Date: 15/8/2020 12:13

Video: Seneca Aspen Multi-Pump PCP Air Rifle

Say goodbye to your normal PCP fill source! The Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle is a multi-pump PCP airgun that has everything built right in. Shoot for hours--free from air tanks, compressors, and handpumps.

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  • Francisco from USA asked:

    Can the Hammer Spring be replaced with a stronger one? Anyone know the Hammer Springs K value? Even the dimensions will do because after watching the video, the best power was attained at approximately 2,929 psi for 36.8 fpe; thereafter, the power decreases, BUT! the efficiency went up and up from 9.4% at 3600 psi to 13.59% at 2,929 psi. I wish the Pyramid video had stated how many pumps it took to re-pump after 8 shots to 2,500 psi and then back up to 3,600 psi, (80 pumps from atmosphere 0 psi to 3,600 psi). Numbers don't lie, but you can lie with numbers and the laws of physics are not just really good ideas. Thank you

    • Francisco from USA asked:

      What is the volume of the cylinder?

      • Mark from USA:

        Approx 200 cc

    • Francisco from USA asked:

      what is the barrel length?

      • Mark from USA:

        17 1/2"

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