Date: 1/12/2020 22:25

Video: Ataman M2R Carbine outdoor testing

High winds and big distances usually mean trouble when it comes to airgun accuracy. See what happens when Tyler tries to stretch the legs on the Ataman M2R Carbine Air Rifle in .357 caliber out to 100 yards.

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Ataman M2R Carbine
Ataman M2R Carbine Air Rifle
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  • Rick from USA asked:

    How much can you adjust the regulator? How high will it go? Is it removable if you wanted to replace with a Huma?

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      Can the .177 cal have the regulator pressure lowered so that the energy is closer to 18 ft-lbs, making it legal for field target (and to get more shots off the regulator)?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, it can be done. Though, you really wouldn't need to. You can likely make all the changes needed via the hammer spring tension adjustment at the back of the action.

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      On a 3000psi fill, how many shots are regulated on the .177 cal?

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