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Gamo Big Bore TC35 PCP Air Rifle

4.02 reviews
Gamo Big Bore.

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Gamo TC35 Big Bore PCP Air Rifle

  • Precharged-pneumatic
  • Single shot for maximum ammo flexibility
  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger
  • 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder fillable to 250 BAR (3,625 psi)
  • Highly efficient in-line valve system
  • Tactical style-Weaver/Picatinny rail system
  • Leightweight 5.5lbs
  • 10-40 shot count, may vary depending on projectile and settings

Gamo’s TC35 gives shooters huge rounds delivered with incredible power, all set into a streamlined frame. The result?  A big bore that’s ready to take on your most challenging hunts.

The TC35 is Gamo’s answer to airgunners who want big bore power and performance in a compact package.  Powered by the same 480cc cylinder as the Gamo TC45, the TC35 is capable of sending .357 caliber rounds into targets at a whopping 850 fps.

Built as a compact small to medium game hunter, the TC35 utilizes a unique trigger-guard cocking mechanism that exposes the breach when you cock the gun.  Load up your .357 round, and watch the highly-efficient inline valve system do its job. Weighing in at a slim 5.5lbs, carrying the TC35 is no trouble.

Each rifle comes loaded up with features to provide the ultimate airgun hunting experience. From its long tactical Weaver/Picatinny rail to its 2-stage adjustable trigger.  The 35’s stock encases the carbon fiber air cylinder and is coated with a rubberized texture to provide the ideal cheek weld once you’ve mounted your optics.  A grooved and textured AR style grip rests right behind the trigger and is interchangeable with other AR15 grips. 

If you want big power from a smaller air rifle that can travel anywhere you can, pick up the TC35, the trail awaits.

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Caliber0.357 /9mm
Max Velocity850 fps
Muzzle Energy107 ft/lbsMeasured with 67 ammo
Barrel Length14.96"
Overall Length35.88"
Shot Capacity1
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forHunting
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Body TypeRifle
Weight6.0 lbs
Cylinder Size480 cc

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4.0 4.0

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4.0 4.0

By Walter from USA on 2018-11-25
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Things I liked: Lite weight. Very easy to cock hammer spring. Universal Picatinny rail. Straight cylinder shroud for suppression experimentation. The In-line valve design seems to be slightly self adjusting on the valve opening time with feed back from the pressure pushing a projectile. Heavier Projectiles seem to balance pressure back on the valve so it stays open a little longer. Heavier projectiles do use more air but the power output tends to level out across various weights. Shooting an Air Bolt style projectile delivered over 200 foot pounds of energy and 490 feet second muzzle velocity. The 81.02 grain JSB Exact Pellet is very accurate out of this rifle. Round balls of 0.358' diameter are fast and accurate enough for game at closer ranges.

Things I would have changed: Ambidextrous safety, being left handed, the right side only safety is not convenient to access. This Picatinny rail might have worked OK on the Evanix Rex but with the big bottle on the butt end of the Gamo version, typical scope mounts won't cut it. I ended up fabricating 1 inch riser block from some scrap osage and bought 1.5 inch replacement screws to get optics up high enough I could get behind. Please change the Picatinny rail from the factory or supply precision visor blocks for the consumer to choose which works best for them. The trigger break is field expedient but a bit rough. An adjustable trigger would be wonderful.

What others should know: Read "Things I would Change" above about the Picatinny rail, too low for standard optics mounts. I tried wood block "elevators" till I got two that worked to allow a scope to ZERO at 35 yards. Parallel mounting the rail, my scope could not adjust that low to get into the bull. I found that a front block 0.060" shorter than the back block worked well enough to get sighted in. Plan to replace wood blocks with aluminum blocks. After about 20 rounds shot from the gun right out of the box, I noticed a very small screw on the shorting bench. Turns out is was one of the tiny plate screws capturing the trigger group. Luckily I saw it. Lesson: Check all screw on your new out of the box rifle for tightness. Pistol grip screw was loose out of the box as well. Better yet. Pull all exposed screw and apply a thread lock compound before use! This thing is loud like a 22 powder burner. I have had several occasions early on that the trigger would not release when taken of safety but shot after cycling.


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By dennis from USA on 2018-06-03
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Things I liked: The gun came packed well. The tank cover is a snuggly fit plastic that doesn't feel cheap and will hold up well. The overall machining, IMHO, is on the heels of Air Force brand products. The gun is very light and shoulders well. For a .357 it's suprisingly quieter than my Condor .25. Grips are aftermarket adjustable so you can throw on your favorite Magpul.

Things I would have changed: Cocking lever has a bit of play when closed; though very strong, I'd prefer it not wiggle at all. For $999 it should come with some kind of dust cap. The carbon bottle screws into the guns frame and held more secure with a set-screw; mine's was missing, PA didn't have spares nor knew the dimesions. SURPRISINGLY! neither did Gamo when I called them, but they did give me the dimension of the screw that was readily found at Home Depot.

What others should know: The barrel stops 8 inches from the unscrewable endcap. There isn't any baffling, so noise suppression takes place in this hollow portion of the shroud (DIY-ers have plenty of room to experiment with felt, mono-cores, etc for greater noise control). I mounted a Hawk Reflex dot sight for 35-40yrd applications and I'm very pleased with the gun's accuracy at this range. I'd be confident in saying the gun will do well at farther distances using a scope. I get 15 shots to a fill on full power (low power shot count claims are much higher but i dont intend to use that function).

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  • Russel from USA asked:

    The main center section (handle-trigger assembly) looks exactly like an Evanix Rex. What is the backstory? Did Gamo just purchase the rights to the same product and slap their logo on it? Curious minds wanna know! =)

    • Tyler from USA:

      The gun is made by Evanix to Gamo's specs from what I am told. How much those specs vary from the original Rex model specs, I am not sure.

  • DDBB from USA asked:

    Trigger plastic like all Gamos?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, it is metal

  • Francisco from USA asked:

    To begin: hello fellow airgunners. Next: Wow! I can't wait to get my hands on a Gamo TC35 that shoots at a maximum velocity of 900 fps according to the Specifications tab, and 1,000 fps according to the Description tab. I just need to make up my mind on a TC45, or a TC35; eventually I will own both because they are Gamos whom has been around since 1955, and most importantly because I own a tape measure in both Imperial and metric units so that I can measure their barrel lengths since they are NOT noted on the Specifications tab, unless someone has their barrel length data? Also, I would like to obtain the dB sound output out from the moderator and the specifications of the dB meter along with distance from muzzle and orientation. From simple calculations I show that the TC45 is 35.38% efficient, where the TC35 is 23.45% efficient. This is according to the published 408 fpe, and 170.16 fpe, respectively, and assuming a 24 inch barrel on both models. For instance, in order for the TC35 to have the same fpe and efficiency as the TC45, it would need a 36 inch long barrel, and that's if assuming the TC45 has a 24 inch barrel.These are different machines that are called upon for different missions. They both have their pros and cons and ups and downs when compared to a single variable such as range to target (vertical trajectory arc size), size and type of target (c-t-c accuracy), wind speed (horizontal trajectory arc size), time to take the shot, etc., etc..I would only use these machines at shooting at soda cans if the can was solid aluminum at 100 yards.

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    Item Description

    GA-611120354 [PY-4574-8925]

    Caliber0.357 /9mm
    Max Velocity850 fps
    Muzzle Energy107 ft/lbsMeasured with 67 ammo

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