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Walther PPK/S Classic, Ivory-Colored Grips

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Walther PPK/S Classic.

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  • Walther PPK/S CO2 BB pistol
  • Removable fake silencer (BATF-approved)
  • Blowback slide action!
  • Looks, feels & actions like the firearm
  • Includes black PPK/S with ivory-colored grips, fake silencer & extra set of black grips
  • Gun frame & slide are made of metal and the fake silencer is plastic
  • Silencer is removable by removing the 2 screws, but there is an extended barrel that remains & is not removable

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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity295 fps
Barrel Length3.5"
Overall Length6.1"
Shot Capacity15
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightFixed
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
Body TypePistol
Weight1.2 lbs
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4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Greg from USA on 2010-01-26
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Things I liked: Seems to be well made. Realistic looking. Weight is about right. Way high James Bond factor. The interchangeable grips are a nice feature. Very fun to shoot. Having had significant experience with shooting suppressed pistols, I can honestly say that this one simulate the experience rather well, sound and all. It was a big hit with the kids on my Venturing crew after airgun qualifications. Comes in a nice cardboard box which is easily reused for storage. This one isn't going to get shot very much. Just a cool collector.

Things I would have changed: I would make the barrel jacket out of something other than plastic. Even when it is well lubricated, the slide shaves plastic off the outside of the barrel. I can't help but think that this will just make an already loose pistol a bit more rattly over time. I would change the "silencer" from plastic to some sort of metal, preferably aluminum. The plastic unit looks ok, but the balance feels wrong. Seems like a cheap cop out after putting so much effort into making the rest of the pistol feel so real. Incorporating the safety lever into the slide like a real PPK would have been an engineering nightmare I imagine. The safety lever on the frame is acceptable, but it should be located on the left side I think. The cylinder screw knob on the bottom is a bit obtrusive, but it doesn't really bother me.

What others should know: This pistol is made in Japan. It is rather realistic, but no one is going to mistake it for the real thing. It is purely single action. The trigger does nothing when the hammer is at rest. Seems well made with the exceptions noted above. The magazines are a bit of a pain to load, and they seem pretty flimsy. I think the cheap mags are the one weak link in the design. Buying some extras will make your shooting more enjoyable, and will give you some peace of mind.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By mary from USA on 2010-01-14
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4.52 ratings

Things I liked: everything is kool,,i just wish the clip was easier to load with bb's,,,its little,

Things I would have changed: make the clip out of metal,,WISH THE BARREL WAS RIFLED, USE THE ZINC COATED BB'S.

What others should know: this may not be the most powerfull co2 pistol, but its the most realistic bb pistol in my collection,its steel,,,it feels and looks like the real deal,,,the first 20 shots are very powerful, its the best pistol i've seen to train youngsters how to shoot and gun safety,,the kick,,,the blow back,,the feel,,the real looks and feel and handleing. I PURCHASED 2 , 1 FOR ME,1 FOR MY DAUGHTER TO LEARN ABOUT GUNS AND SHOOTING WITH...BEST MADE BB PISTOL I'VE EVER OWNED,BE KOOL,,,,REDNECK ROBERT


3.0 3.0

3.0 3.0

5.0 5.0

By Adrian from USA on 2009-07-08
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: Great gun, looks and feels like the real thing, smooth action, very accurate

Things I would have changed: The screw on the bottom... needs to be made like the Pro 77 with the screw hidden... detracts from the realism and the overall appearance of the gun. They also should have left the safety where it is on the real gun - on the left side where it can be operated with your thumb. As it is very uncomfortable putting the gun on and off safe - requires an awkward motion. Also - THE SILENCER DOES NOT COME OFF. It appears to be a permanent fixture with the barrel actually extending through the plastic silencer... SO THERE IS NO WAY TO REMOVE IT!!!! That is a major, major, major drawback... I would not have purchased this gun if I had known the silencer couldn't be removed. The write up on the gun is totally misleading...

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    Item Description

    WA-2252219 [PY-1722-3492]
    PPK/S Classic CO2 BB pistol, 2 sets of grips & fake silencer
    Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
    Max Velocity295 fps