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Champion Heavy Duty Metal Trap

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Champion Heavy Duty

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Made from heavy-gauge, sheet steel to stop and hold air gun pellets and standard velocity .22 long rifle rimfire lead bullets. Weighs over 20 lbs. so you know it is sturdy. Somewhat noisy but if you want the best trap going, this is the one to pick. Includes spring clip to hold paper targets. 11" (w) x 12"(h) x 8"(l). Use with lead projectiles only.

Item Code: CH-40801 [PY-A-1026]

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Carl from USA on 2020-03-20
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Things I liked: I've had one of these for about 20 years now, and it's absolutely the best deal on the market. It's relatively big, extremely well built (it'll stop a .22LR), and the fact that it rings like a bell means the welds are good. I've emptied the lead dust out of mine after every several thousand shots, but if you leave the dust in that helps deaden the ringing.

Things I would have changed: I wish there was a larger version. If there was a way to hang the target farther inside the opening, that would limit the amount of lead backsplash. If the back angle was more sloped, that would limit backsplash. If it came with some kind of sound-deadening compound or feature that would limit ringing.

What others should know: I bought a 12x12" sheet of Dynamat (TM) at the local car audio shop not long after getting mine (again, this was 20 years ago). Slapping a big triangle of the stuff on each side of the trap made a big difference in deadening the ringing. These things really do "break in". After 20,000-30,000 rounds with air pistol and rifle mine doesn't spit lead back out much anymore and the weight of lead dust in the bottom completely deadens the ringing.


4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

By Paul from USA on 2019-08-05
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Things I liked: Sturdy, well-designed, effective pellet stop.

Things I would have changed: A dusting of post-impact pellet material does end up on the ground in front of the trap.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Karl from USA on 2019-07-13
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Things I liked: This thing is SOLID... made the delivery guy grunt! :) Seriously, this thing is built like a tank. The fit and finish are great. I like the included target hanger (a heavy sheet metal removable "slider" bracket and a good-sized binder clip). The target stays put in the breeze (flutters, sure, but doesn't slide sideways in the trap.)... some of the traps I was considering left it up to the user to come up with a way to secure the target. At about 20 pounds, it stays where you put it... no creeping trap here. I generally keep drilling the same nickel-sized area of the backplate, and the outside back shows no sign of bulge or even paint flaking. I'm definitely pleased with this trap, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid, durable piece of gear.

Things I would have changed: Noisy; rings like a bell when impacted. Glued a piece of industrial carpeting to the outside back, which quieted it down considerably (tryin' to keep the neighbors happy, y'know.) You could glue a piece onto the inside and it would probably work even better, but would have to be replaced fairly often, I imagine. Of more concern, is this trap tends to spit lead fragments. Little tiny flakes on my shooting bench from fifteen feet (sighting in my Diana Bandit at bird-feeder range... darned squirrels & chipmunks), and larger fragments a couple of feet in front of the trap. Not a huge concern given the puny energy of the rebounding fragments, but definitely something to be aware of when using it. Eye protection definitely recomended ('course, we all always wear eye protection, don't we?) And the carpet-on-the-inside thing I mentioned above would probably mitigate the backsplash problem to some degree as well.

What others should know: I been using only .22 and .25 pellets at around 1000 FPS or less, and it holds up really well to this. Not sure how it would stand up to the larger-bore, higher-powered stuff some of you guys like to shoot. As stated in the product description this is a lead-only trap... none of those brass-tipped hunting rounds allowed here. It would probably handle them okay in low-to-mid-powered guns (strictly my opinion based on how well-built this thing is, not backed up by anything factual), but I'm just as sure that it would be a lot tougher on the trap if fed a lot of this stuff. Plus, the way it spits fragments, I'd be concerned about the harder, non-lead tip possibly bouncing out and coming back at me.


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  • Robert from USA asked:

    What is the actual gauge of the sheet metal?

    • Scott from USA asked:

      How close can You shoot at this pellet trap, with out damage to the trap?

      • Mark from USA:

        You can shoot at 10 yards. If you are using a big bore airgun (30 cal and up) you can damage the trap.

    • Douglas from USA asked:

      Anybody try shooting this with a .17HMR round? It's smaller than a .22 but the muzzle vel for the 17grain HMR is 2550fps and a 30 gr .22 is only 1650fps, if that matters.

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