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Air Venturi MP-5 Oil, Metalophilic, 4oz.

5.035 reviews
Air Venturi MP-5.

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  • Metalophilic MP-5 oil
  • Prevents rust & corrosion
  • 4 oz.

Air Venturi Metalophilic MP-5oil penetrates the smallest crevices of your airgun and protects against corrosion and rust. This oil neutralizes sweat and salt and doesn't trap moisture. This oil eventually dries into a non-gumming, lubricating film which lasts through almost indefinite storage. Extend the life of your airgun and pick up this rust inhibiting oil today!

Do NOT use Metalophilic MP-5 oil in the compression chamber of spring-piston airguns.

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Item Code: AV-MP5-9205 [PY-A-612]

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Robert from USA on 2018-03-19
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Things I liked: Flows well and seems to require very little product to get the job done.

Things I would have changed: Change the lid to a basic screw cap, and maybe include a needle type dropper lid for actual application.

What others should know: I use the Brownells needle oilers ( for applying this to my airguns. The spout on the lid is useful for filling these bottles, but dispenses too rapidly for me.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Maurice from USA on 2017-12-15
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Things I liked: I have only used it once so far on my Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 as I have only had the X2 for 3.5 weeks. I did not even shoot it until I had the MP-5 Oil to clean the barrel first, I do not know what they put in the barrel's for shipping but it took over a hour before I could get a clean patch through the barrels. This oil work line no gun oil I have ever used

What others should know: Use this exactly as your guns manual tell you to do.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Chevota from USA on 2017-12-02
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Things I liked: I've used this stuff for decades, originally when it was Beeman MP5 which I still have some and it seems identical, if anyone was wondering. I'm unaware of any magic rust preventative that actually works w/o some major drawback, like a coat of grease or cosmoline, and what I want is something that doesn't leave an oily mess that I don't want to touch. Wax is great at that but wax is a pita, it doesn't penetrate, doesn't lube or clean very well. This seems to work pretty well for what I want. It has great penetrating ability to seep into places, like past a screw head and down into the threads, into seams etc so you know it's getting everything. It cleans the metal of whatever and finger prints, and of course it's not leaving anything behind that could cause damage like some cleaners do. It's also a great bore cleaner. I use a drop on a cleaning patch and it cleans and protects all in one. It doesn't seem to bother wood but I wouldn't want to push my luck on a nice stock. Says ok for

Things I would have changed: seals but I can't imagine it doesn't hurt regular O-rings a little bit. You can smell it but it isn't very strong and it's not a bad smell. Once you're done and it's more or less dry the gun doesn't smell of it. Not sure about the claimed dry layer it leaves behind, I mean there is one but I can tell you is that if you touch the metal again you should wipe those prints off, preferably with more MP5. If I leave the gun out/exposed in a room it will start to rust after many months, and anywhere I touched will be obvious much sooner. MP5 doesn't completely dry up but there is virtualy no smell or oily residue which is great to protect metal that you do want to touch, like a gun you actually use or display. For example motor oil is better but then you don't want to touch it, it's a dust magnet and cleaning it off is a hassle. MP5 doesn't attract much if any dust so display guns look better longer. The price is outstanding, probably cheaper than WD40. Don't put it in the transfer port of a

What others should know: springer because it has petroleum distillates, and considering how "light" they seem, and how thin the oil is, I'd imagine it would diesel violently and might even break something. You can clean the bore with it no problem, any dieseling there would be minimal, if at all, but I've never noticed any b/c the solvents dry so quickly. It is a lube but like any very thin oil it's not a very good one imo so I'd lube parts that need it with grease or thicker oil, then use this stuff for cleaning/protecting the exterior. So for a general use cleaner/protectant that looks good and doesn't leave much if anything on your hands when you do want to touch it, I think this is the stuff. Just re-apply as needed which is super easy. To check for protection, especially stored guns, I just wipe them using a couple drops of MP5 on a white cloth or paper towel, and if I see the brownish dust of rust I know I waited too long. Fyi dessicant is outstanding for gun storage and it's cheap.


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  • Kentucky Airgunner from USA asked:

    Is this safe to use on firearms?

    • Chevota from USA:

      I've been using it on them for decades. It's more for rust prevention than anything, which includes cleaning off finger prints. It also makes a pretty nice bore cleaner. Good stuff imo.

  • coy from USA asked:

    can I use it to clean my disco 22 without ruining the o ring on the bolt??

    • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

      Yes, as long as you are careful when using it, it shouldn't be a problem