.0 (19 reviews)
Webley Tempest Air Pistol

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    WARNING WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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A reissue of the Webley Tempest, which originally debutted in 1979, this gun belongs in your gun vault. It's an all-day shooter that will help you hone your accuracy with pistols...and it's a lot fun, too. Ideal for plinking, paper targets, spinners and shooting tin cans. You will never regret getting a Webley!

  • Webley Tempest air pistol
  • Spring-piston
  • Overlever
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger (3-5 lbs. letoff)
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed front sight
  • Fully adjustable notch rear sight
  • No optics rail
  • Textured right-hand grip with thumbrest

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Max Velocity350 fps
Overall Length9.12"
Weight2.0 lbs
Trigger Pull5.0 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy3.3 ft/lbs
Barrel Length6.87"
Shot Capacity1
Front SightBlade
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Body TypePistol

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Rating 4.04.0 (19 reviews)
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Rating 3.03.0 3.0

Rating 3.03.0 3.0

Rating 3.03.0 3.0

Things I liked:

I purchased this gun about 2 years ago and have fired about 500 shots through it. It feels great in your hand and is fun to shoot.

Things I would have changed:

The Turkish made Tempests just aren't great quality. After about a dozen shots, my breech seat started to leak. I ordered a replacement, fixed it myself, and it's been fine for about 500 shots since. After about 250 shots, one of the aluminum linkage pieces in the cocking mechanism broke, while I was cocking it. Luckily I was holding the barrel when it let loose. I was able to order a replacement part from the UK and get the gun working again, but at this point I've lost faith in it. I just don't trust that this gun is high enough quality for regular use, and I hardy shoot it any more.

What others should know:

I'm able to consistently hit a soda can at about 15-20 yards. This gun just just isn't accurate enough to shoot longer distances.

Rating 5.05.0 5.0

Rating 5.05.0 5.0

Rating 4.04.0 4.0

Things I liked:

Had the gun for to many years haha im today 37 years old and had it since childhood where i bought it as a used gun from an older neighbour.its the .177 modle and i still loves it and both me and my son shoots it

Things I would have changed:

i acculy have not had any issues at all with it rather then regular cleaning. i would change information about ammunition as if its a true pellet gun or if you can use round balls as well etc

What others should know:

its a robust lill gun with a low weight but for me tends to tip in front due to weight overall in the gun. but its a true shooter and never failed me rather me failing it with a bad aim. Will give a load of funny memories from shooting alone or with friends and family

Rating 3.03.0 3.0

Rating 3.03.0 3.0

Rating 3.03.0 3.0

Things I liked:

There's something innately satisfying about shooting this gun. It's quiet, shoots faster than its size suggests (135 m/s-ish), has a trigger that breaks cleanly and it fits my hand so well, it's a pleasure to just hold. And it looks really sweet with walnut grips. The gun is being made in Turkey since 2005, and the only immediate difference I can spot with a 90's Tempest I had are the grips, the current ones seem to be of higher quality polymer as opposed to the old ones, which were made of shiny hard plastic.

Things I would have changed:

Here comes the bad. Hard to cock, not only because of the awkward motion, but also unusually high friction. You can feel the metal digging into itself (galling). The piston chamber had tool markings, scratches and burrs everywhere (too deep to polish out completely). Then, the barrel. Looking at the muzzle, I could see that the rifling grooves just stopped about half a mm before the end. Completely messes up any accuracy. The trigger. A complete lack of finishing of the mating surfaces of the sear and trigger makes for a heavy trigger pull. The 'adjusting' screw does nothing but add extra spring pressure. My polishing and lubing cut trigger pull in half. The worst: This gun is held together by pins that are so weak that all the load bearing ones were bent! That's the biggest pin that holds the mainspring and barrel in place, the linkage pins and the trigger and sear pins. Pretty unsafe. I replaced them with roll pins and they hold up nicely.

What others should know:

This gun is easy to work on, and it deserves the attention and finishing that the factory didn't deliver. I still love the gun, and after my modifications I feel it should last decades. If you get this gun, make sure to replace the load bearing pins. Also, mine didn't cock smoothly until I lubed it with lithium grease. Didn't seem to like moly grease. Note on recoil: The piston moves towards the shooter, and it rotates the barrel downwards in doing so. That's why the rear sight is so much higher than the front. As the piston crashes into the end, the firearm-like recoil is achieved, neutralizing its initial dive. Because this gun is short, it rotates easily and that makes it pretty hold sensitive. All in all, the Turkey factory really, really dropped the ball on this gun, but at least you still get enough gun to salvage. An investment consisting of some work and some spare parts really bring this gun up to the level it should have been at when it left the factory.

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  • Arab from USA asked:

    Are sure .177 available in Next month ?

    • oats from USA answered:

      Order page says 2-20-16 .

  • Grant from USA asked:

    Greetings... I bought one of these for my wife (I have a Browning 800), and I want to mount some type of aiming aid to it. The Browning has a dovetail, this Tempest does not. Is there any other option other than a trigger mount laser? Thank you...

    • Jim from Canada asked:

      Hi The Webley Tempest interests me, but I'm a little confused as to its fps rating for .22 pellets. Your site says the max velocity is 350, yet I've read articles that refer to its rating as 400 fps - enough of difference to be significant. So, which is it? Thanks!

      • Forrest from USA answered:

        The Beeman Webley Tempest was rated at 470 in .177 Because they were sold for the American market. The Webley Tempest in .177 is made for the English Market, and have to adhere to British Foot Pound Regulations. If you can find a Beeman Webley Tempest. Or see if one of the Air Gun Smiths, can bring it up to what it should be. This is ONE Air Gun, where the .177 is a Better Gun, because it is a TARGET ONLY GUN. VERY ACCURATE !! Dime size at 33 feet. Fantastic Gun ! I own Two. One was modified by Beeman to take a Heavy guage wire coated Shoulder Stock. I can hit a tin Can at 50 feet Consistantly. Use light pellets.

      • Joachim from USA answered:

        Here's the answer for you, also great info to help you choose the right pellet. It's a thorough test of fpe, fps etc of many different pellets.

      • Zimm from USA answered:

        If using lead free ammo you can push the fps higher than some ratings. This could easily account for the discrepancy you are referring to.

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