Date: 19/8/2019 11:17

Video: Benjamin Bulldog - Airgun Reporter Episode #127

Benjamin Bulldog - Airgun Reporter Episode #127

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  • Terry from USA asked:

    Please help, I just got 2 .357 190 gr rounds stuck in the barrel. Anyone know the safest way to remove them.??? Thank you

    • Bruce from USA asked:

      A friend told me i could use the .357 bulldog to shoot the approved arrows which go to the pioneer---i need to see this in writing i guess-any help?? is this true?

      • Mark from USA:

        Yes: you can shoot the 357 airbolts from the Bulldog. We advise removing the shroud end cap when shooting the airbolts.

    • Avis from USA asked:

      How loud is it in decibels? Is it backyard friendly? How does it compare to a 22 rimfire?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Compared to a super sonic .22 LR, it's a little quieter in terms of dB. But it's still not backyard friendly. Over 110 dB last I tested.

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