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Webley MK VI Revolver Cartridges + Speedloader

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Webley MK VI.

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  • Webley MK VI revolver cartridges
  • Fits Webley MK VI and Schofield No. 3 BB 1.77 revolvers (use steel BBs only)
  • 6 metal BB revolver shells
  • Speedloader included

The Webley Mk VI CO2 BB revolver is a blast to shoot. And these extra cartridges and the included speedloader let you spend more time shooting and less time fumbling with BB containers when the range is hot.

Item Code: WEB-WAMK6S45 [PY-A-5551]

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By Bryan from USA on 2017-01-28
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Things I liked: The Cartridges are printed Webley .455

Things I would have changed: Offer more cartridges available without the speedloader

What others should know: Well, I can not find anywhere that speed loaders were available when the Webley .455 was in use, so It is a type of Paradox to use this with your Exact working CO2 replica of a Webley Mark VI. But the speed loader does help speed the loading of the BB into the Cartridge.

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By micheljgaudet from USA on 2016-11-22
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Things I liked: Well, even though I CAN'T use the speed-loader for my Schofield No. 3 as is IMPLIED by the image of the shells being in the speed-loader, which DOES work for the Webley revolver (see below), the shells WILL fit the Schofield No. 3_ always a good thing. But I REALLY wanted the speed-loader to get the shells into the Schofield's cylinder... BUMMER!

Things I would have changed: As the shells are shown in a speed-loader, we ASSUME that the speed-loader will work for the Schofield No. 3 BB pistol. It needs to be pointed out to we who LOVE to spend money here that the speed-loader will NOT work for the Schofield No. 3. YEA FOR PA letting me return on THEIR DIME the purchase for a refund/exchange. I just love these folks!!!

What others should know: Someone is either fibbing here (don't believe so), or just ASSUMES that, because the shells will fit, then the speed-loader must work. NOT TRUE, as the two sets of bullets + speed-loader that I purchased, when I paid for the pistol, did NOT work as expected. What is EXPECTED is that the shells are placed ALL THE WAY into the cylinder, where they BELONG, and in doing so, the button in the middle of the speed loader is PUSH IN, causing the bullets to be released. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! I could find NO WAY to jiggle or turn or press those darn shells to go into the cylinder as they should have. Well, seeing as I have THREE OTHER pistols that can use speed loaders, all just a TAD different in shape/size, I found that the speed loader for my Dan Wesson short barrel is JUST the right size, regarding its diameter. In other words, the shells line-up enough to go MOSTLY down into the cylinder. But not enough to press the release button. But a little fiddling can make it release. Now you know. :-)

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By keith from USA on 2016-10-11
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Things I liked: Easy to load and holds the shells in s secure fashion.

Things I would have changed: I would include instructions in the package! It took quite a while to discover how it worked!

What others should know: It is a little heavy so best to carry in jacket pocket.


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  • micheljgaudet from USA asked:

    This is a comment. Note that while the 'bullets' will fit the Schofield No. 3 revolver, the speed-loader will not work. The other BB shells are too long, which is ACCURATE to the REAL DEAL. These shells are good because they are short enough to fit. But the speed-loader will not line-up the shells properly. The one for the Dan Wesson revolvers will, at least regarding the lining-up. You have to fiddle with the loader's release button to make the shells drop in. Still, MUCH BETTER than the Webley's.

    • keith from USA asked:

      Are there instructions for the speed loader? When I tried to use it, the shells just fall out! Heck, if they will not stay in the speed loader, why not just place the shells on the bench? In other words, I see no reason to use it, if the shells do not stay put!

      • Anthony from USA:

        Put the shells into the speedloader, push in the end while holding the body, and twist clockwise. Align shells in revolver, push the back of the speedloader. Done.

    • isaac from USA asked:

      It loads 6mm BB or 4.5mm BB? Thanks.

      • joseph. c from USA:

        It loads 4.5mm BB

    Compatible with Webley MK VI Revolver Cartridges + Speedloader

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