Date: 21/5/2019 11:42

Video: Diana Chaser CO2 Airguns

The Diana Chaser CO2 Airgun is a backyard-friendly shooter designed for outdoor shooting sessions and indoor target training when the weather turns against you. Fueled by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge, the Chaser is a finely balanced pistol with a streamlined synthetic frame.

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  • Dilcia from USA asked:

    Tyler, I need your help. I need to change the breech on my Chaser carbines. I have one all the way down and all I need to do is to remove the bolt handle. Surprise! I can't get the bolt handle to unscrew! I have 4 of these so I decided to take a look at the others, thinking that this one was maybe forcefully tightened. Nope! I can't unscrew the handle on any of them. Did someone Loctite these handles on like the suppressor on the long barrel? I need a response please. And if they are Loctite on, where can I get new bolts and handles for my breeches? Please respond. Thank you.

    • Kent from USA asked:

      What's a good cheap mount and scope for the .177 rifle configuration where I can still load easily?

      • Jordan from USA:

        I would use a bug buster scope with medium to high profile dovetail rings.

    • Lucas from USA asked:

      can you kill a squirrel with the .22 version

      • Jordan from USA:

        should be able to however the chaser does shoot a little slower than most .22.

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