Date: 1/12/2020 21:32

Video: Seneca Aspen Multi-Pump PCP Air Rifle

Say goodbye to your normal PCP fill source! The Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle is a multi-pump PCP airgun that has everything built right in. Shoot for hours--free from air tanks, compressors, and handpumps.

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  • Donald from USA asked:

    What is the barrel twist rate?

    • arthur from USA asked:

      Would it be acceptable to put and barrel clamp bipod on the end of the barrel shroud on the Seneca aspen PCP air rifle

      • Donald from USA:

        I dont think that would be a good idea, because there is a spacer on the barrel that connects it to the shroud. So when ever the bipod is connected to the gun, it would pull the barrel down when the gun is not resting on the bipod, and push the barrel up when it is resting on the bipod. So your point of impact would keep changing

    • arthur from USA asked:

      Seneca aspen Barrel outside dimension

      • Donald from USA:

        When you say Barrel, do you mean Barrel or shroud? Just want to be sure.

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