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    Crosman DPMS SBR Full-Auto BB Air Rifle
    Published on 07/11/2018

    This officially licensed and stamped DPMS SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) spits out blistering semi and full-auto repeating BB shots, fueled by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges housed in the 25rd magazine. A short barrel version of the modern warfighter rifle, the DPMS SBR transfers everything shooters.

  • youTube video
    Leapers Scopes: Go Karts, Mud and Flubber
    Published on 06/26/2018

    Can the True Strength technology from Leapers live up to its name? Watch our latest Insyder and find out. Warning: Many UTG scopes were harmed in the making of this Insyder. Not for the faint of heart!

  • youTube video
    HellBoy .177 CO2 BB Tactical Air Rifle
    Published on 06/04/2018
    Based on one of the greatest weapons platforms ever created--the M4 Carbine--heat up the range with blistering semi-auto shots and unparalleled realism for a tactical experience like nothing on Earth!
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    Life Extended Carbon Fiber Tanks
    Published on 06/01/2018
    If the cost of a brand new carbon fiber air cylinder has kept you from getting into PCP airguns, a Life Extended cylinder may be the answer! These carbon fiber cylinders are lightweight and capable of storing up to 4500 psi of high pressure air. Potentially providing thousands of shots for your PCP airguns!
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    Gamo Swarm Magnum Multi-Shot Air Rifle
    Published on 04/27/2018

    Gamo broke the mold when it released the original Swarm Maxxim, the first successful multi-shot breakbarrel in over a decade. Now comes the Gamo Swarm Magnum the most powerful Swarm yet.

    Gamo Swarm Magnum Multi-Shot Air Rifle Video Transcript:

    Welcome to the Pyramyd Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner. Today we're going to be taking a look at the latest offering from Gamo, the Swarm Magnum in 22 caliber. So, the Swarm Magnum announced at SHOT Show 2018, of course, is Gamo's latest entry into the multishop break barrel world with the 10x system here on top. It's only offered in 22 caliber at this point time. Don't know if they have plans for 25 but certainly with that Magnum gas ram you know in there that IGT Mach 1 piston at 22 caliber is definitely going to make better use of it than a 177 would. But let's check out the gun here starting at the front. So the Swarm Maxim had the maximum shroud technology on it. The Swarm Magnum has the Whisper Fusion kind of suppressor on the end of it which obviously we're gonna find out if that does a good job of keeping things nice and quiet for you guys--for those of you that are backyard conscious of course. And sliding on back here we get to that 10x system which you guys if you've seen the Swarm Maxim video we did you'll kind of have an idea how that works, but basically you depress this little button on top, you pull the magazine out, you have some numbers on top there, so you load them right into the face of the magazine one at a time all the way up to ten rounds. And you actually have a nice little cutout window there that displays which number or how many pellets you have left, in excluding the one that is loaded in the barrel, so it definitely is a nice way to keep track and then when you're empty you hit that little exclamation point and you also have a little white dot that pops through on this window, so you can even see that and we'll show you guys when we get out to the range, you can see that from a shoulder position so you don't have to worry about, you know, dry firing in this gun. If you dry fire this, cock it and then reload it without a pellet, you must have missed something all right, that's just me being straightforward with you guys, it would be pretty hard to do in my opinion. So moving back from this 10x quick shot system we do have inside of the compression chamber here the IGT Mach 1 piston that's Gamo's biggest and baddest piston. It says they're capable of shooting up to 1,300 feet per second that's pretty screaming, I'm assuming that's with the lead-free pellet, obviously we'll see what it does with a real-world pellet you know seeing what it likes after and then chronographing it of course. Up on top of the compression tube we do have their recoil reducing rail, so this is supposed to cut felt recoil to the scope by 99.9%, therefore extending the life of your optic. Now, the Gamo scope that it comes with, in the one piece mount, haven't had any issues with it yet, probably will try a different scope on it just to make sure that it is holding zero and showing me exactly what it can show me in terms of its best capabilities. But no fixed parallax so right around 30-35 yards is where this has a parallax adjusted to so that's gonna be your clearest point where you can use that 9x without problems, but I would prefer a parallax adjustable optic every time guys, so keep that in mind if you are looking upgrade that is what I would go to, whether it's a 4X 3-9 whatever you guys want. Dropping down we do have the CAT custom action trigger fully adjustable, Gamo says, I haven't adjusted this one out of the box, it's not breaking very heavy probably around 3 pounds, not the most defined first second stage but you can certainly feel it and knowing it is adjustable we'd be able to get that better if we so desired, but I want to give you guys an out-of-the-box look at the gun. And really the biggest change other than the aforementioned power level, you're talking about a thumbhole stock as opposed to a more straight wristed stock and the cheek piece, while it does look adjustable is not, I'm sorry to say. But the gun's still coming in right around 7.5-8 pounds with the scope mount, it's so a pretty light Magnum gun. I'm sure that's gonna impact our hold sensitivity of this, I've always found that lighter weight guns are a bit more hold sensitive, and obviously somewhere just over 49 inches, you do have a pretty long rifle here so definitely something to keep in mind and I'm sure with that increased powerplant capability our cocking effort is going to go up as well so when we head out to the range we're gonna test all of those things for you guys and give you guys a straight dope on what the Gamo Swarm Magnum can do. So let's get out there and check it out.

    Alright guys, so before we get started on the accuracy in the chronograph testing I wanted to show you guys quickly how this loads and note that we are only doing five shot groups today, it's like 45 to 50 pounds of cocking effort. I'm not even sorry about not doing touch shot groups for you guys. Five shots are gonna tell us exactly what we need to know about this guy, but this is the way the 10x system works if you haven't seen our Swarm Maxim video. So you go ahead you have your magazine loaded up with pellets you can see I have two rounds in here, it's gonna tell you how many rounds are still in the mag. So we go ahead, insert the mag into the 10x system, snaps in very audibly, very positively, you're gonna go ahead at that point break the barrel back up, and now you see it's displaying one alright, so one pellet is loaded it has one remaining in the magazine. So we're gonna go ahead, aim downrange, take our shot, and then I'm gonna do it again and this is where you get that quick follow-up now. Now you can see that I have that exclamation point telling me that I have no rounds left, we'll go ahead take our second shot and you'll also notice guys on the back of the magazine here, where you can actually see it as the shooter, you have that little white dot right there showing you that this mag is empty and that you need to refill it. If you are gonna go ahead and break that barrel again you will dry fire the gun so definitely not a good thing, don't do that. Let's get to some accuracy testing.

    Alright guys, so that was one of the more trying range sessions we've had with a gun that I can remember. Went through about 16 different pellets and found one that shot better than all of the others and pretty darned, like a lot better, all right. So that's the Predator GTOs which ironically were the best pellet I think in the regular Swarm Maxim when we tested that in 22. So a 3/4 inch group here at 30 yards so certainly you know minute of squirrels' head every time so very good there. And then moving it out to 45 at the very end of our range here you have 5 shots within an inch, a couple going in the same hole probably could have been a little bit better. Honestly guys I'm finding the gun pretty darn hold sensitive which is making it kind of tricky to get good groups and be as consistent as possible with. Just to give you an idea of what some other pellets did, so this is the Barracudas at 45 yards a two-and-a-half-inch group. They group a hell of a lot better at 30 but still when you can't have that good transitional accuracy from distance to distance, you know, this takes that one off the table right away. And then probably the second-best group that we had are these Crosman premier domed pellets, so 14.3 grains and you have basically five shots within an inch and a quarter so. Which is not bad, but again, really that one-inch mark is what I'm looking for when I want to get an accuracy standard for a gun, and at 45 yards we've seen plenty of spring and gas piston guns that do that so. The Gamo Swarm Magnum very pellet picky, hold sensitive, but still shoots fairly well out to 45 yards.

    Alright guys so the Gamo Swarm Magnum certainly didn't perform poorly, it was a definitely a more difficult one for us here to do. A pretty hold sensitive gun because of that lightweight but a lot of power. 29 foot-pounds with the predator GTOs which are an alloy pellet, was very surprising, you know over a thousand feet per second is just screaming. Definitely in that 30 to 35-yard range with that kind of power you are gonna be deadly, I mean just devastating, on game that you're going after, and having that multi-shot capability is a great add-on, although for me 45 to 50 pounds of cocking effort really negates a lot of that upgrade of having those multiple shots right and being able to just quickly do it. It's certainly faster than if you were single loading but really makes it more trying with that heavier cocking effort. Very surprised the scope held up on this one, we didn't have good luck with that with the Swarm Maxim but on the Magnum it held up just fine. Don't know if Gamo's changed something on the scope, but personally and my recommendation to you guys, swap this out for something with an adjustable objective, it's just gonna be more favorable in the long run if you guys want to shoot at longer distances or really close distances as well. But, overall, the Gamo Swarm Magnum if you are looking for a high-powered gas piston or spring piston airgun, this is definitely one you guys are gonna want to check out in 2018. For the Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner, as always guys don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment down below. We'll see you at the next one.

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    Air Arms S510 TDR PCP Air Rifle
    Published on 04/05/2018
    Built on the tried and true S510 action, the TDR (Take-Down Rifle) packs all of the features that small game hunters want into a highly maneuverable and transportable package. Able to break down in seconds, the S510 TDR is built to go anywhere you can.

    Air Arms S510 TDR PCP Air Rifle Video Transcript:

    Welcome to the Pyramyd Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner. Today we have a little bit of a different review for you guys. We're taking a look at a brand new line of cases. I'm totally kidding, the Air Arms S510 TDR in 22 caliber. So the 510 TDR came out very late last year in 2017. We got our first look at it at SHOT Show 2018 and they're finally here ready to shoot. 22 calibers are what we have here to test today and let's run it down. As far as what's in the case here, you do have your manual, of course, you got some Allen keys it looks like they're your traditional Phil probe which is threaded to 1/8 psp so you're gonna want to make sure you get a quick disconnect adapter if your fill setup requires it. Let's see, looking through, so we have our buttstock which is a walnut variety and looks like it has one of our magazines in there, it comes with two and it does have this slotting here that you can put both magazines or a third spare if you want to pick one up into that rear buttstock so that you can keep it on you at all times which is really nice. Got a cutout here for the pellets, and of course, then there we go the meat and potatoes of this, the 510 TDR action. So basically, in a pistol form, I guess if you wanted to call it that. Let's get it all set up here for you guys and go into some detail. So as we go ahead and get this put together here guys one of the things you obviously notice the TDR, the 410 TDR which is a bolt-action, the 510's a side lever action used to come in like kind of a carrying case so now they put it in this hard case. I prefer the hard case, I know a lot of folks out there preferred the softer case that had the backpack straps. Putting the buttstock on here, really simple, you're just gonna go ahead line it up with these holes here in the back. You have a three-prong system, you'll line that up nice and easy, you go ahead push it in and then we're just gonna simply screw it in right at the back here. And you can see that gap closing, it's really easy to do this, takes under a minute to put it all together, actually, I'd say probably 30 seconds. And we are all set, you make sure that's hand tight and you are good to go. You got a 40 roughly 40-inch six-pound hunting package that is a really easy very light very convenient to use.

    Let's run down some of the specs here starting at the front, so one of the big updates, the 410 version of this gun was unshrouded unsuppressed, we now have a full shroud with the Qtek moderator on the end should keep things very very quiet having shot like - 510 Ultimate Sporter that has the Qtec already on it this is should be a very quiet setup and hopefully putting out about around 30 foot-pounds with some heavy pellets in this 22 caliber. Down below we do have about a 150 CC cylinder here with a screw off endcap that exposes your fill port and this is the standard Air Arms fill system. Again, that little fill adapter comes with it, you do need to get your quick disconnect, but just so you can see how it works, you go ahead slide that on, you'll line up the hole in the end of the fill cap there with that tee fitting, and then you turn it like that. Keeps it locked on, it's never gonna fly off or come off or come out like a fill probe might on you, so that is a really really nice feature, and again, you got that dust cap there to keep things safe and secure when you don't have it out and ready to fill. On the bottom of the stock here, you'll notice we do have a forend accessory rail. We have a Harris bipod adapter that comes with a little swivel stud, you can throw that in there and then hook up your like UTG bipod or something like that and then you, of course, have a fill pressure gauge on the bottom that reads in bar. This is a 200 bar so 2900 psi fill rifle and again should yield about 30 shots, roughly a thirty foot-pounds on high power. And speaking of the power, we do have a power adjuster transfer port adjuster here which, yep they sure did, they updated it to that five setting system so you have those five discernible clicks as you go ahead and adjust it and you can see you got the plus back towards you right there, and then you got one, two, three, four, so five total settings but that's going to give us probably the ability to do everything from shooting in the basement during the winter all the way to going up to that thirty foot pound mark and going after some small game. So talking a little bit more about the furniture on this gun we do have some walnut wood here both for the four stock and the cheek piece. You got some nice stippling on the grip. The gun looks fantastic, in my opinion, especially with the shroud setup, I really like the look of that fixed suppressor on the end there. And again, I mentioned it earlier, you do have the slots that will hold your magazines, I have one in the breach here but the second one just fits nice and snug up in there under spring tension. Very easy to work with, it just sits right like that so it's ready to go when you need it. At the back we do have an adjusted butt plate, you got a screw right in the back there that you go ahead loosen, you can slide that up and down. It is not adjustable for length of pull through, so that is something to keep in mind. Probably not the best choice for junior shooters, it does have a very full length of pull and again, you have your tightening screw here at the back that tightens the whole system together. Bear in mind that you can't run this as a pistol because you do need this three prong adapter in the back to keep tension on your hammer spring setup so that when you cock it it has something to push against. And speaking of cocking it, we do have a side lever system as I alluded to earlier. It used to be a bolt, now it's a side lever so a lot smoother, they're probably gonna be a lot faster for you guys at home that need to get that quick follow-up shot. So we just pull it back nice and easy to cock it, pull out our magazine, of course 10-round magazines, which are standard for Air Arms, and to decock it if we do want to, you go ahead and you pull the trigger as you hold the bolt. All good to go, very easy to do, and of course we have our standard safety that is on the trigger. I'm not a huge fan of this but Air Arms does it on all their guns and it certainly does work. You put it on safe and it's not going anywhere I would just prefer it to be anywhere but the trigger for myself. But other than that this gun has all the hallmarks of the rest of the Air Arms line just with some updates from the 410 version that we used to see. Got an 11 millimeter dovetail rail on top. We have a Hawk Vantage 4 to 12 by 40 scope on it and we are gonna head out to the range, get some chrony numbers, throw some lead downrange, see how accurate it is and then we'll come back to wrap it up. Let's head out

    Alright guys so looking at these accuracy results, of course we tested you know the full battery of pellets, and it was like 12 pellets or something that went through this gun and the two best by far the 18 grain JSPs and the Air Arm 16 grains, basically the JSP 15.8 9s, they're a little bit different but they also shot pretty well; not quite as good as the Air Arms did but a 0.45 inch group and a 0.43 inch group 10 shots half inch accuracy at 45 yards absolutely fantastic out of the S510 TDR. With both the 18s and the 16-grain pellets doing so well at 45 yards from an accuracy perspective we decided to go ahead and chronograph both. What you're seeing with those Air Arms 16 grain pellets is a pretty decent spread overall, you know 71 feet per second is a pretty big extreme spread but the standard deviation from shot to shot isn't too bad. What you're really looking for though right around 170 bar down to about a 130 or so is really your sweet spot of shots where we're getting a good velocity and nice consistent results from shot to shot, and we see the same thing with the JSP jumbo 18 grains as well. A little bit bigger spread overall but you get that extra foot-pound out of it you know 29 and 30 foot-pounds respectively certainly nothing to sneeze at from the power perspective. So, on high-power, this gun is going to deliver plenty of shots at a high power to do whatever you guys want to do from a small game hunting perspective.

    All right guys obviously the 510 TDR takedown rifle has a lot of accuracy sub half-inch groups at 45 yards, nothing to mess around with at thirty foot-pounds, absolutely fantastic. Like two things I didn't hit on actually. Obviously it's a low throw Walther barrel as all the Air Arms stuff is and actually looking at the gun and thinking about it, this is fully ambidextrous so if you're a lefty you can get down on this no problem, obviously the side lever can't be swapped but that's not really a big deal, I don't think for most lefties out there, but you got a lot of nice upgrades on this over the 410 TDR. Obviously, the quiet factor is huge on this one as well as that five-step power gesture from the free-form power adjuster that was there before and the side lever of course as well. And then coming with a hard case that's something I like you know I throw it in the back of a truck and you're good to go. This gun takes down or gets put back together in like 30 seconds so it's right there at your fingertips. Overall, very very nice offering from Air Arms here to start 2018 off. Two things I would like to see change going forward. I would love to see a quick disconnect fitting here instead of the T-bar style fitting that they use, and I would love to see that safety mechanism get taken off of the trigger blade. That's just me though, other than that these obviously perform fantastically and definitely one if you are a small game hunter this is one you're gonna want to look at in 2018 and going forward. For the Insyder, guys, I'm Tyler Patner don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment down below, we'll see you guys at the next one. Thanks!

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    2017 Pyramyd Air Cup Overview
    Published on 03/07/2018

    The 2017 Pyramyd Air Cup was a raging success, WITH over 100 competitors fighting FOR top honors! 2018, the 5th anniversary of the Cup, promises to raise the bar yet again with more excitement, great competition, and more prizes than ever before!

    2017 Pyramyd Air Cup Overview Video Transcript:

    Hey guys we're here at the 2017 Pyramyd Air cup in Midvale, Ohio. This is probably going to be the largest field target and air gun competition in the country this year, we have a hundred competitors for the field target, we got a bunch more for the gunslinger. It's gonna be a lot of fun this weekend, we have national champions and world champions, we got everything across the board, lots of shooters. Let's go check it out.

    Tom Holland- This is probably one of the premier events in my opinion, in the country. I've been to national championships and some other Grand Prix's, it's the most impressive. What Pyramyd does for the average shooter is amazing, you get to see people you haven't seen in a year or two or even longer, and it's just a great event.

    Hector Medina- You have a lot of nice people here, it's all the Pyramyd Air people, and you have the vendors, and you have the shooters, and it's it's a lot of good vibes, it's a great place to be.

    Ray Apelles- I keep coming back to the match because it's just a whole bunch of great people, there's the potential for some winning some really great prizes. That's not the big thing though. The thing is the good camaraderie and the great competition.

    Bruce Scott- I am finding the event incredibly fun and well run. The course here is beautiful, the competitors are all extremely nice. I'm having a great time.

    Eric Brewer- Overall the event I love it, cover this, that's yeah there's prizes, the benefit of coming here and seeing the people in field target being that the field target community is really supportive and this location and venue is great, it really is. I enjoy it.

    Shooters ready in three, two, one, go!

    Bill Rabbitt- The biggest challenge of gunslinger is staying focused. Trying to avoid what you're hearing your opponent is doing. you're hearing their shots you're hearing the crowd behind them going ooh and ahh, and you just got to stay focused and keep your rhythm up.

    You got to get a gun that loads pretty easily, and then practice your technique, and dropping it in there, and going back to shooting and try to keep your eye on the scope. And keep your eye on the scope and lower and they say that's the difference.

    Bill Rabbitt- My favorite part of the gun sling is when it's all done, when that last chicken falls over and you can walk away from the lane and calm down.

    Alright guys, that about wraps it up for the 2017 Pyramid Air Cup here in Midvale, Ohio. It's been an absolutely awesome weekend of air gunning, we've seen a lot of great gunslinger matchups, gave away some big cash prizes, those winners also saw some great field target shooting with absolutely phenomenal talent and introduced a lot of people to the sport of air gunning. It's been a phenomenal weekend, I want to say thank you to all of our sponsors and all of our staff that helped out over the course of the weekend, give us some incredible prizes. It's an absolutely phenomenal time guys, you definitely need to check it out in 2018. For the full results go to For the Insyder guys, I'm Tyler Patner, we'll see you next year.

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    Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle
    Published on 02/28/2018

    If you've wanted to enter the world of PCP airguns but price has held you back, make a bolt for the buy button and make the Flash yours!

    Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle Video Transcript:

    Welcome to the Pyramyd Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner. Today we're gonna be taking a look at a brand new one just announced to SHOT Show 2018--the Hatsan Flash in 22 caliber.

    So because this gun's called the Flash, we're gonna do the world's fastest review today. All right, lets start at the muzzle(*Sped up Speech*) Just kidding so the Flash was announced at the 2018 SHOT show. Basically Hatsan's answer to the Umarex Gauntlet and the Diana Storm Rider, a $300 pcp. Quite frankly, this was one of the guns that I was most excited to see because Hatsan is gonna bring you a powerful $300 gun as opposed to most of these 22s that are like 22,23,24 foot-pounds. This is gonna be a full-bodied 22, I guess you're talking about having 30-plus foot-pounds at your disposal, what that's going to do to the shot count of course we're gonna find out, but let's go over some of the features of this Flash. So starting at the front of the gun we do have the QE system, so you have this kind of integral suppressor as well as a full shroud system. Should keep things pretty quiet, pretty backyard friendly for all you guys looking to do some backyard pesting or just general target shooting in the backyard. Dropping down, we do have a, I believe, it's about 165 CC air cylinder here so a little bit smaller than most of their cylinders on the Hatsan guns, and it is fixed you can't screw it off and replace it with a new bottle. Not a big deal to me, you do have your standard fill probe here that comes with all of the Hatsan guns and it is threaded on the end of 1/8 BSPP, so you are going to need a quick disconnect fitting if that is what your fill system needs. And that just slides right into the fill port. Doesn't come with a dust cover Hatsan's usually really good about that, I'd like to see them include one, you know just something to put in there when your fill probe isn't in the gun, but not the end of the world for me. Gun fills to 200 bar which you can see on a gauge on the underside of the stock you got some nice color coating there. So 200 bar about 2,900 psi and talking about the stock here, it is full synthetic, it has a pretty good feel to it but it is going to keep things very, very lightweight. This gun's coming in at six pounds. This is exactly what I've personally, we been wanting to see from Hatsan for many years now. Their guns, in my opinion, needed to go on a diet and the Flash has been put on a diet. They introduced this guy to Jenny Craig and he is a pleasure to deal with at six pounds. Very nice, pointable, the thumbhole skeletonized stock here is just really easy to get along with in my opinion, it's gonna fit most hand sizes without a problem, and just feels really good like it's a nice solid feeling gun that's not too heavy and not too bulky, and at 42 inches long you're not gonna have a problem carrying this around with you. So another thing that is featured in this stock is a little Picatinny rail section here if you did want to mount a bipod or something like that. I love that you know just the ability to quickly mount a bipod is always nice in my opinion. On top of the breech, we have Hatsan standard weaver, 11-millimeter dovetail scope rail, which at this point is kind of you know, it's their standard and it works. I prefer to use dovetail mounts on these rails just because sometimes the Picatinny weaver sections are a little weird, so we went ahead and mounted a UTG 4 - 16 by 50 scope here on top. On the side of the action here we do have a side bolt operated system very similar to what we've seen on the Gauntlet but it kind of pops back on its own, not too hard to pull back and does go down into that slot. You got two 12 round magazines with these, is the same as the mags on the BullMaster and the Barrage, so you can just slide them in there and you're good to go. 12 pellets will do all 12 shot groups when we're out on the range for you guys and the gun does also come with a single shot tray which again, little value-added features that are always nice. So when you go ahead, you cock that back, you're gonna go ahead, you don't have to drop it down when you're just loading the gun but you do when you're gonna take the mag in and out, and you're just gonna rock it forward and you're good to go. If you do want to de-cock the rifle, you just hold it back there pull the trigger, you hear it kind of pop and you're good to go and you're all safe. Another big upgrade, kind of an upgrade I guess in my opinion, that Hatsan has been long needing is a non-automatic safety. So we do have a manual safety that's really conveniently placed for the right-handed shooters out there, you just flip that back it's on, safe, flip it forward, you're hot and ready to go, and the Quattro trigger, so this should be a very very good trigger, may need a little adjusting out of the box for you but it is very adjustable. The Quattro is really nice, think this one is breaking about three pounds doesn't have too much take-up which I like, and comes to a fairly clean wall so it's a nice little trigger that you're going to be able to get along with whether you're a hunter or a target shooter without a problem. So let's head out to the range and see what this Flash can do.

    Alright, guys, we tested pretty much every pellet we had at our disposal, probably somewhere in the 15-16 amount of pellets. That said, we narrowed it down to three in our pre-testing that did quite well. The results were okay you know for most, so you got the Crosman Premiere domes which is a pretty affordable pellet. All twelve shots and these are twelve shot groups inch and a quarter for all twelve you cut out that shot right there, which was my first shot so probably a me problem there, and you got 11 shots in a one inch group which is certainly not too bad out at 45 yards. Moving it in the Barracuda Powers, which is a very heavy pellet, you got a 21 grain pellet, they're gonna give you a lot of energy, puts all 12 in about an inch and an eighth and again 11 of those 12 are gonna be in a one inch group there, which is again pretty solid. But definitely the best, those JSB 15 point eight nine five-eighths group 12 shots out of a $300 gun, high praise in the accuracy department for the Hatsan Flash.

    So looking over these chronograph results with the Hatsan Flash, it's kind of what I expected, especially with the 16-grain pellet. About 30 foot-pounds of energy and that 20 shot average at 925 feet per second is definitely cruising along with a 16-grain pellet. It's producing good accuracy but really if we're looking at the tightness of these velocities you're talking about getting one mag so 12 shots maybe 15 shots in a kind of a usable velocity range. If you're shooting out 250 yards or more, if you're using this gun for tighter ranges than that, not going to see so much of a change. But really guys you're buying a Hatsan Flash because you want to do some serious hunting with it, not because you want to be shooting all day in the backyard. This is going to be the 300 dollar gun that the serious hunter is going to be able to get behind and use effectively.

    Alright guys so I got to say very impressed with the Hatsan Flash, it's really everything I expected it to be. It's quiet, you got a solid trigger, it's not gonna require too much fiddling out of the box, and if it does it's relatively easy to do. 12 round magazine so you get a few more shots per mag for those of you guys that are hunting with this gun. Reliable bolt-action system and it's got good power, pushing a 16 grain pellet basically at 925 feet per second averaged over about 20 shots, this is gonna be really good for you hunters out there, 30 foot-pounds of energy a 5/8 group at 45 yards absolutely phenomenal over 12 shots. Got to see a dust cover in that I'd really like Hatsan to put that out there, but overall I really can't find too many gripes with this gun if any at all. It's lightweight, which is a godsend from Hatsan, thank you very much. Quiet, accurate, you got the multi-shot system, they did everything right with this $300 PCP and if you're looking for more power, you got a 25 caliber option. If you're looking to do some target shooting exclusively, you got a 177 option as well. Whether you're just getting into PCPs or if you're looking for a gun to knock around with in the woods, the Hatsan Flash is gonna be a really good choice for you, so definitely check it out next time you're on Pyramyd Air. Don't forget to click that subscribe button, stick with us through 2018. There are a lot of cool new products we're gonna be taking a look at, I am very excited for all of the things that we're gonna be seeing in the 2018. Lots of cool new stuff coming your guys' way. Don't forget to like and comment down below tell us what you thought of the video, and what you guys want to see next. For the Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner, we'll see you guys at the next one.

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    Pyramyd Insyder: SHOT Show 2018 - Part 3
    Published on 02/12/2018

    The Pyramyd Insyder was all over SHOT Show 2018 scouring the floor for the latest air rifles and air pistols from cutting-edge airgun manufactures like Air Venturi, Seneca, Umarex, RWS and Springfield Armory.

    Pyramyd Insyder: SHOT Show 2018 - Part 3 Video Transcript:

    Hey guys we're here at the Air Venture booth SHOT Show 2018. This is the Double Shot. Alright why do they call it the Double Shot? Two barrels of ultimate badassery right here. This is of course first and foremost an air shotgun. Basically you can call this the big brother of the Wing shot if you want to, I am just calling it awesome. We have an air distributor system here this is going to allow you to quickly flip between the left and the right barrel, it is absolutely fantastic, it works super smooth and all you have to do, you cock the gun, you turn it, and you are good to go. Of course if you're going to shoot something maybe like these guys, these air bolts out of this, you're going to have to take off these chokes. They did let me play around with this before we came out to SHOT. This is, of course, like one of two prototypes right now, but guys this is super awesome, 18 inch pattern at 20 yards with both barrels. And you're able to put four of these, you know one after the other, with one reload in between into about a three-inch group at 35 yards. This thing is going to be a hunter's dream. You got a quick follow up shot with these air bolts. What more could you ask for guys? So really cool, brand-new, this is going to be under the Seneca line the Double Shot, one you're gonna want to check out in 2018.

    Alright guys we are back at the Air Venturi booth. This is a cool little rifle that caught my eye here at the booth. They're calling this the TR 5, now this guy is a youth target rifle, very reminiscent of the IZH 61 that we can no longer get here in the states so. You got a five-round repeating system, of course, this is a spring piston side lever gun. You can see that side lever right here, you simply lift up on it and go to the side and you're able to go ahead, pull that back, and you can actually you just saw that index right there. So this is all gonna work really really simply and smoothly for those junior shooters out there. You got a rail underneath for mounting a sling accessory and, of course, we're going to put target sights on this. So I would imagine you're gonna probably see some sort of aperture sights, you know probably similar to what we used to see on that IZH model, but some updates. They made a little update to the design as far as I can see here. You have a quick adjusting buttstock and it feels like it's got about six positions in it, as well as an up-and-down adjustable butt pad here via this thumb screw on the back, so you loosen it you can actually move that rubber butt pad up and down. You know this one's going to be a great option to get the kids into some target shooting with or if you're just looking to plink in the backyard, probably going to be a really really good choice, and one to keep an eye on as the year goes forward.

    Back at the Air Venturi booth. Guys these guys keep coming out with new products it's crazy. This is the Hellboy alright, this is in their Hellraiser line they're calling it. This is basically your AR M4 replica and this feels pretty damn real to me guys. You can see you got the flip opened dust port there, the ejection port. Here's all the features this thing has packed in guys. You have the fully adjustable six-point buttstock here and it this castle nut actually can come loose so it does seem like at least you can change out your buffer tube and your buttstock if you so choose. We do have a selector switch over here on this side. Now you'll notice it does say auto, they are telling me this does not function in full auto, only semi-automatic even when you do have it on that auto selector, eh but that's alright. They're telling me they're hitting good targets with this thing you know a 12 by 12 target I'd bet 240 yards with bb's, alright, that's pretty awesome. You got a drop free mag that's going to house 18 bb's in one co2 cartridge, they're saying fifty to sixty shots. Guys it looks like honestly you could replace all of these accessories with just about anything you want on here, and for those of you that want a little bit more precision you can even unscrew this and you got a flat top rail on top. This is actually really awesome if you're looking to do some action shooting or practice for what you're going to be doing out in the field maybe in the range with your real AR, the Hellboy's going to be one to check out, stay tuned.

    Hey guys we're back at SHOT Show 2018 still at the Air Venturi booth. We are taking a look at the brand new Seneca Dragonfly. This actually looks a lot like the Diana Stormrider except that it is a multi-pump, alright, so check that out. You're able to get eight pumps with this in 177, you're looking at about 800 feet per second they're telling me and about 622. Coolest thing about this though,.multi-pump multishot you slide, just like the Stormrider you slide the single shot tray out and a magazine fits right in here. Nine rounds into 177 and 7 and 22. Same magazines as a Storm Rider so those are already readily available, so a little solid 5-pound gun multi-pump gun, it's going to be perfect for you preppers out there. Open sights of course, and you're gonna be able to mount a scope on the 11 millimeter dovetail guys. Again if you've been looking for a multi-pump rifle whether you're looking to get a youth shooter into it or you are looking to do some hunting yourself without having to worry about a spring or a piston breaking on you or having to fill up a gun with a PCP multi-pump pneumatic, the Dragonfly's coming your way. Check it out in 2018.

    Hey guys back here at the Air Venturi booth, last thing we're going to show you here today and probably the most significant. I'm watching this display here, it's got me a little mesmerized so I apologize if I zone out. These are the Dust Devil BB's, this is the world's first and only frangible BB. Frangible means it breaks apart when it hits a hard target, guys. That means you could shoot your steel targets, your plinking stuff, we got a gong target, you know on the website, there you can shoot any of these hard targets and these BB's break apart. He's working almost every BB gun you got out there, I think they don't work in the MP40 which was I was really bummed to hear that, but any of your single-stack magazine BB pistols or rifles, these are gonna work great in. They're a little bit lighter than your traditional 5.1-grain steel BB, so they are gonna go a bit faster as well, but this is a way safer option than your traditional steel BB and even then your smart shot BB's, which are low ricochet. If those are low ricochet these are no ricochets, what I'm being told, so that's really cool. 1500 counts probably going to be around ten bucks. Guys, these are gonna make shooting BB guns a lot more fun. We're going to be using these quite a bit here on the Insyder in 2018 so stay tuned.

    Alright guys so I was about to leave the Air Venturi booth and they told me they got us a licensing deal with Springfield Armory. Pretty cool. Actually, the first pistol I ever bought, real steel 9-millimeter pistol, was an XDM, and this is the exact replica of that gun. Now this is an airsoft version, they're also going to have BB versions. Pull blowback, drop three mag. Guys this feels just like the real thing, they even have the texturing down, and I'm told it comes with the interchangeable backstraps, as well functional grip safety, come on this is awesome. This is going to make training at home if you have a Springfield pistol, there's gonna be some 1911's out there as well, awesome stuff here guys, this is really gonna open it up. I can't think of many brands now that aren't represented with an air gun replica. Springfield Armory was one of the last ones that wasn't, and Air Venturi is gonna take care of that for us, but not only do they have pistols, guys, that are coming, but they're doing rifles too. Parking them back, just a little bit of an older time here. We have the M1 Carbine replica, this is actually, this is full metal and if this is a wood stock. I'm told there's going to be a synthetic stock option available for a little bit less probably around $199 or so but this wood stock option is definitely going to be available. They're telling me this is a cold blowback gun in the airsoft version. Co2 cartridge looks like a drop free mag again here, yep CO2 right in the bottom, so I'm expecting the BB versions probably going to be very similar. And, of course, the venerable M1A. Now this is a Springer airsoft version that they have here for show, but they tell me they're working on a bunch of other versions which includes CO2 as well so if you are an M1A fan and looking for something not only in airsoft but also in steel BB to replicate the field, maybe your real M1A or an M14, definitely one to check out. Guys this is a huge deal for the guys at Air Venturi. Really cool, looking forward to seeing what they put out in 2018. We're gonna check out the rest of the show now guys. Stay tuned here with the Insyder at SHOT Show.

    Hey guys we're here at the Umarex booth, obviously Umarex did big big things in the PCP world in 2017, and in 2018 they are not going to disappoint. The Hammer is here guys. Very very impressive changes and upgrades in my opinion to this gun here. Now they're saying made in America, I don't know what exactly all qualifies is made in America, that's not really the important part, let's talk about some of the performance specs they're talking about here. You have a 4,500 psi carbon-fiber cylinder on this gun which is regulated at 3,000 psi. Gun has a two-round magazine in it and that's going to give you, you should be able to get two to three good shots on a fill at this at up to 700 foot-pounds, seven zero zero guys. That is a ton of power, this will be the world's most powerful production big bore and man I can't wait to get my hands on this, guys. I know it looks like a pretty big gun, obviously fully shrouded barrel but this thing doesn't handle that heavy guys, and quite frankly, the balance throwing it up to the DI there is really really nice. Talking about a brand new valve design there, light speed valve in this gun which should be able to deliver not only that big power, but also a very quick jolt shock shot cycle that should be really really shooter friendly, and a 2-pound cocking effort you just pull it back like that, push it forward, let's try the trigger here real quick. For a big bore guys, that's pretty good, overall the Umarex Hammer is a fan, only one you're gonna want to check out. 50 caliber 700 foot-pounds, 2018 big things coming, stay tuned.

    Hey, guys, we're back at the Umarex booth checking out some new RWS guns, now these are going to be made in Germany and America, so this is gonna be an interesting kind of mash-up between Umarex Germany and Umarex USA to deliver what is going to hopefully be a very high-quality spring piston gun. This is the 3400 and we have the 3500 right behind me. Obviously you can tell some really nice stocks on here, you got some nice checkering in there, it looks like we do have an adjustable trigger as well, and you can definitely tell this is taking departure from the traditional RWS line, as we have a fiber-optic front sight up there and even as far as the safety goes, this looks very similar to what they're doing with the Walther guns. So we have a lot of new updated features kind of a mashup gun here between the historically significant Art of US line and what Umarex is wanting to do with updating some of these features. So definitely one we're going to be checking out on the Insyder here in 2018. Looking forward to this one a lot, stay tuned.

    Alright guys back into Umarex checking out some Glock stuff. Umarex got the Glock license earlier in 2017 and looking at these I got to tell you, these feel pretty realistic. Now these are some early samples here, and it looks like we got a drop free BB mag here so pretty nice, co2 is gonna be housed in the grip, you could see that piercing screw there at the bottom, but we don't have blowback on this particular version so this is probably going to be a lower price point gun right here, but definitely some cool stuff going to be coming out of this Umarex Glock relationship, we're looking forward to hearing more about it in 2018.

    Guys check this out. I saw a video of this gun just before SHOT show. Lit up the Internet, this is the Umarex Legends cowboy rifle. You see that in there, you know what that's gonna be doing? That's ejecting shells. You guys remember those shells that come with the John Wayne pistols, the Colt single-action pistols, those are exactly what we're talking about. You load those shells up right into here, one BB of course in each of those shells, and you are good to go. Blasting with lever action fun, two co2 cartridges I believe in the back of this thing. Guys this is the real deal, this is exactly what we've been looking for add that realism factor with that shell ejection. I could do this all day, guys, Umarex is gonna nail this one. Very excited to get it on the Insyder in 2018.

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    Pyramyd Insyder: SHOT Show 2018 - Part 2
    Published on 02/08/2018

    The Pyramyd Insyder was all over SHOT Show 2018 scouring the floor for the latest air rifles and air pistols from cutting-edge airgun manufacturers like AirForce, Benjamin, Diana, Hatsan and RAW.

    Pyramyd Insyder: SHOT Show 2018 -Part 2 Video Transcript

    Hey guys we're here at the Air Force booth SHOT Show 2018 looking at the new Texan Carbine. This guy's going to be available in 308, 357, and 457. 24 and three-quarter inch barrel, I'm very excited to try some air bolts in this. You know we put together our own little Texan carbine on the Insyder a few months ago, but this is gonna be from the factory ready to go. Another new announcement on the Texan line, you got the SS coming in 308 and 357 as well, in addition to the 457 that we've already looked at. So very cool new stuff from Air Force but there's more, let's check it out.

    Hey guys, so still at the Air Force booth, here's the new big announcement. Rapid air weapons out of Tennessee so that means we are going to be seeing American-made, and these are currently American-made, but American-made rapid air weapons guns through Air Force. On top of that, they are also offering the rapid line which harkens back to the old Theobin days in England. These are available in 177 all the way through 35 caliber. These are some of the finest built guns you will find anywhere in the world. Powerful, accurate, they do just about whatever you want to do, they got a ton of features. You got carbon shrouds, electric shrouds, carbon bottles, different stock configurations. This is going to be one to watch for in 2018. Very excited about this one. We're gonna head out onto the floor and see what else we can find. That's about it from the Air Force booth, we'll catch you in a few minutes.

    Alright guys we're here at the Crosman booth 2018 Shot Show. One of the big new things they got coming out here, this is the Benjamin Traveler Compressor. This is going to be able to fill your guns from 0 to 4,500 psi, it is capable of that. For those of you guys with the higher fill pressure guns, they're telling me this does a Marauder from zero to full in about eight minutes or Discovery in like three and a half. So you have the compressor itself we can see, got a filter, a gauge here, you obviously got your quick disconnect on the end of the hose, looks like we got fan cooling. Guys this looks pretty simple, this is going to be plug and go. So definitely one we're gonna keep an eye on here in 2018, the Benjamin Traveler Compressor. We got a couple other things here at the Crosman booth to check out, stay with us.

    Got the Benjamin Fortitude here. This one has sent a few waves through the industry when it got announced. A very exciting new gun from Crosman Benjamin here. So basically what we're looking at guys, you're looking at a Maximus stock, looks like a Maximus Discovery trigger and air cylinder, except there's a regulator inside, so you're talking about getting very consistent and also a ton of shots. They're saying up to 70 or 80 and 22 caliber which is really impressive, and then it looks like we have basically a Marauder top portion of the gun here so. Breach in shroud assembly as well and they're talking about a retail price point of $300 on this guy, so this is definitely going to be out there to contend with the Stormriders and the Gauntlets of the world, and obviously bearing that Crossman Benjamin name, we're expecting it that it's going to be very very good, very reliable. 3,000 psi fill, so a little bit different than our Discovery or our Maximus here, but featuring that same trigger. We know what we're gonna get out of this guys, but I can't wait to test it. This one's gonna be one to watch. Very lightweight gonna be really durable. This gun may very well take that $300 price range by storm here. Very excited to see what this gun can do.

    Alright guys last thing we're gonna check out here at the Crosman booth, this is the new mag Fire. This is a multi-shot break barrel so Crosman's coming to that party as well now. This is actually really interesting. So you have a kind of pistol grip in traditional almost AR M4 style buttstock here with a deep forend which is kind of interesting as well, make offhand shooting a little bit easier, but really the meat and potatoes of this gun guys, is this multi-shot mechanism. So you're gonna break the barrel down, and then when you get it back up, you are actually going to work this bolt-action system here on a ten round magazine, looks like a Marauder mag to me. So that's gonna be very interesting, certainly a lot quicker follow-up shots than you're gonna get out of a traditional break barrel. We're very excited to see this one come through. This one we didn't even know about beforehand, so it should be a very exciting product in 2018. We're gonna definitely test this one out for you on the Insyder guys, stay tuned.

    So sadly we did not make it to the Hatsan booth with enough time in the day to spare. That said Hatsan's got a bunch of new products that we definitely need to take a look at. So on top of three new guns that we're gonna cover here, they also had a compressor, as well as a couple hand pumps. They really come out with a full line of HPA equipment here which is really exciting to see from Hatsan. That said, the three guns are gonna want to look at here, the Hercules Bully, the Flash, and the FlashPup. Now the Flash that you're seeing right now very impressive little guns, six pounds they're saying up to 40-foot pounds in 25 caliber and somewhere in the mid to high 30s and 22. We're gonna have one of those on the Insyder to review for you guys soon which we're really excited about, but they also came out with that FlashPup that you're seeing now so basically same action just set in to a bullpup stock, and then you got the Bully that is a bottle version of the Hercules in a bullpup stock. This thing is going all the way up to 45 caliber, tons of shot count, and they even told us that they're gonna make the cocking effort easier on it, which was a big complaint on the original Hercules, so we're really excited to see these new guns from Hatsan in 2018.

    Hey guys SHOT Show 2018, we're back with Pyramyd Insyder. We are at the Diana booth, some very cool new stuff from Diana and Germany. This is the Skyhawk, their bullpup gun. Now it's a little interesting, I know this might look familiar to some of you guys, this gun is actually going to be fully assembled in Germany with a lot of upgraded features, obviously, you can already tell this is a Manelli stock. They're gonna have a couple different stock styles, a couple different action finishes, but I can tell you this is regulated, should be very powerful, very quiet. I'm really looking forward to checking this one out. Nice new bullpup offering from Diana and also for those of you that are hardcore about getting a fully German made gun, we have the P1000 Evo 2. Now this is going to come in a couple different stock configurations, should be very very accurate, I believe it's like a twelve or fourteen round magazine. Beautiful looking wood on these guns here and of course they're gonna be very accurate, regulated, very excited to see these in 2018.

    Hey guys back at the Diana booth, the Bandit pistol. This is going to be one to watch for in 2018. You have a PCP pistol, this is totally very comfortable, ambidextrous, so left-handed right-handed shooters, not gonna have a problem with this, this is going to have a magazine, as well as a single shot tray that you see here. We got the target site option here but with an 11 millimeter dovetail, looks like this comes off no problem, so you're going to be able to mount an optic on it, and I'm hearing that they're gonna have a lot of updates for this as well going forward, including a suppressor, and probably, maybe, some stock options too, so we'll definitely be on the lookout to see more from the Diana Bandit in 2018.

    Guys back at the Diana booth. Now this is a new, updated version of the Stormrider obviously you've seen our review of it, it was a great gun then, Diana's making it better, they are committed to making their products better. We're gonna have a fixed suppressor on the end of it here as well, and this is the most exciting part for me, an updated trigger guys. This is going to be a two-stage adjustable trigger and I will just show you here, I cock the gun back. So very very light, first stage travel comes to a clean wall, solid break. That's feeling like pound and a half to me, maybe two, a very very nice trigger on this model here. We're very excited to get these in, but very cool. They're also working on a regulator and a 25 caliber version. So the Storm Rider's going places stay tuned in 2018.

    We were about to leave the Diana booth and then they told me there was one other thing I had to see. This is the Diana Chaser, this is going to be a co2 gun suppressor. Looks like you got open sights here with the ability to mount an optic on an 11-millimeter dovetail rail, single shot tray with a magazine option, and of course, this nice little lightweight carbine stock. Guys this comes into the shoulder really nice, very lightweight, this is going to be a great backpacking gun and, again, 112 grams co2 cartridge, so you're gonna be looking at, you know that summer pesting season, this is exactly what you're going to want to have. They're talking about a pretty low retail price point here $50-$60 bucks, this could be a very very hot item coming in 2018. Check it out soon.

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