1. Get an accurate gun
  2. You can break your heart chasing mega-magnums all day long, or you can get an airgun that's known to be highly accurate.
    These are my picks for top accuracy:
           Air Arms TX200
           Walther LGV Challenger
           Benjamin Marauder
           RWS Diana 34P
           Air Venturi Bronco Target Pro
           AirForce Airguns Talon SS
           Daisy Avanti 499 Champion
           Beeman P1
           Beeman P17
           IZH 46M
           S&W 586
           Legends Makarov
           Crosman 2240
           Benjamin Marauder

    Click to see airguns below.

  3. Pick premium pellets
  4. They cost more for a reason!
          JSB domed pellets
          JSB Match Diabolo
          Boxed Crosman Premiers
          Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .177 Cal
          Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .20 Cal
          Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .22 Cal
          Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .25 Cal
          H&N Baracuda .177 Cal
          H&N Baracuda .20 Cal
          H&N Baracuda .22 Cal
          H&N Baracuda .25 Cal
          H&N Baracuda Green, Lead Free, .177 Cal
          H&N Baracuda Green, Lead Free, .22 Cal
          RWS R-10 Match Pistol .177 Cal
          RWS R-10 Match Heavy .177 Cal
          RWS-R-10 Match Heavy .177 Cal sold in a sleeve of five with match pellet holders
          H&N Finale Match
          RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol .177 Cal
          RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle .177 Cal
          Beeman Devastator
          Avanti Precision Ground Shot

  5. Use the artillery hold
  6. Read the article, watch the video and be amazed at your tight groups:
          "The artillery hold"

  7. Right gun for the right purpose
  8. One size does not fit all. You can't buy a single airgun for every need. Golfers use many different clubs. Airgunners need more than one gun.

  9. Shoot!
  10. Get off the internet, get on the range!

  11. Stop it!
  12. Get a good pellet trap. Good traps cost money, but they never go away.
          Champion bullet trap
          A.G.E. quiet pellet trap

  13. Oil your gas guns
  14. Pellgunoil keeps them running.
          Crosman Pellgun oil

  15. Right targets
  16. Good ones make it easier to size groups and easier to aim. When properly sized, they help you improve your accuracy. On 10-meter rifle targets, the bull is sized for the aperture front sight inserts...bigger bulls are too large for those apertures. On 10-meter pistol targets, the bull is sized to the width of the front sight post on a target pistol.
          10-meter rifle target
          10-meter pistol target

  17. Stand right
  18. Proper stance adds points to your score. Below is a blog post about the proper 10-meter pistol stance.
          The right stance
    Want to read more? Here's the full 6-part blog about 10-meter pistol shooting.
          The entire 6-part blog about 10-meter pistol shooting

  19. Shoot field target & shoot better
  20. At my old field target club, a local SWAT team sniper came out to "show us how it's done." Mr. SWAT just knew that he was a better shot than all the old duffers with their huge scopes. He scored in the middle of the pack and left with his tail between his legs. Others who have tried a similar approach have gone through progressively better springers until they finally settled on an accurate PCP. By that time, they were considerably better shots. Below are some blogs you can read about field target.
          Field target PCP rifles
          Field target scopes

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