Date: 19/12/2018 3:39
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Smith & Wesson 6" Barrel, .177 Cal., Matte Black, Fits S&W 586 CO2 Revolver

4.52 reviews
Smith & Wesson.

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  • S&W 6" barrel
  • .177 caliber
  • Matte black shroud
  • Fits Umarex-made Smith & Wesson 586 CO2 revolvers
  • Increases velocity over the 4" barrel
  • Easy to install
  • No machining involved
  • Includes shroud, barrel & screw
  • Does not fit S&W firearms or airsoft guns

If you've got an Umarex S&W 586 CO2 revolver with a 4" or 8" barrel, then this 6" one will make your collection complete. The longer the barrel on a CO2 gun, the greater the velocity.

Item Code: SW-2255521 [PY-A-3477]

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By 103David from USA on 2013-08-23
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Things I liked: I ordered the 4" barrel version of the revolver with this 6" as a possible alternate. I give the 6" barrel 5 star rating as it is very well made and exactly as represented in the description. The matte black finish matches the gun perfectly.

Things I would have changed: Make a 3" or 2 1/2" barrel available. The L-frame Smith & Wesson remains in common usage and these air pistols are often used as trainers or practice pieces by their owners as they replicate the size and weight of the real firearms. A notable feature of the L-frame is that its size & weight is virtually identical to a Colt Python equipped with a similar barrel length. Both 2 1/2 " (common) and 3" (not so common) barrels have been available from both makers for decades. Wouldn't it be nice if the owner of say, a short barreled Colt or Smith, be able to practice without launching (expensive) .38 specials down range?

What others should know: Several things to know...upon receipt, the barrel actually on the gun was so tight as to be unremovable. A bit of a quandary, it was as there was nothing to grip or add leverage and the Vice-Grip option would have drastically marred the barrel. The solution was to wrap the barrel with a number of rubber bands, thereby giving a more gripable surface. After the initial problem, there have been no repeats of this issue. While the longer barrel does add a bit of velocity, the accuracy shows no noticeable improvement, at least not for me. I was a little surprised at this as one would think the longer sight base would add more accuracy, but no. Perhaps as the revolver wears in and smoothes out there might be an improvement. Do take the time to match your sight picture to the other barrel by selecting the appropriate blade width from the extra sight blades you got with the gun. Umarex makes no mention of this in the directions so you have to figure it out for yourself but do note the extra blades are of different widths and since the barrel length is now different, the apparent sight picture will also be different. In terms of handling, balance and looks, I personally prefer the shorter barrel, but these are issues solely up to you. As they say, boxers, briefs or bras, your personal opinion is the only one that counts.


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Andrew from USA on 2011-04-29
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Things I liked: Excellent fit and finish. Easy to intall. Extra wieght helps balance pistol with a red dot installed.

Things I would have changed: Include a front sight. The mounting screw is included but no sight. Why they omit this is beyond me. It is a small plastic item that can't cost more then 50 cents to make. Include it since swapping the sight from one barrel to another is a complete pain and will eventually wear out the threads in the barrel or end up with a lost screw.

What others should know: If you have one of these pistols this is a nice addition to the kit. I wish they still produced the 8 inch barrel. The 6 inch gives a bit more FPS but it isn't any better in the accuracy department. I find my 4 inch barrel shoots just as well at 15 meters. The 6 inch will give a little more range and works nicely with the red dot sight. It helps balance the pistol nicely. Very easy install and swapping barrels is all of a 2 minute job. Make sure you still have the barrel removal tool that came with the pistol. This is a bit pricey for a barrel but the quality is superb. I was lucky and had extra front sights come with my pistol. If you only have one front sight it will be a pain to swap it from one barrel to another every time you decide to change. I haven't seen any front sights offered seperately and I think it is a shame it is not included with this barrel. For the money it should be. All in all it is a very nice barrel and to me it was worth the cost. This makes an already nice pistol kit that much better.


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  • stephen from Canada asked:

    would a 4 inch barrel be available

    Compatible with Smith & Wesson 6" Barrel, .177 Cal., Matte Black, Fits S&W 586 CO2 Revolver

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