Date: 25/6/2018 5:39

Video: HellBoy .177 CO2 BB Tactical Air Rifle

Based on one of the greatest weapons platforms ever created--the M4 Carbine--heat up the range with blistering semi-auto shots and unparalleled realism for a tactical experience like nothing on Earth!

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  • Stephen from USA asked:

    In regards to stock replacement: is the buffer tube considered mil-spec or commercial-spec?

    • Gregory from Canada asked:

      I would like to add a rail to the existing hand guard, which should I get: MOE, M-LOK , or ????

      • Gregory from Canada:

        Thanks, I just attached enough picatinny rail to the underside of the handguard to mount a pistol light. The handguard came off very easily.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Totally up to you, seems like M-Lok is all the rage right now

    • Matt from USA asked:

      WHY SUCH TERRIBLE ACCURACY? More of a shotgun pattern than single shot BB gun. All Show and No Go. More of a novelty than anything else.

      • John from USA:

        The 1st HB I received was horrible when it comes to accuracy. The BB's looked as if they were curveballs coming out of the barrel. Also my gun was extremely under powered shooting in the mid 300's. I sent it back because it was obviously defective and I will provide an in-depth review based on the performance of the 2nd rifle. I provided my experience with the 1st rifle under Reviews, see "Hook's" review (i.e. John)

      • Mike from USA:

        My barrel was loose and the front sight was canted to the left about 5 degrees. RMA, new one on the way, it was shooting 18 inches right at 10 yards. I have high hopes for the replacement. As a comparison I have the Sig Sauer pellet gun with 30 round mags, it is very accurate, but its a rifled pellet gun...All in all I liked the Hellboy, right size and weight for what I am doing with it.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Two things: 1) I'd like to think I was stable enough to see what the gun can do. 2) My personal view/expectation of BB gun accuracy is not the same as it is for pellet guns. I wasn't terribly impressed with the Hellboy in the accuracy department, but I will reserve further judgement until I get the DPMS and some other similar BB guns on the range to test for accuracy. Having heard from other Hellboy owners, it sounds like many are getting much better accuracy that I did.

      • Matt from USA:

        Checked it out again and looks steady to me. Sounds like ya just making up excuses for the rifle.........vested interest? Tyler will tell you he's not the best shot but I do know that when he does a review I know he does his best to shoot to the best of his abilities rested or not regardless of the gun review. 10 yards is not asking a lot for a BB!

      • Unknown Infidel from USA:

        Watch the guy in the video. He's shooting unsupported. Watch the muzzle. He's aiming all over the place. It's the shooter not the gun. If you properly support that gun on a bag rest the shot pattern will close right up.

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