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Webley Patriot Air Rifle

3.012 reviews
Webley Patriot Air

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  • Webley Patriot air rifle
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger
  • Automatic safety
  • Walnut Monte Carlo stock
  • Right-hand raised cheekpiece
  • TruGlo sights (fully adjustable rear)
  • 11mm dovetail grooves
  • Tuned Vibration Absorber (lessens the felt recoil)
  • Power-Lok mainspring
The Patriot's box may not show the Patriot air rifle image on it. One box design is used for several Webley models.

The Webley Patriot air rifle lets you take down game and pests with astonishing authority. Shoot at longer ranges and take quarry that's out of reach for many other spring-piston air rifles. Of course, power means nothing without accuracy, and the Patriot really delivers!

This air gun has a long-standing reputation as a superior hunting air rifle. To get the most accuracy from your spring air rifle, shoot medium- or heavy-weight pellets. It'll lower the velocity a bit, but that slightly slower speed stabilizes the pellet and delivers more foot-pounds of energy to your target.

If you want to extract even more accuracy from your gun, get a quality scope. Because the Patriot's power is known to deliver a pounding shock to scopes (airgunners refer to the Patriot as a "scope breaker"), the only scopes we've recommended are those that we know can stand up to the brutal pounding of this powerhouse airgun!

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Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity1250 fps
Barrel Length17.5"
Overall Length45.6"
Shot Capacity1
Front SightFiber Optic
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
Scopeable11mm dovetail
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
ButtplateVentilated rubber
Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking
ActionBreak barrel
Body TypeRifle
Weight9.0 lbs

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3.0 (12 reviews)

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By Edgar from USA on 2019-07-28
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Things I liked: The power!! Shooting .25 cal crow magnums was thrilling watching things literally explode! Its a good looking gun, that classic hunting look is my weakness in airguns and firearms so this fit the bill. And most of all its a big gun that doesnt feel like a toy. Plus it was decently accurate

Things I would have changed: The Quattro trigger sucks, even after adjusting it, the grooves that are meant to work with a specific one piece mount that prevents it from sliding back dont work, they werent evenly cutout as well, so needless to say the scope mount didnt take advantage of the grooves so scope slippage made scope mounting useless. The safety feature didnt work at times... overall this gun has major manufacture defects.

What others should know: I now own an original webley patriot/ Beeman Kodiak made in England and yes waaaay different gun compared to this turkey made patriot, no comparison period. If youre looking for a Webley patriot this isnt it, honestly doesnt even deserve having the same name. Its a completely different gun.


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By greg from USA on 2015-03-10
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Things I liked: This gun excels for accuracy whether target shooting or hunting. I have the .25cal and when on a bench I can shoot 1" groups at 75yds with JSB 25.39gr dome pellets all day long. Killed many squirrels out to same distance in the 15mos I've had it. I have it scoped with UTG 4x32 and Leapers 1 piece accushot mount. Day to day consistency remains unchanged. I have 3 excellent Dianas to compare it with. I would not hesitate to buy this gun again. I have no reqrets.

Things I would have changed: The trigger could be a bit more refined feeling. I am comparing to the Dianas again. Obviously I adjusted it to get the best release I can get. I have many powder burners with factory and aftermarket triggers to compare with. This trigger is ok but could use some slicking up.

What others should know: .25cal is what this powerhouse deserves.

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By Maverick Door Gunner from USA on 2014-05-20
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Things I liked: I love the idea(at least)of a .25 cal in a springer, however I have come to the conclusion that most of the .25 cal springers are just not up to what they should be for that caliber, much over 25-30 yds. I wish to preclude anything further I say with, the Webley Patriot that "I" received, is NOT necessarily a reflection on ALL .25 cal Patriots. Mine had some wood missing that did not allow the forward wood screw for the trigger guard to tighten down, the trigger itself had a very large amount of lateral play in it and getting to group any proximity of "tight" beyond 10yds was nearly impossible, regardless of which pellets I used..though the 25.39 grain JSB's grouped the best, out at 25yds with 4 inch groups!!..and before anyone says anything, I DO know how to utilize the Artillery Hold as I also own an RWS 48, 350, Diana 52, Weihrauch HW77 & HW80 and have NO issues with any of them at all, for Any reason..and at much greater distances.

Things I would have changed: Webley / Hatsan, and Hatsan in particular, needs to seriously take a second look at their "quality control",at least as far as the Patriot is concerned, they definitely have some issues in that regard. I think they need to spend a little less focus on "FPS" and concentrate a bit more on refinements & "QC".

What others should know: Before purchasing a SPRINGER in .25 cal, of any manufacture, do yourself a favor and do a thorough study of ballistics, especially between .22 & the .25 particularly if your intended targets are most generally in excess of 35 yards, you just may find that a .22cal of Quality stature, such as RWS/Diana, AirArms, Weihrauch,etc..will meet your needs more suitably than a .25 cal Springer will. In my opinion, if you want a .25 cal, then a PCP is really the way to go in order to realize the true worth of that cal. because, my opinion, I just don't believe (nor, have I ever seen) that the power plants of todays springers are developed to the point, yet..that they can do the .25 any real justice. I exchanged (and Upgraded) my Patriot for a Benjamin M-Rod recently (at PA) and am Very Glad that I did, the PCP Really Is worthy of the larger caliber, and a deadly joy to shoot, I love it. I also Must say, that I cannot say enough Good, about PA & staff, in a word, INTEGRITY and SERVICE.

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  • Robby from USA asked:

    Are the barrels on the Patriot threaded for a suppressor ?? If not, has anyone had one threaded and a suppressor added ??

    • Tennyson from USA asked:

      Are they made in Spain at Hatsan's or in Turkey? I have heard these are actually made in Spain by Hatsan. And have people who bought this rifle lately had or noticed any real issues?

      • Mike from USA:

        the hatsan 135 is more powerful with a working volume of 87 cm3 compared to the shorter stroked webley patriot with 80 cm3

      • Roberto from USA:

        Webley closed its doors awhile back from what I have read they are made in turkey but use webley machines to build them. Hatsan owns the patriot name and hatsan puts them together now. The patriot still is stronger than hatsan 135 and has open sights so it it still a great air gun, just be sure to learn how to adjust trigger when you run into what you think is issue.

    • Grant from New Zealand asked:

      The description says "spring piston". Do these rifles come in a nitro piston model ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, they do not.

    Item Description

    WEBRPAT177 [PY-2584-5124]
    Superior air power!
    Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
    Max Velocity1250 fps