Date: 3/12/2020 23:47

Video: Ataman M2R Carbine Review

Ataman is well-known for high quality, exceptional reliability and cutting-edge technologies. In this episode Tyler goes over the features of what might be the most accurate big bore rifle he has ever tested.

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  • Rick from USA asked:

    How much can you adjust the regulator? How high will it go? Is it removable if you wanted to replace with a Huma?

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      Can the .177 cal have the regulator pressure lowered so that the energy is closer to 18 ft-lbs, making it legal for field target (and to get more shots off the regulator)?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, it can be done. Though, you really wouldn't need to. You can likely make all the changes needed via the hammer spring tension adjustment at the back of the action.

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      On a 3000psi fill, how many shots are regulated on the .177 cal?

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