Date: 20/4/2019 13:16

Funny airgun videos and commercials!

As seen on American Airgunner - the only airgun show on TV. Watch on Sportsman Channel.
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  • youTube video
    Seneca Aspen Multi-Pump PCP Air Rifle
    Published on 03/25/2019

    Say goodbye to your normal PCP fill source! The Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle is a multi-pump PCP airgun that has everything built right in. Shoot for hours--free from air tanks, compressors, and handpumps.

  • youTube video
    Hatsan Vectis Lever Action PCP Air Rifle
    Published on 03/07/2019

    Announced at SHOT show 2019, the Vectis is everything Hatsan said it would be! In this Insyder video, Tyler discusses the ins-and-outs of this newly released Lever action PCP.

  • youTube video
    RAW HM1000x LRT .25 cal Air Rifle
    Published on 02/15/2019

    Tyler takes us through this new rifle from tip to tail, and explores the manufacturers claim of sub 1" groupings at 100 yards.

  • youTube video
    SIG Sauer ASP20 Gas-Piston Breakbarrel Air Rifle
    Published on 02/01/2019

    SIG Sauer breaks into the breakbarrel airgun market with the US made ASP20 Break Barrel Rifle, a suppressed single-shot, gas piston rifle ideal for backyard target shooting and taking down small game.

  • youTube video
    Ataman BP17 PCP Air Rifle
    Published on 01/17/2019

    "From Pyramyd Air with Love." In the true nature of a 1963 British spy film featuring James Bond, join Tyler and his alter-ego "Ivan" in this epic video as they review one of Ataman's most unique airgun creations, the BP17.

  • youTube video
    Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle
    Published on 01/14/2019

    Air Arms has upped the ante once again with a fully regulated version---the Ultimate Sporter XS---an air rifle built to provide the greatest power and shot consistency of any Sporter to date. Available Now.

  • youTube video
    Air Venturi NOMAD II Portable Air Compressor
    Published on 12/31/2018

    Take your air anywhere! Small, powerful, and portable - the NOMAD II Portable Air Compressor is Air Venturi's answer to PCP owners looking to enjoy the benefits of being their own fill source.

    The NOMAD II fills airguns directly, and can be powered off a car battery, or a wall outlet. It's great for the casual PCP owner who is looking to get rid of the hassles of having to take their tanks somewhere for fill-ups.

    Now in stock! Shop now!

  • youTube video
    2018 Pyramyd Air Plinkers Gift Guide
    Published on 12/18/2018

    The Pyramyd Air's Insyder's Plinkers Holiday Gift Guide will "guide" you to choose the best airgun for the plinker in your life, because you'll have the "insyde" scoop of what's-what in plinkers!

  • youTube video
    Pyramyd Air Historical Replicas Gift Guide
    Published on 12/10/2018

    Pyramyd Air's Historical Replicas Gift Guide will make you both nostalgic, and excited! Take a walk down memory lane with Tyler, as he shows you all the most realistic, Historical Replica Airguns available at Pyramyd Air.

  • youTube video
    2018 Pyramyd Air Holiday Replica Pistols Gift Guide
    Published on 12/03/2018

    This week's Holiday Gift Guide from Pyramyd Air is all about the handgun replicas! Join Tyler (the elf?), as he shows you his favorite air pistol picks—some that he has in his personal collection. Don't miss it!

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