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Hatsan AT P1 Quiet Energy Air Pistol

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Hatsan AT P1

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  • Hatsan's QuietEnergy integrated
    Hatsan's QuietEnergy integrated sound moderator and fully shrouded barrel provide approx. 50% less downrange noise.
  • Hatsan's two-stage match
    Hatsan's two-stage match trigger offers three-point adjustment to control the trigger load, firing cycle positions, and trigger travel.
  • WARNING This product
    WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • Hatsan AT P1 quiet energy air pistol
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel
  • Integrated sound moderator - approximately 50% quieter
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • 10rd repeater (.25 holds 9 rds)
  • Sidelever
  • 200 bar (2,900 psi) max fill
  • 50cc removable reservoir with integral pressure gauge (manometer)
  • 35 max shots per fill
  • Automatic and manual safety
  • Optics rail accepts Weaver or 11mm mounts
  • Quattro 2-stage adjustable match trigger
  • Black synthetic stock and grip
  • Grip has finger grooves- right-hand palm shelf- thumbrest and palm swell
  • Anti-double-feed mechanism prevents more than 1 pellet from loading
  • Patented anti-knock mechanism prevents air from exhausting when rifle is knocked or bounced hard
  • Gold-plated trigger blade
  • 15-25 useful shots per fill in .177 caliber
  • 15-25 useful shots per fill in .22 caliber
  • 9-18 useful shots per fill in .25 caliber
  • Includes 2 rotary clips, fill probe, depressurizing tool (degasser), 2 hex wrenches, bag of spare seals, hard case & owner's manual

Knockdown power from a pistol. Use for paper targets, tin cans, spinners, mice, rats, squirrels, small pest birds and more. Ideal for dispatching small pest critters at close distances. If you plan to do more hunting than anything else, it would be best to pick .22 or .25 caliber.
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Caliber.25" (6.35mm)
Max Velocity710 fps
Muzzle Energy22 ft/lbs
Barrel Length10.4"
Overall Length23.2"
Shot Capacity9
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
ScopeableWeaver & 11mm dovetails
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill35
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Weight4.7 lbs
Cylinder Size50 cc
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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Andrew from USA on 2019-12-24
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5.01 rating

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Things I liked: well made pistol with great balance. it is a bit heavy, but with a 2 handed grip its fine. Probably not recommended for young people. Magazine and action are fine, just don't force anything. I have it in .22, plenty of power, watch your backstop. I have a nice dot scope on it works great, quick target acquisition, you could mount a rifle scope, but I would rather have a little challenge. If I want to shoot blueberries off toothpicks I'll use my AA510 scoped....

Things I would have changed: the case....... I got a case you could fit a carbine into ( I did.......) Not sure if it was a mix up cause of holiday.... I bought a NCStar ViSn soft case off Amazon. Fits great with storage pouches.....$23

What others should know: Very quiet...... very back yard friendly....very accurate its for righties, you can trim existing grips (rubber) order left hand grips from Hatsan USA or make your own wood grips.......... just buy it, you'll like it


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

By Gene from USA on 2019-12-21
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5.01 rating

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Things I liked: I wrote a very different comment yesterday and need to correct it. I had contacted Hatsan with no reply and figured my purchase of the Hatsan ATP1 was a bad buy because it is for right-handed people only; or so I thought. BUT, Hatsan did reach out to me and informed me that they do indeed have left-hand grips for this airgun than can be easily swapped for the right-hand ones that come on it initially. They are shipping me out a pair.

Things I would have changed: Inform the people who buy your products of the different arrangements that can be had on those products. No where in the description of the Hatsan ATP-1 does it say that the gun is for right-handed people only (which is how it comes from the factory) OR that you can purchase a left-hand conversion kit.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Neil from USA on 2019-11-22
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5.01 rating

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Things I liked: Powerful, quiet, compact. This thing packs a punch. METAL magazine take notes other companies the metal mags are far superior to those plastic ones most other companies use today have not a single problem with jams or rotation. Also removable air cylinder another wonderful feature.

Things I would have changed: A little less bulky would love to see hatsan release a multi shot big bore pistol maybe a .30

What others should know: If you are considering purchasing this pistol don't hesitate it is worth its weight and gold.


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  • Gene from USA asked:

    Does Hatsan make a grip for this gun that is friendly to left-handed people? I bought this and did not see anyplace where it said it was for right-handed people only. Any help is appreciated in advance! Gene

    • Mark from USA:

      Hatsan USA may have the grip or the gun with a left handed grip. We do not.

  • Horace from USA asked:

    Youtube video says left handed grip available from Hatsan. How do we obtain this grip? I would like to purchase this gun!!!

    • Mark from USA:

      You would have to contact Hatsan USA for a left handed model.

  • Wolverine from USA asked:

    The description mentions a .177 version. Will P.A. be offering it?

    • Mark from USA:


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Item Description

H-HGATP1-25QE [PY-3622-7018]
Powerful .25-caliber PCP pistol, 9rd mag, includes case & 2 mags
Caliber.25" (6.35mm)
Max Velocity710 fps
Muzzle Energy22 ft/lbs