Date: 7/7/2020 13:14

Video: Echo 1 Red Star AK47 Airsoft Rifle - RFR Episode 35

Rapid Fire Review is back with a stellar rifle they call the "modernized bad boy gun". Showing an average 442 fps (with .20g bbs), .13 rps, and the ability to be accessorized and upgraded, this gun is a great partner to consider for your next big skirmish.

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  • Cal from USA asked:

    Can the tip of this gun be removed somehow to allow a fake suppressor be added to the end of it?

    • Jordan from USA:

      the orange tip is either held on by a set screw or glued on if it is glued on you can use channel locks to take it off or heat it up then take it off. if its a set screw just unscrew it then take the tip off. I don't know if the barrel is threaded or not if it is you can add a mock suppressor.

  • dillon from USA asked:

    how long is the barrel?

    • Cory from USA:

      It has a 455mm inner barrel.