Date: 26/9/2017 8:43

UTG Airsoft Type 96 sniper rifle review - RFR Episode 5

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  • Richard E from USA asked:

    Serious about getting this but: are the mounting rails metal, does it come with a scope and bipod? I try to pick Action Kit 2167 but it gives me the scope I do not want. Help!

    • Jordan from USA:

      it comes with a bipod , i don't think it comes with a scope

  • William from USA asked:

    So, I recently purchased this gun. I zeroed in the scope and it was fine, but then I adjusted the hop-up and it is now shooting upwards. I adjusted the hop-up all the way down to normal and it is still shooting upwards. Any reason why this is happening?

    • Jordan from USA:

      the hopup is stuck you can take the barrel off to have easier accesses to the hop to try and adjust it

  • Anthony from USA asked:

    In the video it shot 370-380 fps with .25g BBs, why does it say 430-440 fps in the description?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Item description states 480 fps with a 0.20g ammo. the lighter the ammo the faster it is.

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