Date: 23/2/2019 4:56

Video: Diana Chaser CO2 Airguns

The Diana Chaser CO2 Airgun is a backyard-friendly shooter designed for outdoor shooting sessions and indoor target training when the weather turns against you. Fueled by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge, the Chaser is a finely balanced pistol with a streamlined synthetic frame.

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  • Jim from USA asked:

    The photo of the gun with the rifle barrel attached shows a barrel clamp and sight. Are these supposed to come with the kit, 'cause mine didn't include them. How can I get these parts?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes the barrel band and rear sight should be included with the kit.

  • Lon from USA asked:

    Please provide real, tested power levels for both the .22 and .177. I have seen Tyler's thorough review on the .22, so we do have that data. Please add tested data on the .177. Thank you.

    • Lon from USA:

      Thanks Tyler.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The .177 was tested and shoots a 7 grain pellet at around 640 fps. That's a little over 6 FPE

  • Kenneth from USA asked:

    I believe you can put the foam that comes with it to line the bag and keep everything in place.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yup, you sure can

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